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"kelsey george gidel kelsey" Discussed on Fantasy Football Overtime

"Good morning, everyone last episode we finished our divisional breakdown so today we're going to give ourselves a little bit of a break, and we're going to do some trivia and Taylor has got a great game prepared for us today, but first. Let's check in with Matt and Tyler. How you fell. Doing I am sore. The gyms opened up here in Minnesota, so got some squats and dead lifts and bench in, so I'm walking around like a just got done right in. In a horse like James Connor Yeah Oh, I'm feeling the same way I am extremely sore. I went and worked out two days the first two days the gym back up and I literally could barely even get out of bed. It's Kinda Sad. How much you lose in two months, but it's a good sore feels good to be back. You guys are making me feel really bad because I have not gone to the gym yet, but I also am going to. To the doctor to get my shoulder, re looked at so i. feel like I have a pretty good excuse. Hopefully that second opinion is what you want I. Sure Hope so because I'm really sick of dealing with this man how you feel and we have a big day coming up. I'm feeling good. Yeah, we got the Bachelor Party tomorrow. Looking forward to it and we talked about it a couple of episodes ago, but I haven't seen a majority of my friend. Friend Group in a couple of months, so it's GonNa be really fun to get everybody back together, looking forward to hanging out with everyone and having a good time I'm also looking forward to the under hitting on those ices. Sure is not. It is definitely not going to do I might buy a couple of cases is just for it. I am also couple cases, so that's twenty four beer ices already waiting for you all right? Let's not get too carried away. No No all right gentlemen, let's jump into some coin flips. Somebody give you guys a little bit of background information on this one I. This one's going to be eighty p based PR redirect. Sure things I want you guys to think about during the is for all of them. All of them cool all right ready. Ready I one awesome excellent. Joe mixon Nixon Joe Mixon K., Aaron Jones Kenyan Drake Drake Kenyan drake drives Kelsey George Gidel Kelsey Kelsey DJ..

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