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"keller cox" Discussed on Keep Leading with Student Activities

"We've got an amazing amazing guests that you definitely want to stay tuned for but before we get to that just as a reminder. We are part of the texan podcast network. And we're all here to bring great stories and showcase all the amazing stuff that's going on this amazing campus and so with that. Today's guest is keller cox who is on his way out as being the head yell leader in his yell leader for two years but he also has an amazing story outside of all of this role that he's been in But with that. We're gonna turn it right over to keller so keller welcome on and how about you introduce yourself. Yeah well thanks for having me bruce name is keller cox and like you said the head yell leader here at texas am university on a senior so kind of on my way out here excited just to be a part of this. So thank you so much of course. So can you tell us about your journey and for those who don't know what does that whole yell leader thing mean. Yeah so you to be a yellow leader like if you don't know there's there's five of us on campus so five out of sixty plus thousand students in We are we are an ambassador to the university but also where we serve as a bridge between the athletic department and the student body so or athletics and the student body so we are at all sporting events so mental. Men's basketball soccer volleyball All the new student conferences the fish camps transfer camps. Your aggie coaches nights. Aggie moms clubs during the summertime. It's very busy gavin role and It's it's really gonna thanks. It's nineteen hundred. It's developed a lot but it's a great way to serve him university and give back to university. That i know that i and the other four yell leaders love and hold so dear so and that's amazing like you are a student and you're doing all this stuff. It's what two hundred events probably right in a normal counter year without kovic usually three hundred. Oh my gosh so you are this official ambassador for the university stewarding. All this great stuff going on. But how did you come yell leader. What how how how that happened. Yeah so to become a yell leader. It's it's a student body position so we we run with the rest of the student body in the springtime and Yeah so when you put your name in the hat and you see you see if you get enough votes. It's it's really It's it's not at complicated but at the same time you have to get enough votes to to have your your beer say i want. I want that person to be a yellowed. I want them to represent the student body. And i i wanna see them at all events guinness piped up and popping up the twelfth man so it it is a very crazy process here saying him and i. I don't know if you've ever having that you know the campaign season it's it is a it is a full-fledged campaign it's not just like you hold up a sign you have a whole team and you're trying your best to to show people that that you want to be the person to serve them in this role and capacity so it's a rather incredible commitment because you're running your team your matt. You have a campaign manager. Usually you're organizing people. You're speaking at events daily but what inspired you to want to be a yell leader just for context right so of actually. I don't know a lot of people know this. But i my mom went to t use. I grew up being brainwashed to think that the other school down the road was was the way to go and didn't know anything about him other than that. We're supposed to root against them on thanksgiving and then all of a sudden when it came. My older brother is name is cooper. He he was about these three years older than me and he was choosing colleges and decided to come to an Even in my mom thought it was the right choice for him. She just never knew anything about about the coach train. And the honor code that kind of thing are our core values. Excellence integrity leadership respect selfless service like that stuff. She didn't even know about that and so she was like absolutely. This is the right place for you. And then i. I began to learn everything about an and never known and kind of just fell in love with it and so when it came time for me to choose a school go to Am was like a no brainer. And it's funny because my older brother actually served as the elliott or two and so that kind of that was my first exposure to what in the world is is the leader. These five people wearing janitors uniforms Running around hype it up. Twelve man you know is totally foreign to me. But i got to watch my brother do it And then got an and and really you know i was. I wanted to like put on my shoulder like a yeller. Because i don't think that's the right. It's it's not that you want to be hiding your heart and and that when it comes time do that you you say that and so people would ask me like oh cox your your little brother right. You want to be a yell leader now. I don't wanna be. I mean i don't think so like you know i did kind of but Eventually came out for it and That's a crazy story in itself. Because i almost didn't want to do it and just knew i knew how. How much of a commitment it was and i was so involved already on campus that i was like i remember calling my brother today before it was time to go out for the core process to be a yell leader so the corps puts their five people and i was like man. I don't know if i want to do this man. i'm exhausted. I i saw it did to you because it's a grind. You know i. I saw the whole picture. Because i feel like a lot of times. People just see us a kyle. Feel the. There's a lot of other behind the scenes stuff that happens. You know as far as like you know doing other events and always being you know an ambassador being on. But anyways i the next day i you know was felt like i was you know it was. It was the right thing to do and Ended up going out for it. And felt like if i if i did it. I'd i'd be able to find you know the energy to do so and it was crazy and when out for and got selected and It has been a grind but it's something that i've loved doing. I feel like as i've made the most of my time at eight. Am in doing that. I know that's a mouthful. it's like drinking out of a fire hydrant. But that's of my whole story like not knowing anything about him to all of a sudden jumping in one of the craziest roles that knows everything about him. You know. that's our job. So yeah that's the whole story. And i'm sure we can talk more about it but yeah but it's incredible and it's incredible. You had that phone call with your brother the night before and near ready and balancing so many other commitments and other obligations and also you've family life outside of everything and i gotta say for those who don't know you were also you led the first ever livestreamed yell practice and it was at this time of coming back for the fall and there was a lot of unknowns the air and fear with ongoing things and i think he did a phenomenal job by the way of trying to instill hope and aspirations and trying to encourage the spirit of the twelfth man. Of like we've got this and we can do this by coming together. And so i just wanna say you did a phenomenal and.

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