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"keith kobe" Discussed on The Breaks

The Breaks

07:14 min | 5 months ago

"keith kobe" Discussed on The Breaks

"Your off. The monthly feature. Am I often monthly feature Austin. Monthly fee was right to Nixon article. We talked about already officially out Alpine. It's got a lot of positive positive reactions. Forgive me got a little bit under the weather so I'm not gonna I'm not. I'm not as long winded as normal sons Dan. It snowed recently. Oh Yeah No I was at work when it started snowing as was a little kid when we got a little bit of snow. Down here ludivine now. I'm just like driving this. That's what I was I was. I was filling in for Taylor and then he started coming in and I was like. This is the time you get at home because I really don't want to have to sleep at the station like I can still get home. I care about but I wasn't able to be on air last week because I had the flu so I get a chance to do my Kobe condolences but I didn't do any last week in either Idea play chief Koby but I didn't like go into legacy and all of that I was once we day Boyce me I can at all. I played the chief Keith Kobe. I'll play a little wind coby. So of course you know on the breakthrough music news. The recent passing of Kobe and his daughter G of course this the world large large loss of Kobe was so tragic a lot of times when we lose celebrities. It's something directly happened. Like with nipsy past. He was murdered. We're back past drugs. Kobe was killed by helicopter. So it's a lot of misplaced anger so Yesterday a clip came out of Gayle. King Interviewing Lisa Leslie WNBA player Hall of Famer. Lisa Leslie what was the initial interview. 'cause I missed what the initial interview you. Good Morning America that I'm saying like what. Why was Lisa Leslie being? I think about Kobe out like the whole evening had yet also was most like our Kelly doing clips they for some reason. The network decided to lead with the Kobe. The backlash started because of the clips released was Gayle King. Asking about Kobe's passer rape allegations and Lisa Leslie's subsequent answer to do it And people of course are automatically up in arms about it about Gayle King asking that asking you know. How could you ask you know? Hello Lisa Leslie. Who in my opinion answered it perfectly outside of the whole? I've never seen Kobe towards me. That that policy the kind of sound like Barbara Walter's talking about woody Allen snuggling but everybody else was fine snoop dogg jammed in with his his old. Well see now. Sales new dolls reaction was unmixed. I I get it in. And it's got a hold of them. Thought it was funny but like he could have responded and reacted to that. Totally different being being an elder statesman in hip hop culture. Like you handle that differently than what you did. Yeah he's Tuck until Buzi while funds. He reacted the way busey Oliver ax to everything for me and this is you know a sensitive topic the passing of Kobe. While it is it it still hurts and it's very painful. One thing I saw people say like why would which he asked Lisa Leslie that in time. She's grieving my question is when is a good time to ask the question. True if your argument is we should ask me live okay. What was his Gotama asked when he was alive when they they did ask about it but we just WanNa listening at the time? Was it a good time to ask after it happened. It was a good time to ask after his finals. MVP's what is a good time to ask so because this is a serious. It's a serious accusation. As a journalist list in Kingston steam journalist you can like dislike journalists. She she does have the right to ask that question to another woman and she didn't say hey. Kobe did it. She said how do do you feel as a woman about the allegations against him and unfortunately yes. That is a part of Kobe's legacy so I know a lot of people feel very strongly. You Bet it but we gotta be careful in that Roy motions blinders from you. Know the the some of somebody's life. Lebron James Chimed in entreated about it. And you know even chastise Gail. I was kinda disappointed Lebron for that because it's like Bro. Come on like once again. I know we're morning but your your act like Kim K.. Asked this question to something like and I felt like is it. I felt like it was a question that we all should have expected to be. act like you said. Unfortunately this is a part of his his legacy part history it happened. We all saw the news reports of it happening when it happened. We also going to court and Lee playing games. We all saw it so you Kinda Shoulda expect it to be asked at some point now you can feel with. You can feel like it's too early to as people still mourning but like if you see when is a good time to ask and as a journalist get with simply doing our job. Aw and like I said I watched gaels. I think you'd like facebook. Live in scream. Live and she was saying that she said that she's she said actually I about it and says she feels like it's time to move on and Gail said she agreed with Lisa Leslie and fought to keep that part in the interview. That was perfect Footnote footnote what a period at the end of the whole conversation. Like there needs to be saying I agree In so I just think we have to be real careful because US regardless of how we feel about Kobe we have to be careful about automatically chastising. People who do feel a way about the past allegation is called because there's a lot of sexual assault victims out there who are triggered by people looking them are defending. Somebody was accused of rape in the past. Did don't do that. Line victim shaming. Yeah exactly because just because you like somebody a lot you know or your fan of them and I also think Koby wouldn't want you guys to jump Gail that way now Like don't don't sit here and try to say you're doing this because you feel the way for Kobe Kobe. Toby wouldn't want it Kobe. Kobe was Kobe. Wouldn't wouldn't get on social media. Make instagram live video. Colorado name and being disrespectful like that wouldn't spend a lotta years after those After what happened to Colorado rehabilitating imaging did a very very very great job at it became very very good advocate for women's issues and rights. And you see how you know how he was with his family. So thank about that when you start running your mouth. How would Kobe once you react that way so they go? What would mom would do.

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"keith kobe" Discussed on Best Friends with Nicole Byer and Sasheer Zamata

Best Friends with Nicole Byer and Sasheer Zamata

11:30 min | 7 months ago

"keith kobe" Discussed on Best Friends with Nicole Byer and Sasheer Zamata

"Yeah because we WANNA hit the Purple Green depending on the time of the year. And where you are. It has to be extremely extremely cold. Okay sucks I hate the cold and I don't want to be just the most cuddled up human. Yeah I like being cold so I think the Northern League would like that. I'd rather be called them warm. I like hot. Yeah I WANNA be cold and then get warmer. I like back like a blanket. Blanket a blanket. No important very sweet to blankets on all your answers. I've got some shared commonalities walk. I love you to go see the Aurora Borealis. That me the right name. Yeah I called it. What do they call man? Andre Boorda Cello. Yes Sir okay. What is your favorite thing about Keith? ooh That's my favorite thing now. I heard he said his pillory butts all different answer. He's just such a fun loving guy he's just such a constant of ray array of happiness just makes me laugh and he's fun to be with and just just always positive that I like that too. What do you think thank? Keith's favorite thing is about year. I ask myself that I I have no idea probably that. Ah I'm neurotic mess. And that it I said neurotic right. Yeah he said I erotic erotic surely he means neurotic. Wow erotic messes I like that. More women in the world who describes herself I'm just who may describe yourself erotic mass thank you. Yeah thank you for them. My tinder under bio and are good. I'm in. I should've used that that time to figure out what he likes about me. But I'm so self-loathing I honestly couldn't tell you it is a hard question I'm May Have Confidence. I mean I think I am but why does he like me as a friend. Talk of I know shared jared experience history. I've trapped him with memories. We've we've gone through a lot together. Allah the guy did all that stuff with. It's very funny a trapped you. With memory I could ghost with an emory. He must be as though like one of the most important and things of friends especially childhood friends. Oh you're just all my memories because without you. I don't remember what the fuck happened in my life. I mean I don't remember anything so she is the one who really holds the card. Yeah this is true. I am your memory. Remember like where was I that day and I'm like you're right with me over her but then sometimes you don't remember member and I like it. Yeah it's been happening lately Having to brain maybe you've been hanging out with me too much. I think that might be hit. Honestly Louis Yeah maybe that now we have any memories it should be people walking the earth me and like I don't know I don't know about like okay. What is something that you do that? It drives Keith. Kobe's Oh so many things nitpick everything and like especially creatively were creative partners and so breath I will never not have notes on a thing. Okay and I nothing will ever be finished. And so that's that's probably the one and and I I mean I could go down that line forever do you like re Eddie is after. You've uploaded them since nothing's ever finish Konya yet. Once it's released it's released east but there is like Pixar. Movies are never completed. They're just released. I definitely feel that way about anything I've ever done like you just have to reach that. That was hard for me to reach the point where I just accept this thing is over and it has to go out. Having due dates is important for that but we have several rounds of notes on every video we release weather on the lead on it or not. You can imagine that I will come in with about twenty to forty notes on the video jam. What is something Keith? Does that drives Ukraine. I don't know he's pretty good. He's like he's like the most even keeled of us so like we'll all have our own. Little Pissy fits all the time and like he just Kinda. It was like our mom. He's just like all right he's going to take turn take turns rather let us take turns being the pissing one. What do I do the drives them crazy? What is something that no no I I know what I just ask yourself man I I mean I think he would admit this too? Sometimes I think he's really great at at. Here's a really great work ethic but sometimes there are things that he'll just like ignore and uh-huh and I think that has driven me crazy at times when of just like hey man like why are you not contributing an answer to this in any way whatsoever. UH-HUH I think he sometimes mentally silos out. Different responsibilities is because he hasn't have an answer or is because he is like he has an answer. But it's like I I don't care I think both sometimes he just doesn't have an answer if he doesn't chime in which some would say is an admirable trait but other times like there's definitely been times where I wanted him to like like. Hey I can't be the only one to voice this contrarian opinion I need you to jump in and he'll just sit there silently that's happened. Yeah I get that can again. That's a work thing and that's not a friendship thing. He's a pretty good person for to be a friend. Okay that's that is a true that can show up in a French. Yeah I mean I don't know if it has shown up in your friendship but like you definitely have an unresponsive Brennan situations where you need them to step up and say something. Like sometimes is to shear where she wants to eat end. She'll be like you choose but like you can just choose and it's like this whole thing when it's like I just asked you questions incorrect. Because I'm the one who starts the conversation by asking. Where do you want to eat? She returns with a question to the question is asked and says what do you want to eat but I ask her because I know she's very picky true and I would rather her just pick the place that she wants to go. Which one do better on survivor? Who Oh God? We would both sucks so hard. I think I would do better on survivor. Neither Review expected that answer. Do you tell me just met you but we disagree. Yeah we're like no no oh now you die on the flight over. So why do you think you would you better because Keith looks the most delicious everyone eat him. I I don't watch survivor but I assume that there's shows would elicit more sympathy votes John. He's big people. Expect him to be. I thinks survivor is eating people. Then everyone feels bad for one person and they and they raise them to the top to the top wins and then they they praise him as their maybe baby king. I kinda like this. Most monarchs are very weak. Hail hail very pace James lead easily. NASTIES okay what do you hope. You're both doing in twenty years. Oh my God in twenty ears. What do I hope we're both doing I mean I hope that we're still working together. if not all the time collaborating continuing to two. I know that he has a lot of musical comedy desires. I have a lot of scripted desires like behind the camera and so I think there are projects that it'd be really cool to work Kahan together in that way. We have one that we wanna make that only as a joke but it's called fuck fuck this up sexy turn sexy teen murder high school school and it's like all the cw shows where it's sexy teens in high school this all about murder but making that a musical straight yeah we'll watch teams doing badly take teams loved you and bad shit and singing. I'm on boy. Yeah Right. That'd be fun absoluteness. Sexy team murder high school. I think that's the the funny. I'm already onboard. Yeah Great Great. That's it that's it now. We're GONNA bring Keith back on it and then we're going to go over them questions together. I'm GONNA remember something. I hate about him in the next ten minutes. I'll figure it just comes right to his face flow. You know what I said. Hey you only know what you said about me so you say well. Things got pretty heated. And here I could infer some of your answers. Send them one bit about the survivor. One we're very shocked. I I had a long talk about. Yeah Yeah we had a long talk about things. That weren't questions. Maybe that's that's why Keith doesn't like about me as I derail things. No we'll get into what he doesn't use one of my answers. So yes both of you. How did you meet Keith? Said we met at buzzfeed. I was an intern. He was a fellow. We became friends because he was throwing parties. And I would show up early and help out Kazak said Feet I was a fellow started at a higher position than him. He also said that you have a lot of resentment for that at least of the group he needs to keep saying. I don't actually remember the meeting part just all of a sudden we were friends and we became friends at the beginning of. Try guys recreating the paper shoot about national others butts up feel like that's when we actually became friends was working on those videos. But I don't remember the friends a little before that because you would throw parties. I did throw some dope parties and I would go to those parties. I had this like big shared backyard with a bunch of other houses and told them hey. I'm throwing a party. Come if you want and then I got like bounce rent bouncy castles fucked fucked up and then later on a bouncy castle. It's fun where is this. Do you still live there. No I don't like three apartments ago. Okay sounds like fun. Can't we asked what your favorite memory from traveling together was Keith. said the most interesting thing is we went to Australia and Singapore for legends of the Internet. We went swimming the sharks at plug. And you fell down Zach and when you fell down you gently kissed his elbow. And then I do ever. That Zack said the solar eclipse. And I thought you kissed my. I can't remember.

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"keith kobe" Discussed on Motorsport Radio

Motorsport Radio

03:58 min | 1 year ago

"keith kobe" Discussed on Motorsport Radio

"Pros. We're just gonna wait. For Henry McCartney come up next alone. He'd been fourth spots still my she's a great writer to stay in fourth after fell off. It comes across holding four spot funding where as gonna be next up and restrained. Holy hottest finishes at the moment. Ribbon Britain eleven Aston dean alive as well. And twelve possession to come across line fan. Weather does pick up a heads of holy hottest fantastic right by both of them and coming into town bound to for seven sports as Keith Kobe Patty who packed up in front of Keating pain. Kobe pay fill the fantastic on kitchen paying rent the final op Charlie hunting and Wally Brady and ten ribbon and eleven and Aston and twelve unfortunately, we've lost from race Clinton Edmonds. Cameron sill on Gregg Marshall, it was a fantastic result. Especially for as you mentioned just over the line. In Folsom Kobe Perry started this race in thirteenth play. Yes. There were a few DNS along the way. But still good to see you making making all the right news or Pleat fields. So final race John for the AC forty pros this weekend. And they next time. They will be right saying in the coupon pricing British many bags championship round two at red lodge. We tend to separate the next batch of riders come out, which are the bite one forty and Moto team race the third. Final rises fall. These guys big Hello to Michelle cannot. And everybody else who's been in touch on our social media streams as well today. We you might you may if you're tuned in live on Facebook Twitter of twitch YouTube what writer anywhere, basically, you may see your name flashing upon the on the on the screen along with your your face Bishop just anyway, so says live radio coverage if you're wondering where the cameras were why because it's absolutely of course, also radio coverage together you add we're going to be running auto racing. But we've had some couple of so far that's weekend. From the PEX fourteen and moti, Ben Bailey pecking, both Rhys went so far that we can and the Bank one forty and Hudson cana-, Canada, you may remember that name head that name before he's been the super bag product over the years. And of course, I'm going to drop this fucked once again last so he was also the runner up and the two thousand eight reddish super. Bort championship. So Hudson Cana was Mexican amongst the cutback one four to class and reading the pasta racist quickly becoming by hero the way you're talking about. Anyway, the the sound of the pit by warm forty to- team class as they go full that green flag, WalMart laughing the while. I didn't notice that's charleena's bit was in his second place box does because he wasn't per. Ben Bailey will be starting this rice on pole position. Charleena's bay, Jim. Second position. Maybe he'll turn up at the back of the grid last minute. Maybe mafia bowls over will stop from third how cloudy and forth like and so do to starting fifth place only qualified that Jamie king from sixth place. Hudson Kenna in seven in Jackson. To lineup eighth-place Jordan Smith in ninth. Simon clouds in ten Scott, dude sin. Set to rally he qualified him eleven Mont Paula twelve. John Petit thirteenth Bernie Hokkien fourteenth. Sean Whitaker in fifteenth. Mike Collins, six Carrio case in seventeenth, Ben. Okay. Next to him in eighteen Daniel Gilbert ninetieth Neil can add in twentieth. Alistair can add twenty first what Germans twenty two Felix hood and twenty third.

Keith Kobe Patty Ben Bailey writer Aston dean John Petit Hudson Cana Rhys Henry McCartney Charleena Kobe Perry Daniel Gilbert ninetieth Neil Jim Cameron sill Scott Michelle Sean Whitaker Hudson Kenna red lodge Folsom