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NHL - Free agency guides for the Hawks

Steve Cochran

02:15 min | 3 years ago

NHL - Free agency guides for the Hawks

"The way and duncan keith we have mentioned him he's number two so caller three one to nine hundred seventy two hundred seven i saw on the blackhawks instagram schmaltz the blackhawks instagram that donkey is confirmed for the convention oh yes yeah i don't think he's been there in a few years if you filed their instagram though they nhl blackhawks you can see the hawks have to go deep into the to the stanley cup playoffs again just for the duncan keith beard yeah when he goes shave and you're like when he gets that beard going your leg and that now we're talking and i hang out on the weekend ducks as i call and the hawks are gonna make news in the next few days because free is right around the corner and free agency means to potential for big name goalie maybe of corey crawford and possibly a big name defenseman and possibly a big name winger to scare the hell out of brandon saad play tomorrow because we're gonna talk nhl tomorrow hawks in a good position financially to make those moves as marion hosts off the books well not yet they're trying to find a trade partner to take the contract and kind of bear there's some teams that are nhl up analyze the teams that are playing better had done necessarily benefit the teams that are playing really poorly in the nhl rules need to be changed can change them tomorrow and gary bettman goes into the hall of fame by the way this really bettman at the draft that horrific of van accident that killed those hockey players in canada humble humboldt kids gary bettman came out to introduce a video tribute to them and got booed before the people me realized what it was how is there not a meeting before the draft goes eight commission you probably shouldn't yeah they got nobody to talk and truth to power in that meeting that's needed or if you're going to send them out put them in a humboldt jersey exactly now that's a great point all right what color did you say i said as because duncan keith is number two that makes total sense absolutely sarah you have in front of you a list.

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