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"keith kelly apple" Discussed on This Week in Tech

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"keith kelly apple" Discussed on This Week in Tech

"Let's see where were we going? I forgot what I said. I wanted to talk about there's all sorts of news. Let's do some more apple news yet. We were talking about a texture can't believe him at a quote, the New York Post here. But they have a media calm. Pretty good. Keith Kelly apple to shudder texture for news app. Leave Android users out of luck may twenty eighth if you've been subscribing to texture, and I know a lot of you do because they were an advertiser for a long time. Apple's going to shut down those two hundred forty thousand subscribers if you're on IOS, you can just move to news, plus which is pretty much exactly what texture ones or if you're an Android is. There are Andrew. There are other choices I think, but I don't think they have the same number of magazines texture was the best like so many companies have tried this Owl's scripture magazine thing, and there's a reason apple texture the reason they built a whole service around it. What really was the best? Yeah. Do you like apple news? Plus, it's fine. Like, I signed up for the free trial and actually as we were doing this conversation. I remind myself to go cancel it because is perfectly fine. But I don't I don't really need. Magazine articles once in a while, I only really read magazines because I like the feel and I want to sit down with that long form stuff. I don't I it's on the web. If magazine articles on the web, I'll read it there. I don't need this whole other apt to deal with that. I feel the same way in the magazines that I really do want to support note support as opposed to read like the New Yorker in the Atlantic. I will subscribe to use their absence. Subscribe actually read the New York saying. Yorker app is great. I don't read it. But boy crazy go right to the cartoons to say, you subscribe. And that you know, the cartoon. Especially in our business. These days they're doing really good Technic tech company. Do they have good stuff? And so especially in our business. I feel like there is an article by Ken Oletta or somebody like that. I have to read at least once a month there's a law in their long. So there's a long form article. I wanna read in the Atlantic is same thing. I feel like there's especially for politics coverage Atlantic in the New Yorker, I I have to have those and then I pay for the New York Times, which is not on news. Plus, and I pay for the Wall Street Journal, which is, you know, the big beneficiary of news, plus in my opinion Angeles Times. It's a chance for the that's one of the things you get with the news, plus ascriptin real chance for them to get an actional profile. So cute things that stemmed out here. I is that I see absolutely no reason why apple won't release news plus Android. If you look at everything that it's doing recently is all about sevices, right? Apple needs services for its future. You know, they've announced apple TV. That's going to be on some some televisions. They've got up music on Android the going to have news plus on Android because why would you shut out hundreds of millions of potential subscribers to you'll.

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