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"kelly clarkson trace adkins" Discussed on WIBC 93.1FM

"Kelly Clarkson Trace Adkins asked listeners and part of our halftime show the FedEx Orange ball. Wow. Now that is not the first time that Ashley Simpson has butchered a performance. Remember, she went on Saturday night live and I believe Jude Law was the host, and he introduces Ashlee Simpson. The younger sister of Jessica Simpson, and she's ready to perform her hit song, but it's totally going to be a lips sing, but the vocals track starts to play starts to skip and she freezes up does like a hoedown dance and walks off the stage. Take a Listen. You're going to hear the vocal track. Begin way too early. And she never says a word Once again, Ashlee Simpson. On a Monday way She does a little ho dance and Dances off the stage. All right, so 16 years ago, the booing at the Orange Bowl again, Speaking of college Bowl games, congratulations, the ball state. Fighting Cardinals of Ball State won the first bowl game in their school history by knocking off unbeaten San Jose. And not so much for Indiana and Notre Dame over the weekend. Notre Dame a game that We kind of figured they have a hard time with against Alabama. You know, the Golden Dome, Ear's against the mobile homers and mobile homers again took him to the Wood shed, although Notre Dame did cover Indiana, though, if you're going to run all that trash talk if you're going to run your mouth about being in the lower tier bowl game You gotta beat up pretty bad old Miss team. But all in all, pretty solid year for the Hoosiers on this date 47 years ago, 1974. President Nixon refused to hand over the tape recordings and documents subpoenaed by the Senate Watergate committee. That was 47 years ago. And every single year since then, Carl Bernstein has said, this is bigger than Watergate. Whatever the big scandal of the moment wants, a squirrel could fart outside of my house and Carl Bernstein right now would say this is bigger than Watergate. Look out. That was 47 years ago and 22 years ago. 1999 Jesse the body Ventura. Was sworn in as Minnesota's 37th governor. Did four years until 2000 and three. Here's the thing about Jesse. He was calling out the media before it was cool. Jesse Ventura was yelling fake news long before Donald Trump wants Listen to this little back and forth. He did on the Larry King show. It was just even tour. It was Oliver Stone. It was I believe representative Connie Mack. They're having a big discussion. And listen to Jesse Ventura giving the media a bunch of crap before It kind of became mainstream. Because the key to Oliver's film is not Hugo Chavez. The key to this film is the lying manipulation of our mainstream media and how they flagrantly lied to us, and I'm a person that knows the experience. Well, he's seeing an independent. You tell me what happened all of our meat this type of when How about when our media used to be the fourth branch of government are media was there to be the check of watching the other three? But our media today mainstream is not that Larry. They are bought and sold. I'll give you samples when I was an independent governor in Minnesota. I wrote at my autobiography When I got in office, the mainstream media accused me of profiteering. From winning that office. Wait. Two months later, John McCain comes through on a book tour and they herald his book. And yet because I don't belong to these two parties, I chastised Yelling at the media. Given the media the business before it was mainstream before it was popular before it was cool. Jesse.

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