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"ken fourche" Discussed on KNBR The Sports Leader

"Bruce as a side note to that no hitter the home plane per john tom paine was celebrating his thirty fifth birthday yeah okay mexico yeah maybe it was very surprised they sent him in mexico and his birthday but garrett cole became the first astros pitcher to record at least twelve strikeouts in consecutive game since the great you know who it is jr jr nolan ryan on the same staff for a while they couldn't win they couldn't win but you couldn't hit them remember dusty baker something about that about what incredible nightmare facing those two guys back to back but yeah they are here's to yeah really had a stroke and that was the end of them but what what does that ken fourche was on that team and i think negro with the knuckleball they played that philly they've the phillies series in nineteen eighty two had the phillies beaten and and i had the pleasure of covering that series man man was that what a treat that was and then all the way through the world series with with the phillies tug mcgraw and brett oh that was a good one of the great championship series ever the phillies really was eighteen eighty that was a good one all right last thought for you someone talk about tomorrow's willie mays his birthday so we'll talk about that tomorrow early you'll be with us nine o'clock tomorrow but we'll ease eighty seven tomorrow how about that.

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