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"kellogg will kellogg" Discussed on Applesauce & Horsefeathers

"Well. Anyway near you may pay Oh yes made ordinary fortified with folic acid B. Vitamins and iron. I did look about a little bit. Amy Continue on this. And then I'll tell you about Fordham eat the fortifying fortifying. Yes Lee fortify okay. No no but go PA- KANTER Antonio Antony anytime aware of free and you know to tell me about fortifying all okay. Kellogg brothers and company Johny now class. Oh wait no okay. So that's going back to the cheese episode if you remember gave so case though okay so a lot of this information I got from wikipedia and some various articles. And I'll mention those when we get to them. I guess so. Okay so I said okay so again you. Jeez the Kellogg brothers were Dr John Harvey Kellogg and will case Kellogg and fun. Fact my father's middle name is Keith And my brothers. Oh that's it was the thing my like to give your child your Middle Name because my dad is Edward and my brothers Edward Oh and then his son is Edward the the middle names my. Yeah I have Elisa's my middle name and my mom's And if I had had children and had a girl she would have been any lease as well. Aw Doc that sweet anyway so they found it. A health food company the Battle Creek Sanitarium Health Food Company in eighteen ninety eight but before then I tried to get this on in order the sanitarium sanitarium health food a health food company yet because they also did sanitarium like thirty years before or something but but this is just like briefly on the company briefly I say and then may skip a whole bunch just because okay so they produced foodstuffs for current and former patients. They merged with the cintas nut. Food Company also founded by Doctor Kellogg to become the Kellogg Food Company in July Nineteen O eight and they also sold old nut butters and meat substitutes in fact Meat Substitutes Yam Dr Kellogg was a big proponent of vegetarianism UNISOM even though it didn't have a name then and nuts and he might be the first person who created a version of peanut butter. But we're not sure that's interesting one of the first people at least yeah let see to to to to to. We'll get into that later. Kellogg Company of Canada published a book named a new way of living that showed readers quote how to achieve a new way of living. How to preserve tally how to maintain enthusiasm and energy? How to get the most out of life because of physical ability to enjoy it and it touted the all bran cereal as a secret to leading normal lives free of constipation so fiber so if yeah if If you're constipated you cannot enjoy life. Correct yeah this is correct. I I never really had a problem with it until a couple of years ago and Oh my God I suddenly got all the commercials and really really. I've never had a hit. Yeah it was just like now. I know whenever we've dogging him out that's funny. It was bad okay. It was bad bad. I'm better now. Thank you fiber and Oh will Kellogg. Here's a little fun fact. The non non doctor brother was the first to introduce prizes in boxes of cereal. Oh cracker Jack's Jag. Ah I mean that's not a serious. I adding I think prizes at the crash jazz. Let's see I have a lot more on the company but you you can also look that up on Wikipedia and this is going to be long if I don't okay so let's move onto will because by far and away. Dr Kellogg is I wouldn't say the most interesting but he's interesting so we'll get to will quickly. I like well. You're killing me breeze through this kind at this dockers that will Born lead sixty died in nineteen fifty one. He started out selling brooms with his brother. His his father was a broom salesman. And then let's see. He moved to Battle Creek Michigan to help his brother run the battle creek sanitarium. The kelloggs pioneered the process of making flake. Cereal cereal and will want to keep this a secret. But John Allowed any anybody any patience or workers in the sanitarium to to watch it and one of their guests was as we mentioned before C. W. Post. And so he copied the process and started his own company at which became post cereals and then later general foods the source of posts. I million dollars and will got pretty upset and he left the sanitarium and created his own company. And let's see. The brothers eventually argued over the addition of sugar on their product nineteen six will found at the battle creek toasted cornflake company later becoming the Kellogg Company. kellogs said and this is not. This is a weird segue so pause. Oh Oh Kellogg said. I will invest money in people and the Kellogg Foundation quotes him as saying it is my hope that the property that kind providence has brought let me may be helpful to many others and that I may be found a faithful steward and after learning more about him and seeing all the things he did I would say he it did will yeah will is a is a good guy. Here's one thing he did that. I found fascinating in nineteen thirty November. Nineteen thirty. I I have. I have the little news here. He decided the company would go to a six hour. Work Day because of the Great Depression would be able to hire more people Helping the unemployed so they did that. Wages increased twelve twelve and a half percent and then more men were hired to run the company to run the factory twenty four hours a day and put more people to work and and it worked and they kept that for a long time. I can't remember when it stopped or why I didn't. I didn't go into that but it went for a couple to a few decades trades. Wow that's yeah I might have. It didn't last until the eighties but the eighties. Basically when capitalism just kind of flipped and decided it was more important to make money for ourselves and our our stockholders or whatever then and then to invest in the people which is which is interesting. This is coming out now. That did you see that. A Bunch of Oh yeah companies. Were already that he had signed something. Saying we'RE GONNA get we're going to go back to investing in our people and the communities instead of the bottom line anyway So staff increased by twenty percent and shorter hours have benefited stockholders and work hours. So that's cool. Yeah so that was really great they also or he also founded his own foundation founded his own foundation. The W K Kellogg Foundation in June nineteen thirty so this was just a few months before he decided on the workweek six hour. workweek is not a book the six hour workweek or work dash six work. Yeah yeah there's some maybe it's a four hour has what is it. Some sort of thirty five hour workweek or something and everybody looks like we're nuts for having. Yeah we're not allowed to basically have less if less than forty. Yeah you're a slacker. Her and if you don't have like sixty and what are you doing yet trying to have a life. That's what I'm doing the four hour workweek that I've heard of that in a way I think that's like a thing for rich people I call. It's better for you like Oh yeah the resumes that actually have to work. Yeah we don't get that luxury anyway. Continue I guess we'd have to see what correct I have looked into that a bit. Okay so Kellogg Will Kellogg donated more than sixty six million dollars in company stock another investments commits to the trust which is equivalent to nine hundred ninety million dollars in twenty eighteen so the yearly income from that Trust Trust continues to fund the Foundation and as of the early twenty first century. We're still kind of there. The foundation is the seventh largest philanthropic foundation in in the US really yeah. It started out focused on children's health in Michigan and served seven counties in South Central Michigan It targeted targeted K.. Through twelve education and public health in row here. We go the role. CUERVO rural rural rural.

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