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"keisha tone" Discussed on Biz Talk Radio

"On talk radio and just a very few minutes ago with Mica Ruth, and he's with primaries by the sea. Is that right, Tiger? From areas by the sea where Mary is by the coast. Serena Mike Serena, and there's a community in Los Angeles. That's where the family lives follow, Serena Serena, Serena says so again that take this program in any direction you would like to a Sfar ahs any questions, comments? What's happening in your backyard? Your front yard your side yard problems, questions. We'll do our best to answer them. And, as John said, so eloquently last hour released the last couple of breaks. We will eventually get to your questions if I like to get to immediately, you know, Theresa made a comment earlier about on her perfume area cuttings using Cinnamon. To stop fungal growth. Cinnamon seems to be kind of an answer to a lot of things. Well, do you remember when we had Bob Reed Miller on talking about succulent cuttings, that a lot of them they they do this commercially. They dip the cuttings and cinnamon before they plant. Frank. So it does have good anti fungal benefits. And I think we've also used cinnamon before Teo. Here in advance or keep answered. Bang his work, Tiger. You're researching something there. Am I being too nosy? No, no. I'm trying to read our email thread that we were going through before so I can catch way should mention also because you pointed this out to me during the break that those of you watching on Facebook, you can get closed caption on your screen in Tiger. You pointed out that it was on the bottom, right? Bottom right hand side and you click it on in your little settings window, right little settings wheel. John was amazed at how accurate it is. So if you don't you speak clearly if you don't have the volume on You watch. I'm watching. And still you know what we're saying is, as I watch it right there. You can pick it up on close caption by which, if this show is getting better all the time, just amazing every now and then we get a comment about how the volume's too low or they can't hear right or just something in. You've mentioned many times that all all you need to do is refresh your screen right and 90% of the time that takes care of the problem, right when I say just a couple of people or one person with an audio Problem and nobody else has that problem, just refresher screen And usually it does come back. But again, if you do want to set that closed caption, you'll read the closed captions on the left hand side of your screen, right hand side of the screen to a clique that on Awesome. I memorized all that target from what you told me. All right? So what is it? What is going on? Gentlemen, I I have a lot of other projects When I get home. I imagine John It's It's nothing but getting ready for the house to be built moving plants around planning plans, putting in trees that never need water. Things like that never, ever need water and again because of the type and I mentioned this in in the newsletter in the article that I think this is a problem around the country, but it's very difficult to find. Varieties of trees nowadays, and I think a lot of that has to do with the big box stores not carrying trees in a lot of the independent garden centres going out of business, where the selection used to be. So on these on these trees, If you want them, you have to grow him yourself. And I was so excited to find the company that I mentioned the previous hour. The seed stead. With their selection of African trees. So if you're in a dry area of the country, they'll grow in other parts, too, but definitely in those areas. You know that occasion variety, not the occasion, Ray the variety the occasion tree. I mean, just this week. I wanted to bring this up because You were talking about planting some occasion. One of our clients had an occasion. I think it's data file the shoestring, Keisha Tone three Good, substantial sized tree. I think it was in a 24 36 inch box when it was planted was kind of a willow here answering. Yeah, weeping kind of a willow appearance. Had fallen over on their property. And so I went out there I inspected. Get in inspected. It looks like a gofer head in half of the root system and falling over. But To the extent of the resiliency of the tree is that you know the other half of the root systems. Okay, the trees looking okay. Weaken water. We can fertilize. Hopefully, it'll come back and won't be too damaged. Re staked it and they're very resilient. Very hardy trees. Those occasions and I think, to the extent of what you were saying the problem. With unique trees. To some degree is people are always looking tio their plants or they're shrubs in tow certain spots, and not always can a plant be fit into a certain spot. So therefore, in the industry run into this situation where we have to have a compact trees Clean trees. Maybe ones that you know like here we were talking about with the chameleons are more dense because people want shade. They don't want a lacy look to it, But I mean, that's where you get a lot of the natural beauty from and it's a It's a bummer that you don't see more variety in Ah, in a garden. You know, I would imagine when you go into these places to assess where people want a lot of times. What they want is not the best idea. It's almost like looking at furniture place furniture in the house. The couch goes there. The chair goes here. So you're talking about people wanting trees Cable? I have this little area here with this little area to be filled with this or that or a tree, And it's like that's not gonna work. You're cramming too much into one area. John. We've seen this 1000 times. And I know every listener out there right now has done this where they go into a garden center, and they might ask for some help, and they say, I'm looking to put this Plant in this spot and the nursery professionals. That's not the right choice for you. You know, it's either going to get too big or too dark, or it's gonna have to much water and not enough war or too much sun. Yeah, or too much sun, and then the people come to think about it. That area's a little weather or a shadier or it doesn't get his. Which water and I'm like, I'm like, I don't know what you described it won't grow there..

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