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Fresh update on "kemba walker" discussed on GSMC Sports Podcast

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Fresh update on "kemba walker" discussed on GSMC Sports Podcast

"If Kemba Walker can return to some form of the Charlotte form, he's had a good year this year statistically, but when you really look at the shooting slits and the numbers and the efficiency. He isn't as good as he's been. Been in years past Kemba Walker maybe the break served him well. He's rested up. He's healthy if he can take that next step and be a little bit more efficient and Jason. Tatum can just be doing what Jason Tatum does which is one of the best young players in the League? Add that to the outstanding three in the ability of Jalen Brown one of the best players in the game. Obviously! Gordon, Hayward as well how some experience and that Great Bench of the Celtics led by Marcus Smart. You have a real deep team here. In Boston of course Brad. Stevens is one of the best head coaches in the league in my opinion as well and don't sleep on the Boston Celtics defensive ability. They have switch ability. They have size, and they have length, and that's going to be a real problem for NBA teams and one of the things that's been holding the Celtics back during the. The regular season in my opinion is the lack of true center, a really good center on this obviously rumors that they're going to trade for a guy like rudy go bear for years and years Anthony. Davis when he was on the market and the play offs. The centers role diminishes less and less. A lot of guys. Get played off the floor like Rudy. Gobert and other people and they look more athletic guys so again. The Celtics can play small ball and a lot of small ball. Ball is played in the playoffs and I would not be surprised at all at the Celtics, just out athletic everybody else in the East and really actually represent, and again I do believe they could give it a series. They can have a series against the clippers or against the Lakers that they got to a championship I. Really do believe they could hold their own in a seven game series, especially with a neutral fan. Don't have to keep travelling from west coast to east coast at all just. Just be in one area night in night out won't surprise me at all just given. How young athletic the Boston Celtics are next I have the Miami Heat do I believe could win an extra playoff series or to maybe get to a conference finals as a captain, I would put on their people forget. The Miami Heat have beaten are undefeated against every major team in the east, except for the Boston Celtics to and the raptors, three or two and one hundred and one against the seventy sixers. Things like that matter I. I understand that the regular season and there was a huge gap, but don't sleep on the Miami Heat. They have their number. They have beaten the raptors. They've beaten the Pacers. They got the seventy sixers number. The only thing that they struggle with is the Celtics. The? He are just like the Celtics one of those teams. That's really big, really athletic and really long, but what the what the? He also have along with their fantastic defense, one of the best head coaches in the League Erik Spoelstra is three point shooting ability Dunkin. Robinson is maybe the most underrated three point shooter in the League. He's a top-five shooter in the game, and he does not get enough credit. Tyler hero was hurt and missed the last three weeks of the season before the shutdown. He's now back and he's healthy. Same with Meyers Leonard so the heat when you really look at it from just roster standpoint. Standpoint are extremely deep. They have three good guards when you look at it Kendrick. Non Tyler hero born dragic and Dunkin Robinson. If you consider him a guard, and then the Jimmy Butler leading the way he's doing Mr, everything leading his team in assists and being having a career, high and passing and assist in his entire career, and as well as Bam on a bio who's maybe league candidate for most improved player of the year this year and one of the top five defenders in the league. Now things like that will matter the heat have a center that won't get played off the floor like a Rudy Gobert like. Like maybe a bigger Guy Song whiteside, they have Obama the bio who's Uber Athletic One of the best passing bigs in the League, and can run the floor and pretty much guard one through five things like that matter in the playoffs when you go against these athletic teams, so do not sleep on the Miami not to mention that their head coach coaches, championship, experience and championship DNA. He's a three time NBA champion as a coach one and his assistant to as the head coach, obviously during the Lebron years, and all this entire year, the Miami Heat have been outperforming. They were not supposed to be this good yet, they. They are wouldn't surprise me at all. If they also over performed in the playoffs next up is the biggest wild card in the entire MBA in my opinion, and that is the Philadelphia Seventy sixers. They are one of the most talented teams in the League I've said it and I will say it again if they can just get it right if they can get the chemistry between Joel. Embiid, and Ben, Simmons Right. They could make serious noise. They have a championship roster. That's what I'm saying. A championship roster, eight top five roster and the entire league. If Brown can just coach, these guys up to have good chemistry. That means playing Ben Simmons. Joel embiid not with each other as much maybe just spurts five minutes with just bent on the floor five minutes with just Joel. Maybe that's how the seventy sixers have to do it and get more shooters around Ben Simmons on floor, but at the seventy sixers can get it right..

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