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"kelly michaela schifrin" Discussed on WNYC 93.9 FM

"One glide has sent out his plans has set out his plans to distribute humanitarian aid in defiance of president Maduro. And now comb Harrison joins us with the latest sports news. Thanks, hello. We start with football and Manchester City or through to the quarter-finals of the FA Cup in England after beating full of tears side. Newport county fill Foden score twice city in a four one victory at Rodney parade with LeRoy Zana. Andrea admirers also on the scoresheet. It was comfortable in the end. But all the goals were scored in the second half and the city manager pep Guardiola admits that took a while to get going in the I mean is always difficult to adopt Indies a stadium in this speech is so the throw is throwing this incredible the balls with Martin. They win almost all the balls by the single have we were more after the for me, we we were more and more precise. And we play I think the cycle hub we make we make an incredible performance. Brought in Hove Albion and championship side. Millwall are also through to the last eight in Spain LA Liga leaders Barcelona via the lead one nil thanks to a penalty from Leonor messy Athletico Madrid route the second after winning one the let rivalry Ikano Antoine. Grey's men score the only goal of the game in Italy Milan. Rupture fall in are they came from behind to win three one at Atalanta where Kristof checks scored twice and the American skier me Kelly Michaela Schifrin made history at the alpine world skiing championships in order Sweden on Saturday. She added the women's slalom, titled the super giant slalom gold. She won last week and entertaining her slalom title Schifrin became the first skier in history to win gold at the same event at four successive world championships in cricket Sri Lanka status. A stunning fightback to win the first test against South Africa in Durban and with the data spare chasing three hundred or four to win. They still needed seventy eight when the ninth wicket went down. But Sal Pereira. A number eleven visual Fernando saw them home to win by a witch Pereira. I made one hundred and fifty three hundred dollars. Thank you comb. It is nineteen minutes past the hour. You are listening to weekend on the BBC World Service to China. Now, we're the man who served as the personal secretary to the Chinese communist party, founder mounts. Don has died at the age of one hundred and one in the late nineteen fifties Lee actors one of mouse confidence, but his criticisms of mouse, great leap forward policies, which resulted in mass famine that several periods in prison and rural exile I've been speaking about liras life with Chung Li the director of the China program at the Brookings institute in Washington DC. He was extraordinary figure in many ways. He represents a very small liberal wing of the communist party, neither ships and he also serve as the deputy minister of organization department after cultural revolution and under his watch the promoted many young leaders, including a later on Xi Jinping. Now, he was ordinary for a number of reasons and the first he was very critical of Mao especially that greatly before that actually caught him trouble. And he was in jail for eighty years during the cultural washing and his final years, especially after nine hundred eighty nine Cameron. He really call for democratic reform and also media freedom. He really was quite remarkable wasn't he because he didn't shy away from openly criticizing mouths Dong. And the policies under him that led to mass famine during the great leap forward. But even later in his life. He was one of the very few who would openly criticized the current president Xi Jinping. Indeed. Although his criticism of heating eight I should've plugged dot com. Many ways people like him underestimated seizing pinks capacity at he walked critical about the educational Bagwell. But the reality is that she's UP really surprised that many people. But of course, there's rumors about his strong concern about term limits. And this certainly show is continuation of his political view for more transparent open and democratic China. So that's quite extraordinary. Current leaders. I see so leave Ray was open in his concern that CG ping had removed. The term limits on his own tenure at the very top of the party. Yes. But again when cheating was promoted in the nineteen eighties. Leary poverty, play important role, by the way. His father was a personal friend of Lee Ray said it a lot of things about him his father who was also a liberal either in many ways, so Lee, though, he can't quite be described as a dissident because he existed within the party, didn't he? Yeah. He was part of the party establishment. But he always voiced his dissent. Wasabi cheaper forward at Three Gorges dam and also the media control the censorship and lack of transparency into physician making process and the lack of even the incapacity Markazi. So again, he remained as a symbol and kill his best. Now that he's gone. Is there anyone else in China who is like him who can operate as a relatively open critic? Oh, yes. Another person come to my mind is she was director for American studies. The cars academy of social sciences, and the she serve as also personal secretary for so and lie at very much engaged in China's foreign policy and the sheet remain as kind of a symbolic leader for ever wing of the establishment. Although the number is small, but we hear putting the plus to you that you do see the paradox who trained on one hand is a very tight control. But the same time today's China, really tremendous of inflammation, going on have social media people allowed to travel abroad, and they can read foreign us, and if they can break, fire war, and etc. So it's a different situation. I still attentions fifteen the call for media freedom and the political transparency. Ed, the political democracy will continue to get momentum's for the same time. You can see the very tight control on the part of the leadership at you many ways. This is also required to convert eternity with the revolution. And it's a challenge not only for China. But also for me as a country of either way of governance, so in that regard. I'm Jay optimistic. I see more young people and also they don't alike, very tight media control at all. That was professor Chung Li speaking to me from Washington DC, ten states across the US are currently dealing with measles. Outbreaks the cases stretch from New York state to Texas as well as the Pacific northwest. Whether I've been fifty nine cases so far this year at the moment, seventeen states in the US allow parents to refuse to vaccinate their children, citing personal or religious reasons. However, there's now a debate about restricting those exemptions from Vancouver in Washington state. Dan Johnson reports in the snowy suburbs of Washington state. It isn't just the cold weather keeping people indoors. I'm dan. Hi, this is one of the families. Now living in fear of measles because a quarter of parents here in Clark county of chosen not to vaccinate their children baby Leon is still too young for the job. What is this? So for mom, amber, Goro and Leon sister Eleanor leaving home. Now feels like a dangerous guessing game. Yeah, it's been I think at least a month. So having a two month old means for at least half of his life. We've been kind of stuck inside because it's not worth the risks. This is one corner of America where measles has made a comeback twenty years after officials declared the disease eradicated from the US. There are already cases across the river in Oregon. So the challenge is to contain the outbreak and convince parents who are suspicious reluctant or complacent. There are schools in Clark county, well, less than a third of the children are protected. Doctor Allen Melnik is the director of public health and bring measles into a population. That's unvaccinated. It's exquisitely contagious. It's like taking a match and throwing it into hell gasoline. It'll spread very quickly measles is one of the most contagious diseases..

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