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"ken calve" Discussed on WJR 760

"Now, here's Ken Calve early and special Guest co host Joe Gannon. Good morning, walking back to the inside outside, guys left in and learn in 24 7 at the inside outside guy dot com. The inside outside guys on Facebook. Want to make sure everyone knows out there if you need anything, and I mean anything that has to do with your home. I can always email the guys at the inside outside guys dot com and we will get back to you with a personal response. No matter what it is. And you do a great job that he told all the time. Thank you. You look terrific job. Thank you very much. People know why you're here today Because Chuck took the day off. Chuck took the day off for family Resist, sir. And that's typical. Chuck. His family is very important and so are you with your family Well, And I have one quick story. 01 Quick story to tell one Quick story. Sure, one day too long ago. You took me to play golf. And you took your son Joel with us. Yes, in my lifetime. I've never seen a father and a son. Be so respectful of each other in their conversations, you that that trip that golf 18 holes just made you such a high image in my mind. I'll never forget it. Well, that's very, very nice to say. I'm honored. Yeah. Thank you very much. Appreciate that. Yeah. Okay. Right now we have Mr David Scott, who's.

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