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"kemmler" Discussed on Bloomberg Radio New York

"Future Enjoy teas extremely important as a hub of disciplines all in one space with all of these brilliant minds And GoT's wrong is huge when it comes to defining the future and how from an interdisciplinary point of view They have it all there whether it's the innovation hub the makers space And GIT is already creating bash collaboration between the disciplines and you have civil engineers speaking to programmers speaking to electrical engineers And together they're creating advancements that we wouldn't have been able to do without those three minds coming together and solving a problem as one rather than solving it in isolation And JIT New Jersey institute of technology Learn more at MJ IT EDU Broadcasting 24 hours a day Dot com and the Bloomberg business act This is Bloomberg radio Now a global news update More information is surfacing after a train derailment in Montana this weekend three people are dead and at least 50 others are injured after the Amtrak passenger train derailed in northern Montana The train called the empire builder was heading west when 8 of its cars left the tracks at about four p.m. local time Saturday near the town of Joplin over 140 passengers were on board with 16 crew members the victims have not yet been identified Amtrak released a statement saying it's working with local authorities to transport injured passengers COVID-19 booster shots are being rolled out to certain adults in America The CDC director has signed off on a booster dose for older adults but D.C. based primary care physician doctor kavita Patel says others are eligible as well If you have if you're under 65 and you've got chronic conditions and you take medications for things like diabetes epilepsy any hypertension high blood pressure or your obese you are also likely to qualify But there are some catches only people who have already been fully immunized with Pfizer's two dose COVID vaccine are eligible for a booster shot which must also be Pfizer's that's based on the decisions made this week that doesn't include millions of people who are vaccinated with either Moderna or Johnson & Johnson An illegal air-b-n-b setup is busted for renting overnight stays in bands parked on New York City streets ashok Bala has the latest The New York sheriff's department says the vans were parked throughout Chelsea and the East Village offering cheap lodging on the popular website all 7 of them had New Jersey plates registrations for some of the vans that expired years ago and one of them wasn't registered at all The New York Post reports the operation had gone unnoticed for about two years authorities impounded the vehicles on Thursday and Friday and part of the ongoing investigation involves a YouTube video of a tourist documenting his $97 a night stay I'm Jim Forbes A man is recovering after being shot at a high school football game in Virginia Scott kimbler has more Police say it all started Friday night when a fight broke out at the ticket booth of Essex high school in the fight involving several people two deputies were assaulted and injured New 6 Richmond is reporting that according to police shortly after the fight there were shots heard from the parking area followed by shots being fired from two vehicles that were seen speeding away Through tips from onlookers a teen was later found and arrested with the sheriff's office saying more arrest at a host of charges are likely to follow two deputies are said to be recovering from non life threatening injuries that was Scott kemmler reporting Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are secretly recording their trip to New York City for a Netflix documentary according to page 6 the duke and Duchess of Sussex brought their own videographer on their quick trip this week They also brought their own photographer to document the trip page 6 added the sources who know the couple say they've been acquiring footage for the archives of their foundation The couple stepped out together on stage Saturday afternoon at the global citizen live concert in Central Park where they called for vaccine equality The Tony Awards are returning this Sunday after being postponed last year did the pandemic Michael Castro has more You're welcome.

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