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"kelsey tillerson" Discussed on The Bob Show

"Basically Behind really sting and tell me about the time you got stung by be what happened yesterday sung by one. I got a it cla yet. Be give you the popsicle now just that and then you got one great got one we all were based on shall we all benefit from your beasts thing. Yeah each of us got a popsicle because you've got snug none in gray steady. Look at me to engrave. Got to pause her not her beats what flavor with popsicles it was Whatever color was an aide. Lemonade until oh my was called the coconut coconut. I i had the coconut one was your was your favorite flavor and token that talk about bees. They realized dangling like like in their high day staying. So much talking about this stain. would it be stu. Oh bees make high need the most than people out of they make their honey by nectar tail. They collect collecting nectar taken hat and at the high. Who who. what do they do. They make honey at the high and just play it into honey that makes the honey and how does winnie the pooh feel about. Honey i the b.'s. Work under honey than they put in tiff lower than they gave it to see. That's has a tiny allowed. I work how to make pill but pill is is part of the story abdoun the highest so was talking about bees and wasps wasp. Career listing like bees in yellow jacket in hiep's right they career staying her riposte. Bumblebees could to bees your favorites gash adapts. Because they're black in yego. why is black and yellow. Your favorite colors black is a pigment of black and yucca with my favorite color. Wear black and yellow alah. Yeah advocate because that's because I like my black atmosphere because dads Is it is my favorite color. When i was baby you know. It's coming up pretty soon halloween. Yeah i can't wait to wear the pa pa but ankle where my amsberg as how. Lean my anchor at howling and tell us about emma. No i'm going. Tell about beat fees have lava. That was really it. But if you touch it will burn you in stain. Yeah right. where's lava come from it from announcing that may aid may media blah and hot lava happens when lava cools off. It means it dries out in turn to one big rock then it breaks move plus you should be doing with our day today. Gabba pops la la brea in denny breaks in den it current and then they'll get mixed up with volcano in the lab and then day make lather to the castle tower today. I'm yeah i was that pows good. What did you see up there at there. Oh was casta. Could you see the bay bridge. And yeah by currency Gate bridge 'cause it was made a fog. Why still laid on now because it's nighttime in dark dark soon l. Foggy this you came to see the buildings. But but i still Windows in them to right across the street we can still see across the street but not much further. Can you see the top of the building that big building over there. You can see the top like to see the top back. Top is made a fog. See so are you ready for a couple of stories. Now as scale and talking about rob no black. Buy dish wipe widow spiders. Tell us about this. Lack of spies are. One spider with remarks sanitized. One to remorse trenton to bloom marks. That means stay but really hard and when right. Have you ever seen a black widow spider at blackly spy. It's one black to black widow spider in we college. The other spiders stick later vikes see steelers. Likes is what big spar the black widow take. No no giveaway skilley lays. That's why i never knowed it. Magnetism what do you know that. Magnitudes and mass Does stick together one. One niece. Stick them onto a little more serious subjects. What about jellison. Kelsey tillerson callous meets. You want having that Our dallas has been in. You feel mad in saddened. That's the way you want your toy. See what else did you ask me about today. Going back to the bickering gang cookies cake. And why did you get cookies and cake at the bakery. What did you do to deserve so much cookie and cake al be good i got i be good. That's one way to get the leader. Earn your cookies cake k. To i this chocolate your favorite cake carrot cake cake. Okay you can have to carry cake. Hi good night..

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