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Hornets rout road-weary Mavs 129-108 for 4th straight win

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00:29 sec | 3 months ago

Hornets rout road-weary Mavs 129-108 for 4th straight win

"Charlotte has a four game winning streak after miles bridges scored twenty three points and PJ Washington added a season high twenty one in the one twenty nine one a week dismantling of the Mavericks Terry Rozier scored eighteen points and mellow ball a Kelly Oubre each had seventeen for the Hornets Charlie came out of the gates hot bolting to a nineteen for lead after making its first seven shots from the field including five threes look at Dodgers had thirty seven points in eight three for the maps who are playing their fifth road game in eight nights I'm Dave very

Pj Washington Terry Rozier Kelly Oubre Charlotte Mavericks Hornets Charlie Dodgers Dave
Washington, Oubre help Hornets rally past Nuggets, 115-107

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Washington, Oubre help Hornets rally past Nuggets, 115-107

"Charlotte's Charlotte's second second unit unit erased erased a a nineteen nineteen point point deficit deficit to to stun stun Denver Denver one one fifteen fifteen one one oh oh seven seven the the Hornets Hornets outscored outscored the the nuggets nuggets thirty thirty eight eight thirteen thirteen in in the the final final quarter quarter the the big big bench bench warmer warmer with with Kelly Kelly Oubre Oubre a a junior junior who who was was team team high high with with twenty twenty three three points points fourteen fourteen of of them them in in the the fourth fourth quarter quarter AS AS one one just just you you know know come come to to play play today today you you know know do do my my part part in in China China you you know know help help the the team team win win you you know know so so that's that's what what I I always always want want to to do do a a weather weather ball ball is is a a you you know know going going through through or or not not so so the the defense defense was was you you know know the the key key for for me me you you know know defense defense led led to to offense offense and and I I another another guy guy off off the the bench bench PJ PJ Washington Washington gave gave Charlotte Charlotte the the lead lead for for good good one one oh oh four four one one oh oh three three drilling drilling a a three three ball ball with with three three sixteen sixteen to to go go the the Hornets Hornets aerobics aerobics overcame overcame a a dominant dominant showing showing by by Nicole Nicole Yorkin Yorkin who who piled piled up up twenty twenty nine nine points points and and twenty twenty one one rebounds rebounds Bruce Bruce Morton Morton Denver Denver

Hornets Nuggets Charlotte Kelly Kelly Oubre Oubre Denver China Pj Pj Washington Washington Charlotte Charlotte Nicole Nicole Yorkin Yorkin Bruce Bruce Morton Morton
"kelly  oubre" Discussed on The Free Agents

The Free Agents

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"kelly oubre" Discussed on The Free Agents

"Why time with james book nate. He's a hornet z. Hornets did you not move onto golden state or the kelly racing against scrapple. kelly kelly. kelly oubre Was invested heavily by the golden state warriors. Last year they basically paid eighty million dollars to have kelly oubre around and now he's going to be on his fourteen team in four seasons. I think that's a sign that things aren't going right into. Kelly oubre world as talented as he is. I want i want to see him. Rehabilitate his image. But yeah. that's going to be tough with the ball to go round with with book night in the guards. Let's it's it's a flyer on him and it's it's it's a decent amount of money. I think for him and he a decent regular season seemingly with the warriors so he put up numbers. But what's going on there. What's going on for fourteen thousand four years. The jumper has never come around for uber. And if it didn't come around when steph curry set me up it's probably not coming around. But this is great news for eric collins. Because i think kelly oubre and miles bridges running the wings with lamelo is going to be special like. That's a real good way for kelly. Oubre it kinda rehab. His value around the league is to just run play hard and just try and get as many incredible highlight dunks. You possibly can. Cause eric collins is really going to sell them. As for billy hermit gomez. I can't believe this. I used to be a want. Shell i took willie here guys every day. I had them going to the hornets. I had that wrong. He's resigning with the pelicans. I'm a fool by fault. He's definitely stay with the pelicans. I said where's even keep track of them rebels. nick stop. there obviously also neighbor guillermo there officially for a while. So maybe that's screwed up things really gear want show he is re signing to stay with the pelicans. Three years not going to the hornets. Talk talk..

kelly oubre james book nate Kelly oubre eric collins kelly kelly golden state warriors steph curry Hornets lamelo Oubre billy hermit gomez warriors kelly hornets willie guillermo nick
"kelly  oubre" Discussed on NBA Gambling Podcast

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"kelly oubre" Discussed on NBA Gambling Podcast

"How would you characterize this free agency. I i think we it's been up and down in terms of the excitement lot of interesting player movement but no like superstars switching teams. We i think we had talked about says going to be more about you. Know the secondary stars and role players switching teams re-signing with their teams is always exciting within gave the agency right. No matter like who is going where i mean we had some big moves with lowery trade and and some low names. We'll get to in a second but like you said it's kind of been up and down. It's kind of the dust has settled right now for free agency at the delay late last Signed a solid. God kelly oubre going to the charlotte hornets. That i mean. There's some you know what the quieter thing. I think you'll find a way to resign. What the la clippers I don't think there's any other significant names that are still unsigned By yeah like you mentioned. It's kind of been a roller coaster of you know right. Free agency opened. We saw a lot of names being signed than some of the bigger names light. Trae young steph curry. You know the max deals with the respective teams. Yeah and i think we we are starting to see a switching and philosophy whereas you know in the past decade. it's been all about clearing your your cap space to go. Sign a big free agent. And i think we're seeing more of a shift towards the idea that you will have to probably trade for that free agent and the free agent and not not not in the freed and yet the trade for that disgruntled superstar who still has years left on their deal but is unhappy and their situation..

kelly oubre la clippers lowery charlotte hornets steph curry Trae
"kelly  oubre" Discussed on The Free Agents

The Free Agents

01:38 min | 11 months ago

"kelly oubre" Discussed on The Free Agents

"I'm starting running teams. Certain point with the need for him to want for him and then the money for him so he still available. Kelly oubre junior still there reggie jackson and there there are others but patty mills like trade threw it in there a lot of interest from the warriors and the lakers and possibly a couple of other teams. I'm forgetting right now. But those are the names that are sort of the bigger names that are left. Unless i'm forgetting anyone legally you gotta list in front of you you pretty much. Patty mills is an interesting one because he does seem to be in pretty high demand this so But he's also kind of loyal to the spurs so. I'm not sure exactly which way he's going to go there. But i think he's gonna i think he's going to get a decent contract the white rosen's another interesting one as well. Because i'm surprised there's no real room right now of where it's going it's kind of. It's up in the air. So yeah he. He's thirty two years old. The rosen talked about it yesterday. Good consistent reliable scorer this not a lot of those guys out there. So i'm a little surprised. No one's grabbed him yet. So maybe he ends up back in san antonio though i think so yes absolutely possible. Anything to address test is we put a little button on what we're calling day one free agency. I remember the question of dentistry attorney down. Four years. eighty plus from the lakers. And whether or not he would regret that. And i thought nah they're gonna pay him in the off season and now i now that the knicks have gone Spent all their money. Is anyone gonna pay dentist shooter. Here's a question. Which rather dennis shooter. Evan four gay on your team for four for eighty.

patty mills Kelly oubre reggie jackson white rosen lakers warriors spurs rosen san antonio knicks dennis Evan
"kelly  oubre" Discussed on The HoopsHype Podcast With Alex Kennedy

The HoopsHype Podcast With Alex Kennedy

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"kelly oubre" Discussed on The HoopsHype Podcast With Alex Kennedy

"Knowing what your future's going to be especially when you know it's determined by teams in executives. I'll eat a lot of people realize that for an athlete. You know. there's a lot of perks to but life to change on a dime and you can go to. It's only different city but for you. Now you get to decide your future. It's in your hands Obviously you need teams often you stuff. But it's in your hands where you're gonna go as a free agent. You have that control so with that in mind For kelly oubre junior for you. What are you looking for at your free agency experienced the summer. I'm religious no looking to make the best decision. You know with martine. My family is best for us Obviously like i said you know not want to be a leader. And i want to continue expand. My gaming grow for my wings You know. I want to continue to just you know show. You know all the things that i'm capable of and not be able to be putting the box you know i feel like the universe for me. The boxer news you know something that they always clashes. Because it's always a big deal whenever you know. I'm trying to put the box. Because i can't be put in the bucks so you know i'm going to continue to show you and crew t y you shouldn't put me in a box And i think that just allow you know a fuel myself to work harder for this summer into come back next year and it'll be a better all around player so you know as far as being inside of that i can't control to all i can do is wait for august or my team. You know us to really just handed to business out of it. But for now i just wanted to go somewhere. I could spread my wings. Continue to grow and you know beal focal point in in the culture and.

kelly oubre martine bucks beal
"kelly  oubre" Discussed on Warriors Off-Court

Warriors Off-Court

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"kelly oubre" Discussed on Warriors Off-Court

"You know not this. Isn't this wouldn't be approving guy. But i think one interesting possibility out there and i would seriously consider it. If i'm the worst would be trading. The would-be trading both big seven fourteen packaging with wiseman and or pool To move up to like number. Three in the draft with cleveland and then try to get The number three pick Which hopefully you would take some jalen And then also like a solid rotation piece. Maybe you get. Larry nance or something like that. I would be down for that if on the warriors. I'm not sure cleveland with do that. They might get better offers for that three pick. But i do think that cleveland be would be open to moving off the three pixel only because they already have a very guard central roster in guard garland and sexton and whoever the best guys they could take at three would be guards. Jalen grandchildren suggs so the value for that pick two other teams is going to be much higher than it is to them so i think you know it would make sense for them to move in. I think the warriors could put together a package for that as a strong as strong of a package for that as as anyone. So you're by doing a deal like that you're you're ensuring that you don't have too many young guys on your roster because you're not using both picks you're you're also getting rid of a somewhat of a project young guy in in wiseman and then you're bringing in hopefully a helpful rotation player with proven experience. Someone like isla. Nancy what have you. And then you're getting a potential franchise cornerstone and jalen sagamore jalen green. I know i know the warriors are higher. Both of them so i think they'd be open daughter. Those guys at three. I think i mean jalen. Suggs is a little bit more ready to play major roles rookie but i think might have a little higher ceilings. So it kind of depends on what you're looking for but i think both would be good picks there what was what was the handles name tom tom bomb. Yeah i'm gonna take tom. One step further most of the conversations. We have right now and especially out of the combine where the warriors making a move for a big time player. A proven all star. Who comes with a huge salary so while they were shopping wise and pigs it always had to include andrew wiggins and almost none of the proposals that i heard were that much of an upgrade from andrew wiggins so why are you giving up all these assets even jakko like they is siaka better player the wiggins yeah a little bit probably but is it really worth giving wiggins and all these other pieces siaka right. Larvae wiggins is a good fit for your system. So i'll take tom's.

cleveland warriors Larry nance jalen wiseman Jalen jalen sagamore jalen green suggs sexton garland andrew wiggins Suggs Nancy tom tom siaka jakko tom wiggins Larvae wiggins
"kelly  oubre" Discussed on Warriors Off-Court

Warriors Off-Court

05:47 min | 1 year ago

"kelly oubre" Discussed on Warriors Off-Court

"Guy but we can help you go somewhere else to get something back and that's why we're hearing such different narratives ubisoft process of what's going on versus what actually will happen in the nba are very different. Yeah i thought know. He even agreed to go on that. Podcasts occurs hands. Given you know where. He's at nine if he goes on. You think you'd have a really distinct narrative that he was trying to get out there and it didn't seem like he really even if he did have a narrative he wanted to get out there. He didn't stick to the script. And honestly that's what i like. I like that about kelly. Kelly oubre was one of the better quotes on the team because he let you know how he was feeling all times he was. He wore his emotions on his sleeve and as a journalist as a reporter. You love that. If you're his agent may be don't love that much or an mba coach right like this was a weird year where we didn't get to spend. I'm in the locker room and on the road with these guys. So i don't know kelly oubre that well i know through zoom and how he plays And i think his personality is probably pretty close to the way he plays where for one possession he can be an absolute savage on events. It can you up ninety four feet but then there are ape possessions in a row where he's kind of off the cuff even if he went into this interview with his agent telling him. Hey here is the narrative. Here's what you're supposed to do. And he started that way and then he goes wild for eight possessions and then he has a play where you're just like oh my goodness. He's completely fantastic out effort at everybody to get this rebound in his more talented than people in as a reverse put back dunk. And you're like oh my goodness that's amazing and then for well possessions. He's completely out of the system. It is not reading your reacting and not doing anything supposed to wrap i. I can only say this from an outsider's perspective. But i think his personality is probably pretty similar to april next question's buyer dunkin. Everyone in the blogosphere seems to have such itchy quote unquote trade Wiseman trigger finger as a fan. I am very skeptical. That he's a bust. I saw flashes. What's the internal temperature on this topic. Edgy w i feel like this is directed at us because you know we. Chronicles a column or to advocating for trading wise men. Or i should say scott. Osler has we've had an other comments. Bruce jenkins sit opposite that he would not trade wise. Men i have been a proponent of being opened a trading men if if it makes sense though i'm not one hundred percent convinced that there will be deal there that make sense Look bottom line the warriors likewise men they feel like he can and probably will become a really good player in this league But they are not married to him..

Kelly oubre kelly oubre nba kelly dunkin Bruce jenkins Wiseman Osler scott warriors
"kelly  oubre" Discussed on Warriors Off-Court

Warriors Off-Court

03:23 min | 1 year ago

"kelly oubre" Discussed on Warriors Off-Court

"It was pretty clear that he's not super happy with the words hand. It's hard to imagine a world where he comes back especially since from what we're hearing right now. He's they're asking for around. They're going to ask for twenty mil plus. It's is a lot for anyone but much less. A guy who has not proven. He's a winner in this league. He's had a negative plus. My is every single year. He's in the league. The warriors were notably better With him off the florida this season I don't think it's a huge surprise. After he got injured he and james wiseman got injured that they play a lot better It's not a huge surprise to me that even when he came back he was still coming off the bench in favor of kim base more. Who's not maybe as talented of a player as kelly oubre fits were system better and makes less mistakes so i am not anyone. Who's listening to this podcast. Anyone who's read me probably knows. I'm not super hiring kelly oubre especially his fit with the warriors I just don't. I don't think i think he's kind of a little bit of an empty stats guy. I think he you look at all the fifteen plus points per game you think. Oh he's a good. Nba player well. There's a lot of players in the nba average fifty points per. There's a lot. They're not all winning. Players are not gonna help you win games. You know th they they can put numbers up. But i would much rather have more kim bays more types and kelly oubre types because those guys Serve winning much more. You know they they. They make sound decisions that read the floor while they can react in the wars Reading system that can defend multiple positions at a high level. I think raise overrated defensively of said that a few times so i. I think that this isn't going to happen. I think that he's not going to be back. Do you think the words are going to try to bring it back. Everything i'm hearing. His words are going to try to bring them back but solely as an asset. They don't they don't see him as a as a future peace. I don't see him as like the the the guy who's gonna put him over the top and be championship contender but given where they're out with the luxury tax. And what have you you might as well try to bring him back just to try to shop him in and get something for him. The truth is they whipped by not being by not trading him at the deadline even if the deals even if the offers weren't great they should've traded him like whatever you could give him you. Just let him go. Because i think we're seeing right now that there was never a high chance them coming back next season. And that's why that's why the narratives are so disparate. Right now is Kelly oubre sees himself not only as we're having a conversation about whether he's a starter verse a seventh or eighth man. He sees himself as a superstar. He thinks he's one of the top thirty players in the league So that's his side of it. The agent in the warriors obviously at the top the other side which is what makes sense round. The agent has to say. Of course we wanna come back. We want we want to leave. Every option available. Of course we wanna get into a bidding war and the agent might also use the warriors to get uber where he wants to go and to get more money than a team wants to pay and the warriors have to be on that side of it too. They have to be in those negotiations are saying. Yeah.

kelly oubre james wiseman warriors kim bays nba kim florida Kelly oubre
"kelly  oubre" Discussed on Warriors Off-Court

Warriors Off-Court

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"kelly oubre" Discussed on Warriors Off-Court

"I'm your host connor with turnout. The damn trump at chronicle sports writer rusty simmons who has been a big help to me on the warriors beat during our conversation. We feel that readers pressing questions gliding. One of kelly oubre feature rusty. Thank you so much for joining me. Back on the pod even during a pandemic felt like i was seeing you pretty often over zoom and hearing your voice. Because he was such a huge help on the warriors. Beat this past season But haven't seen you heard from you in a little bit. Because i know you you took a little time off. I was knee-deep the with a big minor league baseball series But you're you're back at it. And i know you're going to be the go to guy for team. Usa coverage of the chronicle. You're you're on that on a daily basis with the draymond green bead and the kirby What you know. We actually didn't get really any team. Usa questions we're doing a mailbag podcast. This week. got a bunch of great questions. But we didn't get any about team usa. And i i'm actually genuinely curious. Like what do you think dream on roles gonna be on this team say team. He didn't play a lot in rio. Is it going to be kind of a similar situation. It'd be interesting to see Coach popovich on the first day. Tuesday talked about three senators Draymond green bam out of bio and kevin love so. That's kind of the way they're going into All powerful words in the nba but centers in international who and It was the first day so he's trying to figure it out i. I wouldn't be surprised at all because of cream voice in defence if he's not the starting center for team usa but i also wouldn't be shocked if he plays seven minutes. A game provides voice from a sideline while kevin love and bam by your playing all the minutes. Neither one would shock me one day into it. I'm not even sure pop knows yet. Yeah i think that's definitely where he's going to be. The biggest asset is as a small ball center in given how the teams they face play. I think that makes a lot of sense Some made it sounds like maybe he will play a little bit more than he did You know. I think. I think he's proven this past year that he's still a high level player and can help out I think he's just one of those guys where a lot of it depends on the makeup of the roster. What you need you know. He's not like one of those guys that you have to have on the floor when you're talking about an all star laden rosser you know But if you need the facilitating a defensive toughness and those types of things. Obviously he's better than anyone so And they don't have like a legitimate center sort of be interesting to see like if they do play against yokich or rubio's i think of bama's a center but yeah you might be right. Yeah yeah probably more as so. They could go into that way where it's not even what they wanted. Matchup based till if bams are more prototypical legitimate center. Maybe he starts against ago. Bears and yoga world draymond starts. Kevin love popovich raised. Kevin love like he was completely in in back to being in his prime form yesterday. So who knows. I like i like not ever love and And then i saw your story today about you know maybe the words consignment on a vet minimum deal which is doing numbers by the way. So i think there's a lot of interesting. We actually got question about that. So we'll get to that.

rusty simmons kelly oubre warriors Coach popovich connor kevin usa baseball laden rosser rio Usa nba yokich rubio Kevin popovich
Tobias Harris comes up big late as Sixers hold off Warriors

AP News Radio

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Tobias Harris comes up big late as Sixers hold off Warriors

"Although they blew a twenty four point lead the Sixers closed out the fourth quarter to beat the warriors one await ninety eight playing without Joel Embiid Philly had all five starters in double digits led by a strong performance from Tobias Harris who scored game highs with twenty five points and thirteen rebounds you know I would just say my attitude is not sure get the highlights or you know get the praise just get the one Ben Simmons added twenty two for the Sixers who won eleven of their last thirteen games meanwhile the warriors put a third straight game in a row without Steph and curry who is out at least another week with a bruised tailbone in the lost Kelly Oubre junior scored twenty four points and had ten rebounds why only on San Francisco

Joel Embiid Philly Sixers Tobias Harris Warriors Ben Simmons Steph Kelly Oubre Curry San Francisco
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"kelly oubre" Discussed on Heartland Newsfeed Radio Network

"To keep you think there's any chance warriors keeping sure anything's possible. I don't really know what their plan is. But i mean we saw the ngelo russell he didn't even last one season. So you never know. Yeah but i like uber. I mean i do. I do here. I didn't but the one thing i like about him. This impresses me the most is plays defense whether he his. He's off shooting or not. A lot of players won't like lax on their defense. Better shootings that on. But he doesn't. He plays defense in matter. What i just think that guy's extremely valuable and could you manage the him play out there playing defense. If he's out there. I think the worst would be awesome. They might be a championship team again. When clay comes back with those those guys i mean. You feel much with overrated. Take us a good because they have them they can. They just have to figure out how much you one. That's the question. Don't know i like kelly oubre. I'm not in love with him. If he left. I would hope that if they traded him i hope they get something real for him. But on that team right now he is a very important player but then again if he left i might yawn. I don't know i liked his decides. I'm telling you the klay out their defense. You got green out there. In defense she got out there and defense really shut down a lot of teams and then you know so you bet you the way it would really take off. Because i don't know that's what i like about him. His defense defense is awesome as offense is okay. It's not like like going to like knock socks off you. But if he plays defense you got clay. Hurry doing the scoring you you got. I mean i just think the war is. It'd be really really a an a test. Doubt he hasn't pregnant run vince. Thanks for the call. I appreciate it and no doubt. Kelly oubre got off to a terrible start as i. You games as playing a lot. Better all right when we come back from the break alan. Richardson will join us. I'm rick tuttle camelback. Tally.

kelly oubre Richardson ngelo russell Kelly oubre rick tuttle one season clay run vince uber one
"kelly  oubre" Discussed on Big Fellas Basketball

Big Fellas Basketball

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"kelly oubre" Discussed on Big Fellas Basketball

"And yellow by to go two different directions thinking about that definitely puts everything in perspective and everyone knows the kid from around the corner. At some point everyone had him me coaching the freshman level. Now i see them come in and the year before they were all superstars. Kind of realize that. There's there's always a bigger fish moving onto your new book. I'm really curious to hear about what the process can you. Writing in and what your goal is for that book magog for the book is to break down various aspects of mental. I have pillars set up in. Just dig a deep dive into those pillars in. Just growing them out just to put in more layman's terms like i'm doing right now. And that's the reason why. I'm accepting of the podcasts. From young guys like yourself. Because i want you guys to be i guess kinda was foot inflammation it does not make it to the book as so much Information my head about the journey almost like snapshots in my mind in pictures read. we painted. But it's going to be concepts and anecdotes from my journey along with kelly to where he is today. So it's gonna be you know snapshots in time how things like communication things like the recruiting experienced things like our mental approaches. To the game isn't mine have changed over the years just what the future will look like based on a trajectory that we're trying to take it right now on. No one can predict it but you know we can pretty much solidifies. Certain things about it if we make the right decisions now so i think he's gonna be somewhat of a a look back and maybe a a time line along the way but it's also going to be filled with positivity and and the respect factor that must be implemented from the beginning to the end of all the people involved in the process and like i said some guys. I really don't care for it to this day. I respect respect the fact that they put the work end. They're in a position to do good things. They may have a microphone in front of their face but maybe they didn't look at it that way until they hear about it or read it that it could have affected somebody in the way the did. And maybe that'll help him show up on their in how they approach their business moving. Follow because this is changing climate that we're in in an iconic cova dera things are changing and that means we as individuals a human. We must make changes to almost. I don't even think the dinosaurs fell. They noticed whether it was changing but nothing they can do about except take it got too hot. Couldn't survive to call but we as human beings have the means and the ends to effectively change our own la. And i think that's that's what i want to sit around the book. Just just hope is hoping promised to. The future lay a proper foundation as best you can. I'm not perfect. I don't know everything. But i'm i'm gonna give it out. I'm gonna get my two cents on and up. I'm trying to keep it in perspective with respect. That's perfect and i can't wait to see what that becomes out. I'm looking forward to getting my hands on that for sure. And then what can we expect to see from. Bcs elemental over the next few months years and people follow you on social media and the next few months. Don't allow to podcasts. Still putting some things together trying to take this thing international. Our guys in my trusted advisors early on that we back in houston texas. Said you know. I looked around. I was was assad. Local media being influenced by people around us. Because kelly wasn't from houston knows easy to slip guy a couple of alison that talk about barack obama the corner. Lighten it up. Because he wasn't from air plus a lot of people couldn't gain access to him because they have to go through me and nobody wants to meet out a nice person but who really wants to deal with the gatekeeper. If they can get to the kid therefore just situation like that. Just just didn't didn't sit. Well it'd be which forced me to be real look around putting perspective in no. I had to do things you know and make my own blueprints to do them in a think. That's that was the beauty in at all. Because i can look back and i could clarify. No why would i did. Also kelly not have a reason for everything i do. I don't do anything. Just because i've always said to him and i always say that the because i want to train his young mind to realize that you know i want you to feel the same way what you do. Don't do anything just because let's a great way to end. Things off tugged. Don't do anything just because have a reason behind everything you do of that. Mr bruce. thanks so much for coming on. I really appreciate it and this will be an episode. Sheriff had to take some pretty serious notes on to make sure. I have everything all all up in here too. As well as on record exactly you can always reach us at at least developmental dot com wanna reach out for services. Please go to the website. Check us out. We're going to be around during a lot of things coming up. I try to limit my scope with just basketball related issues with moving into the business round too because we're getting a lot of calls from fortune. Five hundred companies about motivational speaking with a lot of people want to hear about the treatise story but is just so much more to it than that because that was sixteen years ago and they played a major part in our lives and we overcame those things. We were once again. Not a victim of anything but i think the perspective that was gained from me at the time and him over time kind of helps them deal with the adversities of the day today so i think is beautiful that he's in a position he's in and he can. I guess sift through some of the manusha and we can both come back to center and grow wild beast developments. Thanks for listening to gen z. Hoops make sure to follow like and subscribe on instagram link and all major social media platforms at gen z poops and subscribe on apple podcasts spotify youtube and every other podcast platform on the planet. Get ready for the next episode..

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The Golden State Warriors Path to Regain Glory

ESPN Daily

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The Golden State Warriors Path to Regain Glory

"Hello hello pablo. I am so excited to talk to you today. Because you have been digging into the golden state warriors and you've talked to their players. Their coaches their executives. But i want to know what other people are curious about. They hear that you're writing a future on the warriors. What did they want to know can still work can steph curry dragged his team by the scruff of its neck into the playoff field. Can they approximate without klay thompson. Kevin durant gone even a glimmer of what they were during their dynasty. And that's what people wanna know. And at the center of all of this kevin this week in particular is steph curry and we can't begin this conversation without talking about what he did specifically on sunday night. How would you describe what you saw. It was a volcano curry leads. In one hand or just off balance grows it up. It's good he's got fifty. Career screen takes a deep free. It's god fifty nine points. Curry takes another three. It's up job. He's got sixty two just unspeakable three point attempts that no person with a good conscience ever a nation of basketball coaches is freaking out. Because they're going to have fourteen year olds in practice pulling up from thirty seven feet. There was the sense coming out of their very met to into road trip. That steps showing few signs he might. It's gonna happen. It may happen. Don't you think it's going to happen. He's starting to move differently. We're starting to find him. The ball and places he likes it and as draymond green said to somebody on the staff. All it takes is one in. We saw that one sunday night against portland and essentially recreated the steph. We knew for those five years over the dynasty. Let's be clear about what the prelude to that career high sixty two was because he was shooting. What like twenty percent from three in those first two games so when people are begging hoping for that volcano to start shaking again. Why do you think it actually ended up exploding as it did. I mean one is just the laws of inevitability second is in your staff. They all emphasize this. And it sounds a little bit like spin. If you're if you're sort of cynical which is look. He's playing with guys that he's never played with before. But when you really start digging into it and you remember what it was like to watch the weird they don't run scripted sets all that much mall. Those great beautiful plays that you see that. Look like basketball ballet. They use intuition. They use a million reps playing together to sort of know where everybody's going to be almost telepathically on the floor. And so you've seen that a million times steph. Runs comes off a pick and roll. He gives the ball up. He relocates to the corner other people kind of follow him there. Somebody comes off the other side and then steph kind of relocates again and you find him and it's so second nature if you watched it for five straight years you come to take it for granted but if the other guys on. The floor aren't versed in the dark arts of golden state warriors movement. It's harder and it was something that i think other teammates. The new guys andrew wiggins kelly oubre rookie. James wideman guys. Who haven't played as long with him. It takes a little while to get in the rhythm. There was like a moment. I think in the milwaukee their second loss of the season where you saw step come off one of those speaking roles and he was going to kind of go fast too slow to the right corner and there was somebody there right and it wasn't the fault of a teammate. It's just they're not equipped with the intuition and just the nuances of golden state warriors basketball. Which essentially is how do we find steph. The right shot at the right moment at the right time precisely where he wants it. It's funny

Steph Curry Klay Thompson Draymond Green Kevin Durant Pablo Basketball Warriors Curry Kevin Portland Andrew Wiggins Kelly Oubre James Wideman Steph Milwaukee
"kelly  oubre" Discussed on Open Floor: SI's NBA Show

Open Floor: SI's NBA Show

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"kelly oubre" Discussed on Open Floor: SI's NBA Show

"Who were going to criticize later So i mean like you can criticize him. But just don't go overboard and then to the people who say's beyond reproach she's a human being and he should be criticized when he deserves it. Yeah i think that you know with this group. If clay was out there unhealthy. I would say they would. Face that playoff mandate if you've got claes replacement shooting six percent on three pointers and wiggins looking really clueless and you're starting a rookie center defensively and james out. Do they have a single plus defender on the entire roster that starts to be the kind of situation where clay's contract this time one hand behind your back. Kelly oubre as you know just presence is tying your other hand behind your back and at some point. It's like. I'm not going to hold it against steph if you can't carry this particular group into the playoffs usually i'm pretty demanding and You know i. I expect a lot from a team's best players that when it becomes time to hand out criticism i tend to look there first. You know janas. It started with him in the playoffs. You know he just did not play his best. The bucks go out. He has to bear a lot of the responsibility. Kawhi leonard same deal. You know for the the clippers last year's playoffs. That's where i wanted to start the conversation. A lot of other people wanted to talk about playoff p. Paul george and doc rivers and whatever else that might be. I think the best player always needs to have that kind of magnifying glass. Approach but with steph like he could be sensational. I mean i think the he could actually average forty points a game this season and they still don't reach the playoffs. I think that would be possible. Not predicting that. But i think that's possible given what he's got to work with on this particular roster so i think i'm in almost give him a full pass for the season mode At the same time it matters I guess his spirit and how he plays and is able to make an impact. Is he able to show you sort of glimmers of hope for the future right and i think part of the problem in the first two weeks was there hadn't been a lot of that even when he's scoring thirty something points. It just felt empty. You know the whole the whole experience was just dreary guys. Were having a hard time and and they just couldn't get their spirit right a lot of frustration in terms of shot selection from his teammates Express both by hurry..

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"kelly  oubre" Discussed on NBA Front Office w/ Keith Smith & Trevor Lane

NBA Front Office w/ Keith Smith & Trevor Lane

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"kelly oubre" Discussed on NBA Front Office w/ Keith Smith & Trevor Lane

"I think they'll still be more comfortable leaning on Millsaps and Barton as a veteran but if Porter can be a 25 to 30 minute and night guy off the bench, I think they're okay, they'll be different. I think there may be better offensively with him in the mix defensively. They might be a little bit worse, but they were already a very good defense. So if they slide down a little bit but make up a little bit on the offensive end off. Hey, you know, probably about the same in the end, but it's definitely worth watching for sure. Yeah. Yeah, it's something where I do Wonder but again like Michael Porter Jr. That's that's the key to all of this right is Cole Porter Jr. If he takes another step forward and then he's going to be looking really use already looking good if he takes another step forward Denver could still be a handful even losing Jeremy Grant cuz I didn't think they made enough moves off. On the edges do perhaps in the aggregate replace what Jeremy Grant brought at least production-wise so some good moves, but I Gary Harris to they gotta get him back on track. He's now been bad for call it a season and half almost two full seasons. So if you can get him back on track, I think you're in here in a pretty good place. Well, no, I liked what Gary Harris stayed on the defensive end of the floor. I noticed a lot more aggressiveness from the nuggets in general when he was on the floor, but the offensive side of things. Yeah. You've gotta get he's a he's so much better than what he showed especially shooting the basketball. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah, he's it's been a huge struggle. I don't know what happened to him offensive Leah shots gone. He's not getting the baskets off the cuts like he did for a while. So say yeah, they gotta get Gary Harris back on, let's move on to the team that I had thought. This is going to be a title contending team potentially. And now we've already got the first giant I mean just complete bummer of the season. It's terrible. It's tragic and you feel awful even talking about it the Golden State Warriors losing Klay Thompson replacing him with Kelly oubre Jr. Hey, there's just wondered what a downer. He's just battling back injury. And then the Achilles just I feel awful for clay. Yeah there and there's no there's no other way to put it other than it sucks. It's actually awful. It's terrible. I don't care if you hate the Warriors. Nobody hates Glee Thompson. Everybody likes Klay Thompson. He's one of my most favorite players to watch in the lead. You know, I think he can, you know do the job Acted he can score 60 points and touch the ball, you know twenty-five times and have it for you know, 15 seconds. It feels like I am, you know, I'm I'm a huge fan of Klay Thompson. That's it. I think the lawyers did the best they could possibly do to rebound from that and they may not be done just yet. I think, you know adding Kelly oubre Jr. Via the Andre Iguodala trade exception was a big move are gonna get a nine point three million dollar disabled player exception for Klay Thompson that is going to help quite a bit that that is something that they will be able to use to go get get another player..

Klay Thompson Gary Harris Michael Porter Jr Jeremy Grant Cole Porter Jr Kelly oubre Jr nuggets Andre Iguodala Golden State Warriors Millsaps Warriors back injury Denver basketball Barton Leah shots
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"kelly oubre" Discussed on KTAR 92.3FM

"To catch up with Phoenix Suns presidency. Oh, Jason rally on a Friday morning. Jason the talking stick resort arena is gonna be Rockin tonight. You got the you got the Golden State Warriors. In town. We do a lot of star power, obviously with the warriors coming up, Dr back NBA championship. So really excited to see what our young guys can come out and do DeMarcus cousins gonna be played tonight. So we'll be making his debut here in Phoenix in the warriors uniform. So like to see how big guy de'andre and steps up against him. Hopefully, it's go up and he's been having pretty good a run here as as has Josh Jackson. So let's see if those guys can get it done by champs. Stefan curry and Kevin Durant who were hoping treats Phoenix media better than he was treating the northern meteorology. Get a little tricky. That's right. Absolutely. Absolutely. It's all part of the drama. This is really cool. The sons have commissioned three different designers to create something pretty cool for black history month getting explained everybody. What that is. Yeah. Yeah. It's this is something that's really important or are league our team and our player. So just as you said, we commissioned three talented artists to really create some some unique and authentic sneakers that really reflect and celebrate the African American heritage and what really excited about his players. Some are going to be wearing him. So mckell bridges. Josh Jackson, Kelly Oubre just to start off really have have picked her own shoes that reflects something that's important to them and that really relates to two black history month. And so those those kids those players are going to be wearing those in game, and they'll be available for purchase at the end of the year game more shoes. I'm the authentic shoes that are with the dollars that we generates no sales going to elevate Phoenix, which is a terrific local charity here. So really excited to be partnering with our players and the artists on great initiatives. All right awesome. That's a Phoenix Suns. President CEO Jason rally. You've been listening to.

Phoenix Suns Phoenix CEO Jason rally Golden State Warriors Josh Jackson Kevin Durant DeMarcus NBA Stefan curry President Kelly Oubre
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Xtra Sports Radio 1300 AM

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"kelly oubre" Discussed on Xtra Sports Radio 1300 AM

"At eight on Xtra sports thirteen hundred Colorado Springs. There is nothing. I love more. Then a smart fan base. Just like a group of people that know their stuff they're not just going to a game. Because it's the thing to do. They're going to be a fan and they want to be engaged in the game. And all this kind of stuff. The Pacers fans are one of the most intelligent. Fan base is out there. They really are. Because what they do is. They find something. About a player. And they harp on it like throughout the game. They did about two weeks ago. The Phoenix Suns were at even call that can Saco Fieldhouse anymore. Do TD Ameritrade Fieldhouse. I dunno came. They came to Indianapolis. And for those of you don't know Kelly Oubre got traded from the wizards to the sons this year, and it his tenure watches life bankers life Fieldhouse. They see so Indiana for them to call it a field house, right? Kelly Oubre as time in Washington did not end. Well, reportedly he clashed with John wall, Bradley Beal. And that was kind of part of the reason why he got shipped out of town. Well, when the sun's came to bankers life Fieldhouse. And when Kelly Oubre Ray went to the free throw line, the Pacers fans chanted John wall hates you. Hilarious and nobody like. So good be in. What makes it even better? Is that the general populace doesn't know that like that is the deep dig from the pacer fans to be like. Okay. Who's coming in tonight? Right. Phoenix. Who can we mock? Oh, yeah. Kelly Oubre, he got traded in because John wall. They want him there Bill. So it was awesome. They have struck again. The Los Angeles Lakers are in town tonight. And when Brandon Ingram was at the free throw line. The Pacers fans could be heard chanting bronze gonna trade you. Genius. And you know, what works even better for that. They could say it when Kouzmin comes the line. They could say it when Rondo comes on the line win. Win. Several of Ron. Everybody on the team could go the free throw line. And they could say that because that's what LeBron's trying to do. He's trying to get rob Pelinka to trade the entire team for Anthony Davis. And then what the Lakers would do. Is they just wait for people to get bought out Carmelo Anthony cool. He's on our team. Oh, the Knicks are. Leading de'andre Jordan, and Tim Hardaway junior walkaway. They're releasing them. Because they got them just for expiring contracts. Anyway, cool. We'll pick up those two guys. That's what the league that's what LeBron's cooler doing. Gimme Anthony Davis. And then we'll just grab off the scrap heap. Whoever gets bought out after the trade deadline apparently Ingram has been to the line multiple times because he's four or five. And nobody else nobody else. They haven't had a chance to. But yes, Stevenson's been rumored caldwell-pope has been rumored trade so Rondo Ingram. Kouzmin lonzo's non-playing tonight. So. They can't say, no. But. I said this earlier, I think that del damps in the pelicans are screwing with the Lakers. And I love it. I love it. We won't know unless Anthony Davis gets actually traded by Thursday. If my theory is correct. But I feel like with what the Lakers are offering the pelicans. They should probably do it two first round picks to expiring contracts and three players with a lot of upside in Ingram coups in Lonzo. You should probably take that deal. If you're Dell damps? And it's not like the Lakers can make it that much better. Right. I mean, what can the Lakers do they're going to be a playoff team? So they're not going to get a blue chip draft pick. They're not going to get a stud like they got with Ingram. And and wants ball is testing my faith in him. But I still think Lonzo is going to be really good. They're not gonna do that. You know, you can only take on so many expiring contracts before you're like, okay, we got enough cap space. But I love that. So I think the pelicans in a. In a normal world would have taken that deal. But because LeBron whispered enrich Paul's ear his buddy who just so happens to be Anthony Davis is. Agent. They're all scheming. To get Anthony Davis to LA with LeBron. I think that Dell dams is sitting there in saying, you know, what? Now, you give me all of those players you mentioned, but you give me four first round picks. I want to own your draft for the next half decade. NF almost a full decade. If you consider that there he would be taking the Lakers last two number one picks and Lonzo ball in Brandon Ingram. So I think Dell dams is like I don't like what you were doing Lakers. And I like how you think that you can just run everything like big market teams. Always do. They always think they control the world and good for Dell dam stand up and say, you know, what? Now, if you want him, I want to own your every legitimate prospect and asset you have on the roster not named LeBron. We want it. You want? Anthony Davis, you give us your whole team and every draft for the next half decade. I love it. But I also think that that asking price does not extend to other teams, which I love even more. You know, it'd be one thing if the pelicans were just trying to fleece everybody. But I think they're only trying to really fleece the Lakers asking prices steep for Anthony Davis for the nuggets for the Celtics for the raptors for anybody. But I have a feeling that the Lakers what the Lakers have to pay is a higher price than anyone else. And I love that. I absolutely love it. Couple of your thoughts on the text line. We were talking about. Skiing. Lindsey vonn. Unfortunately had a crash today. Luckily, she will compete in another event before she does eventually hang up her skis which is fortunate because it would be a terrible way to go out. We were so we're discussing skiing. We got a text that said, well, let me ask you this because it's question. I did you hear that peekaboo street donated a bunch of money to build a new wing at her home town hospital. Did you know that I did not know that? Yeah, they even named it after peekaboo ICU. Well, done tax line way to go. On the Anthony Davis stuff. Rick says I'm tired of the players ran the NBA. It is so ridiculous. I'm getting to. I'm really getting to that point as well. And I am. Such a honk for LeBron and Brady and the Golden State Warriors. I love greatness. I love watching greatness never gets old to me. But you know, why all these shenanigans that LeBron and the Lakers are point. It's really testing me because you know, what I still really like LeBron. I know he's been doing this for years. But you know, I don't like the Lakers. I don't like the Lakers. And you know, what here's a hot take. Don't ask me. I don't like Magic Johnson. I really don't. I was more of a Larry Bird fan. I took that side of the rivalry. And now it's not because I'm white. It's just I like Larry bird's game better identified more adds a little bit because I'm white Boston, Celtics. I was born Saint Patrick's. Okay. I see it there. But I like Larry Bird better. And I didn't like the Lakers. I never liked the Lakers. I despise anyone who likes the Lakers because I feel like they we're just talking about the Pacers. Right. The Pacers fans do their homework become out. In full force. They have really witty chance and stuff like that. I feel like anybody. I see in a Lakers jersey can't name more than two players on the Lakers. And one can be LeBron. And I still don't think they can. The only time people come up with ball. I sometimes I could name more players on the Lakers roster than a Lakers fan can fella. Couldn't name a starting five. Now. No. The only I'm looking at their roster because I'm watching for any more free throws. And I'm like, oh, he's on the team. He's on the team, right? Now, granted I don't follow basketball. But. Yeah. If we can name more players on the Lakers than Lakers fans candidate, you know. They're just garbage fan base. Yeah. And they absolutely are. And here's the other thing. I am so non-confrontational when it comes to like actual physical violence now that I'm pretty good at axe. Throwing maybe it will allow me to be like, you really don't wanna mess with me. But I'm so non-confrontational I don't drink in excess at sporting events. I don't I'm not a big drinker. Knock your drinks over. I do knock my drinks over to be fair. The table was uneven though, I wasn't even looking to Abel's push together. One was a little bit taller than the other. And I was not paying attention to where I was setting it vote. Don't even. Yeah. That's what happened. But I'm not a person that likes to mix it up at sporting events and get in fights. The only time I ever came close was at another Lakers game because Laker fans are garbage. And if your Lakers fan, and you live in a Broncos fan at a Broncos raiders gave. But at least. At least, you know, raiders fans. Love the raiders, you know what I mean? Like, like, I know that they're, you know, they're kind of some of them are kind of trash people by a little bit. But at least they love their team. I can deal with that Lakers fans. So low enough to give him a stadium. Hi, yo. But Lakers fans are so Johnny come lately, they don't know anything and all they look to do is puff out their chassis Lakers. And it's like, you don't know anything about the Lakers. Yeah. You know, Brian, you know, Kobe and Shaq, and, you know, Magic Johnson you can't name another damn player on the team. So anyway. When Ray down the road here del dams. I applaud you good job. It's about time. Someone knocks Magic Johnson and the Lakers down a peg or two. Two eight.

Los Angeles Lakers Anthony Davis LeBron Pacers Brandon Ingram Dell Kelly Oubre Kouzmin lonzo Kelly Oubre Ray TD Ameritrade Fieldhouse bankers life Fieldhouse Magic Johnson Carmelo Anthony Indiana Phoenix Suns Saco Fieldhouse Indianapolis Colorado Springs raiders
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Dunc'd On Basketball Podcast

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"kelly oubre" Discussed on Dunc'd On Basketball Podcast

"Now, the Dennis Smith is functionally off the market doubt that potential. He could be back on the market. Yeah. Get corre-. I could see him get sure. But in that circumstance, it might be maybe the Suns could have. Jay Warren for Denison myths type of deal occurring. But I think if you had to pick all the Buehler most likely Rosiere is probably the one to me. He's I'm good with that. Yeah. I think it's very possible. They start next year with with Booker and bridges is they're starting guards. And I'd be I'd be okay with that. It just depends on what's on the. I mean, Zach Lowe wrote a little bit about how bookers looked at point guard certainly is looked better than any of their other options. But there are still some concerns and defensively to who's going to guard point guards on this team. That's not gonna be Booker. So finding a wing who could guard Bongos, maybe that's a resigned Kelly Oubre. Although, you know, they bring him off the bench even now for when when everyone's health. Those are good question, though, will the sons be good enough over the accent of TJ awards contract to where his value contract, actually matters. Or is it a more valuable trade chip to acquire long-term assets? This is the first year of his extension when she's making about twelve million a year, and unlike Aaron Gordon his contract is not descending. It has a dip for next year. But then it starts ascending. So it's yeah, it's eleven it's eleven twelve thirteen something like that. After this year. I think the good part of this question is the idea of what you like where his value actually matters. I like Warren, I've I maybe not as big a fan of his game as you are. But you've been banging the drum for a while. But I think he's a lot closer to properly paid than underpaid. And that even though he plays the position of scarcity generally speaking that's still a lot harder to sell for assets. And you know, he's not gonna have team control after that. It's going to be an unrestricted free agent. So in less, somebody falls. All over them. Selves for Warren. Let's say this three point shooting continues to something else. He can be a useful valuable part of their rotation. So it's sort of a similar situation away talked about with Willie colleagues time before, you know, if another team makes a mistake, you capitalize on that one way or the other. And if they don't then you just have them around he profiles to me is more of a solid bench guy. A really good team. Maybe just become such a good shooter in a bomber. And we've seen that happen to you Jeff to continue in maybe even improve the amount of his three point shooting. In addition to hitting them at a similar rate to where he's been so far. But defensively, you know, no indication that he's a quality player there. Maybe has some tools, but obviously hasn't been able to put that together. So I'll believe that he's a quality defensive player when it happens enough before. And he I mean in a lot of ways he's more valuable to the sun Tzu. Interior trying to win you know, may try to use them cap spaces summer if they construct Ryan Anderson, and you made a good point in your piece that using the. Provision this off season may make more sense. Just because of that, you know, you're gonna get more bang for your buck in this off season than next offseason with the the bad free agent class. Also, just the amount of money that's going to be out there from this hour sixteen though, you know, if everybody decides to stretch, everyone, then of course, you know, that's part of what happened in two thousand sixteen was everyone was like, oh, yeah. We'll they'll be the capstan go up even further in two thousand seventeen so we can just spend enjoy sixteen. It'll be fine. But they spent so much money in two thousand sixteen then there wasn't as much money in two thousand seventeen in the captain go up as much anyway, should the sun to make a run at drew or Lonzo before the deadline in what a realistic offers. Drew.

Jay Warren Suns Jeff Booker Zach Lowe Dennis Smith Rosiere Kelly Oubre Willie Buehler Aaron Gordon Lonzo sun Tzu Ryan Anderson
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The Jump

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"kelly oubre" Discussed on The Jump

"Just shock shock for Kelly Oubre his floor slap didn't intimidate look down on. This guy's not intimidated by anyone plays like a ten year vet he's laughing four he slapped before only else. Kevin Garnett used to do which one is rookie which. I mean. Rookie. Welcome to the job. I'm Rachel Nichols. Alongside our insider Hassen finals MVP wall. Here's. Coming up we will discuss cow Kouzmin dropping forty one points in three quarters last night for the Lakers and a win over his hometown. Pistons was his performance a game changer for his team. We will discuss I. We still don't know what Yana said to Koumba is going to be not yet. Sure, we know the basics weaned can all see the nearly seven foot fireball of speed and power and long limbs, but they're still so much more to come that. It's almost hard to look at him. Without also seeing his potential trailing him like a shadow one. If you ever really does develop that outside jumper. What if those spurts of tricky ball handling he's been starting to show off lately become his actual Gutu move as we have discussed the MVP race this season. The fact that young still has such obvious room to grow has handicapped in some people's minds. Yes, he's ridiculous. But think about how much more ridiculous he might be what that would mean to the bucks all of this was the backdrop to last night's Milwaukee Houston game Bill zave battle of MVP positioning. Certainly we know James harden is already finished product and on -fensive machine operating at the height of its powers. And at least the first half Janas didn't appear to be quite in his league get, but as the bucks one on they run. At the start of the second-half youngest picked plenty of steam to and what we never got one of his signature earthshaking dunks in this game. We did get a moment that will be remembered. Well for a long time yet, here's Janas trying to make a lizard pass to Malcolm Brogdon. Yes, that is James harden faced I don't know if it's worse better slow it down like that or worse from this angle that a fan. Stands after the game reporter asked hard. If he saw the ball coming. Coming. I don't even know where the ball somehow found came back into his hands. I know how having but a he said he followed jazzed readily in. I don't know need to apologize. And yes, MBA Twitter had jokes too with plenty of folk suggesting that if you honest couldn't beat hard for 'em VP wanted to simply eliminate him, dodgeball style. But as for the rest of the fourth quarter did play out yonder showed. He doesn't need to resort to that. Thank you. There was this under the basket. I love this it hesitated on the three before drove in. Instead, look what he does with it that pass is fantastic. And then with less than forty five seconds to go rockets within four points closing Janas tipped in the dagger. I love this above the rim shot, right? Because they're just aren't that many human beings on earth who can do that Yoenis would finish with twenty seven points a career high twenty one rebounds. Although, of course, there were also still moments last night when we saw that pesky shadow here's Yannis would they wide open three and look at hard in here. He isn't even bothered a contest, he just walks and then stops because he's expecting a brick would you get can you be an MVP? If your game is still missing something so glaring will voters just count Janas truly breathtaking regular season numbers. Will they keep this kind of thing in mind, come playoff time? Knowing defense, we're just gonna sag off him and claws the paint. Or is the answer somewhere in the middle. Yes yawn. This is still growing into his game. And yet also where he's grown to Alrighty is good and enables his team in so many different ways. It's enough to be judged on its own no shadows..

Janas MVP Koumba Lakers James harden Pistons Kevin Garnett Kelly Oubre Rachel Nichols Yannis Twitter Malcolm Brogdon reporter Yoenis dodgeball Yana VP Milwaukee Houston forty five seconds
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Through the Wire

02:48 min | 3 years ago

"kelly oubre" Discussed on Through the Wire

"This is terrible for them. Because I already was like not a fan of the trade that they deal with Kelly Oubre because in my mind is like why trade guy we we youth in potential for do who's only on beat her for like fifty games. He's not going, and they may even train him again that much since he's available to the right before me too. Because I mean, there's no reason for them to keep them. He I don't know why they got him in the first place, even with the healthy, John Kelly Oubre almost like playing the same at this point and travel reasons not going to bring that much change to that team. He's he's good for containing teams and tenures already solidified and just need a little piece here and near like, they need more than Trevor. Come in. And they even have the way. How were they had Thomas? Bryant started out there. So he's. Pretty is. He wanted me on your playoff team as a starter. Probably not. Okay. Probably not. But I think that the reason they did that trade is because remember when they were going through that stuff in the locker room, and they're like guys just want to get their shots. People are speculating they were talking about Kelly Oubre because he's got a big payday coming up. Probably. So he's trying to just get his shots up. So they could it could have been a locker room issue. But regardless this is a team now, then no John wall. The think they can't if they wanted to out think they're good enough to steal the eight spot. They're still maybe because I'm not a fourteen and twenty three to sixteen and eighteen the wizards have played more games. But they not that far behind three and a half games during those. Yeah, you know, anything can happen for them. And then he all right above them at seventeen eighteen year. The these guys sucks at the bottom. But okay, a chance, but my thing is you wanna take a chance because I feel like they would be they would benefit more for missing a playoff this year. Say Bradley Beal get some confidence of being the head honcho. If that's the direction you're going to go in. And then if if he's going to be guy, you're going to start off what are you going to start off building around with draft pick lottery pig, and you know, maybe that can be something. Or if you bring Bank John wall, you got those too, and you get somebody solid you get a Bogo expect. I don't put it like stepping up more than he wouldn't doing right in guessing. And he's gonna get traded. You got him on your on a block? I think he's been on the to do that. I was expecting to train before all Bray. Yeah. So I was so surprised, but I'm definitely to see how I'm definitely interested to see response today because he's probably gonna most. Most likely the second he's going to have the opportunity to take a lot. So the room has the kings have been looking at him for wireless, and now to John wall is out who knows they may try to pull the trigger values. Guess what? If the bulls xactly, they go to the kings that team will be crazy. See that's what I think is isn't doing too bad. Great. He's a great..

John Kelly Oubre John wall Thomas Bryant Bray Bradley Beal bulls Trevor seventeen eighteen year
NBA: Last name confusion led to failed 3-team trade

CFB: New Orleans Bowl

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NBA: Last name confusion led to failed 3-team trade

"John render Willie three team trade crumbled on Friday after the confusion over the surname Brooks, Memphis that they were dealing journeyman guard. Marshon Brooks Phoenix insisted it was youngster Dillon. Brooks trade ended up getting consummated finally Saturday didn't end up involving dentists reader Brooks sons, greater trade, Trevor a razor to the wizards for Kelly Oubre in Austin rivers, ESPN NBA insider, age rewards, Naski on the original confusion. This was literally to teams who who say that the other dukedom Memphis insists that they always were talking about Marshon Brooks that they would have never done Dillon Brooks in a deal though, he's been injured. But you know, he was a second round pick two years ago. Oregon very different kind of player there. Marshon brooks. Marshon Brooks is close to thirty. And he's bounced around he's been in and out of the league. He's been overseas and back woodshed that things will work out for Trevor arisen Reza size a one year fifteen million dollar deal in Phoenix. They had overpay in the marketplace to get him on a one year deal. You take the money from a really bad team. And you weigh that versus taking probably half that stay in Houston or go to another contending team may be on their mid-level exception, and you're out of there before Christmas. So you got your money. Trevor REEs a very good defensive player.

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Moving on from the 'John Wall Practice Altercation', what are the Wizards' options now?

The Starters

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Moving on from the 'John Wall Practice Altercation', what are the Wizards' options now?

"Broke a few hours before a number of reports on recent yelling matches during wizards practices hit the Twitter machine. I'm sure you guys saw this. Just to quickly touch on some of it. Bill reportedly blamed general manager, Ernie Grunfeld for this entire mess. It's been here seven years, and he's seen this for seven years. Two long wall reportedly f-bomb to Scott Brooks Kelly Oubre junior did the same thing. Austin rivers got into it with Bill wall got into it with Jeff green, Joe hells, Joe hose told yawn Muhima that is Christmas look ticky. Okay. I made the last one up Joe has really likes the Christmas lights that a y'all has up in his neighborhood. But this is crazy a fire sale could be on the horizon here. What do you do if you're the wizards? And I tell you something about these wizards and locks don't let them fool you. They're not cheap. What do you do? Then. He's right. Yeah. That's the part of the problem here, right? They have their fighting eleven and they're now saying, they're at least admitting they've looked in the mirror and said, okay. May we gotta do something. Here. We got to break up this core. Yeah. It's crazy because they have one hundred seventeen million committed next year. So there over the cap, but they also have ten free agents this coming off season. Thanks body. Marsha that? So So it's it's a. it's you gotta do one or the other. I mean, you really have to say to yourself. We haven't been good for a couple of years. I don't think John wall and his trade value are gonna go up this year. No matter what happens. And I think he's got to grow up somewhere else. I don't think it's going to happen in Washington. And again, if you treat Bradley Beal, I don't think that's blown it up. I think you have to trade John wall. I thought coming into the season we talked about Dwight Howard is that a good signing. I thought well, you know, what as far as the locker room goes can't get any worse will it has gotten worse, and you have to cut it off. Now. Now, you have to train them to any cost at any. I mean like because I would have to attach pick. You would think with some sort of incentive for team to take that for Johnny? You know is taking that contract is straight up. You gotta take a lot of junk back. Right. So maybe that's the

Wizards Bill Wall John Wall Ernie Grunfeld Marsha Twitter Scott Brooks Kelly Oubre JOE Bradley Beal Austin Rivers General Manager Dwight Howard Joe Hells Joe Hose Johnny Washington Jeff Green Muhima
 The Wizards are too slow to pick up their pace in loss to Mavericks

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The Wizards are too slow to pick up their pace in loss to Mavericks

"Doesn't look like the wizards are going to win a championship this year. The wizards aren't just like bad start. Then look like a bad team, especially last night going up against the Mavericks who aren't exactly the class of the Western Conference. It didn't look good. They've got to wait Howard back. All the all though, he is a little bit hampered. But here's the things rose. They've kind of feels like this team has to make a move like it does feel like it, and the can't really trade John wall until July first because of the fifteen percent trade kicker Zach Lowe, explain for us in an article today are they gonna move Bill. Are they gonna move wall? And eat the fifteen percent like what you see the future of this season for the wizards will be this is a unique dynamic because the Washington Wizards having all. All star back core in in wall and Beal, but the chess moves that they bet on was Otto porter. They gave him a hundred million dollar contract. Solidified a wing position when that player does it become somebody that performs at an off star level. And now hampers you salary wise you bring into white Howard to help at the hoop be a finisher give you some rebounded. Give you some toughness. You have one of the Morris twins who provides that as well, but cohesive unit for some strange reason, they're not able to get on the same page as it relates to communicating defensively sacrificing for one another offensively, and it has shown me that the parks don't fit. I love the progression of Kelly Oubre. I like him as a young player. They have so many guys that just haven't been game changers for what you hope they do. And it's not only about talent. It's about cohesion.

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Kelli Eggebrecht

The Cross Walk with Dcn. Kevin Endres

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Kelli Eggebrecht

"You're listening to the crosswalk with deacon. Kevin Andrews a show about living life at the intersection of faith, family and vocations, and now your host g Kevin. Good afternoon. Thanks for tune into the crosswalk. Today. I'm your host and Kevin, just really appreciate your join us here on the bear. Go radio network in this beautiful time in the summer in in northern Michigan here on the show today. I've got a great guests in the studio with me. Kelly Oubre is a new author of the book, the rosary, the bible on a string. She's also married a mother of four grown kids and a member of Saint Mary's of the assumption parish in Charlevoix Kelly, welcome to the crosswalk. Thank you deacon, Kevin, the malware amazed always impressed. I'm always jealous of people who authored books and write books. I, it's been one of those bucket lists thing items may be on on my list. I don't know if I'll ever get around. Into it, but I always do admire the people that take time to take their inspirations and write them down and put them into a book to share them with the rest of the world in the in the rest of us. But your book, the rosary. The bible on a string is not only authored by you, but also illustrated by you is well, maybe give the listener just a little bit of background of, you know, who is Kelly in what's been your faith journey and leading up to this point in deciding to to write a book well, like you. I have always wanted to write a book. And so after several years of seeing the Rozier with my husband, I started to see that it was a love story that even Catholics maybe weren't seeing. And so I guess the pitchers started coming into my head and that's what motivated me another, I guess, gift from the Holy Spirit was taking the thirty three days to morning glory class where. Where learned about Saint Maximilian Kolbe? I sat in that class that day and thought, how can I be soldier in his army? So little? Did I know five years later I'd be writing this book in the Holy Spirit just keeps pushing me pushing me along opening up doors, having things happen. So really for the, I mean, you're talking before the show since this thirty three days to morning or this consecration to marry that you did that. I've done that. I've done as well and really growing up Catholic my whole life and attending Catholic school, and then even even being ordained, it wasn't until that that consecration to Mary, that I think the meaning of the Rosia re kind of this. This deep connection to our blessed mother really kind of blossomed for me in sounds like I mean, it seems to be the similar similar story across the board when you talk to people who have concentrated. Themselves to Mary in just a side. Note on the assumption on August fifteenth, burger radio will be, we'll be consecrating Vega radio to our blessed mother as well. So we're excited about that. But you know, praying the rosary and use in. You had made a comment that you pray the rosary with your your husband and and tell us a little bit about how doing you know after so many years of marriage and raising kids coming together to pray the rosary. What is that done for? You know, from your marriage damn. Well, I'm gonna go back up to the consecration to Mary because at first I was a little afraid. I didn't want to make Jesus mad that I was focusing. I Mary, it's the same. You know, fear that other people may have, but I started to see that Mary her only focuses our son Jesus. And so I think quickly I lost that fear what it's done for my husband and I is I, it's made us just close. Earlier in our thinking and our devotion. And you know, everyone has trouble meditating while you're saying the rosary. And so the book has helped us because it's a scriptural rosary book. It's helped us to have that meditation in the the front of our mind. I think we're just more open to talk about our faith with each other. What? What was the? What was the process leading up to writing and illustrating than the book the rosary, the bible on a string after seeing that it was a love story. I was excited to do the 'lustration for our grandkids and our children to we with our kids we would during lent we, we said the rosary, not as faithfuls I wish we would have. So having grandchildren now I wanted them to to really see the mysteries and and be a part of it the way I was seeing.

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What is UConn Huskies getting in new coach Dan Hurley

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What is UConn Huskies getting in new coach Dan Hurley

"Good for him the wizards played last night the wizard lose again in san antonio last week is still eighteen nineteen ninety nine is the last time they won in chris webber era right along year but it's nineteen ninety nine and by the way he's been pretty good in that time they've been great the weirdest story of the year is leonard calbert cheney ben wallace hamilton roster treated friendly ike austin which is worst team was that was the old west until days gaas last west but not as gm has it somebody set now generally was like yeah lennon coming back they say i don't understand it what happened there is among basketball people according to will bond there is this notion that leonard does not trust the san antonio medical staff war gregg popovich and that he wants to leave do you know he's the best player they've got it's an odd store publish was universally revered by by me only one tom kelly oubre he said he was the goat last night after the game yeah i would trust what he says two semi around a long time see many school to some college basketball news looks like you are is dan hurley is gonna leave you are i and be the new head coach at uconn for a six year deal he will replace kevin ollie and like this because the way it setting the copy who was let go by the huskies early this month after fourth sub par season no that's not the reason.

Wizards San Antonio Ike Austin GM Lennon Leonard Gregg Popovich Dan Hurley Uconn Kevin Ollie Chris Webber Leonard Calbert Wallace Hamilton Basketball Tom Kelly Six Year