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"ken noll" Discussed on Channel 955

"Uh how do you think he did christon our metal or out of fat well unfortunate can only three out of and the size he asked your just one of the ones you thought you got i so here we go let's see if you can be three out of five drain come back tomorrow crushing number one music legend tom petty passed away yesterday from cardiac arrest which of these songs is not one of his songs hey jude free fallen i won't back down oh his wonder one question number two celebrities like mike tyson kid rock in the chain smokers are just some of the names donating money to help the victims of the horrific las vegas shootings what country artist was on stage when the shooting took place both album to to to question number three trl read turn to tv yesterday who is the original host of the popular show palmco yes how's nailing three to question number four a sap iraqi turns twenty nine today what member of the car dashing jenner family has he been rumored to be dating oh no ken noll also three to three and question number five demi lovato has scored her first top10 heads since two thousand thirteen with sorry nazari demi debuted as a child actress on which popular kid show making asked club hannah montana or barney in friends bond form of on congrats score fifth win in a row congratulations tiah we're such up with some parting gifts kristan i appreciate your plan horrible act o'meara thanks so much a i actually in school right now or on your way to to class all right hong we'll have a good morning thanks for listening to the show and hang on the phone we'll get your information for that prize we'll be right back with.

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