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"kelvin kelvin harmon" Discussed on Big Blue View

"You know, I I'm not surprised by. I mean, I've surprised on the Beckham trade. But I'm not surprised that the football world has seemed to turn against a Galvin because I think that his tenure in Carolina left a lot to be desired and his approach to the wide receiver position was a hundred percent that way. I mean, he went back to back with Kelvin Benjamin. Devin funchess who are these slow lumbering lack of separation receivers, I think funchess got better throughout the course of his career. Whereas Kelvin Benjamin got worse. I actually do think Devin funchess's in interesting signing for the for the Indianapolis Colts on a one year deal the paid them a lot of money, but it's a one year deal. Who cares? But I think that he went back to back with those big hulking receivers. Maybe we see him kinda run that back here with a player like keep Butler as you mentioned clearly as the guy thinks that the balls of big man's game. I mean, yeah, he would that would fit within the way he's drafted wide receivers. At least in Carolina. His anybody. Really caught your eye aunt denied each have guys that we like personally. Kelvin Kelvin Harmon outta NC state, Dan like JJ or Siga Whiteside at Stanford. And he has a metric he likes us for wide receivers which target yards added and mom the king of that much. India's abella? Yeah. Yeah. Isabelle is really interesting. Obviously, I think he's he's a player that could be that mid round sleeper a two guys you mentioned with our Sega Whiteside and Kelvin harm. And I think will those guys actually share similar questions, which is just you know, are they true separators? And I think both of those guys unlike a player like kill, Harry, they're straight. There's their strengths are best suited for the outside. I don't think they necessarily like you can't necessarily say every receiver who struggles to get open on the outside. You have to move them into the slot. I think there's there's a mindset of physicality that I think Harry has to his game that I definitely think translate city inside. I'd now are Whiteside especially he's a guy who is consistently in contested catch situations. I think you you do see some hints of technique. But he definitely that's the play. He plays almost like he's a smaller receiver at releasing from the line of scrimmage, but then odyssey plays like a big receiver when he gets to catch point. So that's interesting to me. I think that there is some ability to hone that instinct that he has to be a separating wide receiver. And maybe he's a guy like a Mike Williams who I thought to me coming out of the draft a couple of years ago. People saw him consistently in tested catch situations. But you know, they been they assumed that he doesn't separate. No. Of course. Mike Williams separation ability is not up there with the top of the league, but he separates. Just good enough. To max also, then have a maximizing trait as a contested catch wide receiver. I think that's sort of the discount aversion, which you could get with the player like JJ Ortega Whiteside or maybe even Kelvin. Although to me, he profiles more your typical possession receiver. And maybe if the giants are looking for a wide receiver who is gonna play on the outside. But isn't a vertical threat maybe Harmon is in in that regard that type of player, and of course, obviously, we can't discount the fact that he entered right name. I mean. All name team this year. Williams and rocky sin. Exactly I that. I think that's all we have for you. Thank you so much for joining us, and everyone who's listening know where they can find you and your work. Yeah. My pleasure. Thank you so much for having me again, it's really fun team to kind of dissect not just what's going on their depth chart with wide receiver position. But just kind of wear the league is that is a whole with this decision group. Of course, I'm very biased because I'm so fascinated by it. Because of course, I do study wide receivers with the reception perception methodology, if you wanna check that out the best way to do is just on Twitter and use the hashtag reception perception, you can find the graphs charts the data that I'm putting out.

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