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"keenan allen murray" Discussed on The MMQB: 10 Things

The MMQB: 10 Things

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"keenan allen murray" Discussed on The MMQB: 10 Things

"I think some sneaky big news that came out today is designated Ted gain as the guy to return from injured reserve, and what has stood out on film with the saints. The last few weeks is that they're not threatening defenses downfield anymore. Trae Kwan Smith we had high hopes for their third round rookie receiver and when he does show flashes or pretty intriguing flashes. He has not become that vertical prowess guy, though gin would give them that dimension the ability to stretch the field and then build your route combinations accordingly. We'll stretch in the field doesn't just mean run deep and throw in deep. It means presenting routes based off of those influencing safeties and then throw in at the fifteen to twenty five yard range. Yeah. That's where Michael Thomas can be very dangerous. We haven't seen that dimension as much with the saints. I don't know if get will be back this week over it's gonna take them a little bit more time. But they've. Gotta figure they gotta start threatening teams downfield again, they become a very condensed passing game. So they have the Steelers coming into town this week. We saw a couple of Sunday nights ago. When when the chargers beat the Steelers and what they did in the second half. Was they got all these you know against sealers zone. Covers it got Keenan Allen Murray linebackers constantly. I don't know. I I mean the Steelers sit in zone again considering they would have trouble matching up their linebackers on an Alvin Kamara in the passing game. Or what what did they ultimately do here is this game where you can sort of Michael Thomas's ability to be a chess piece is just the kind of thing that would give the Steelers fits? Yeah. Yeah. It would a little bit because the Steelers don't travel their corners into the slot. Michael Tommy is up in the into the slot quite a bit. The chargers and saints are pretty similar if you look at their personnel and the type of quarterbacks running the show, rivers and breeze are very similar anticipation passers outside inside intermediate level throwers you have echo Kamara for the for the chargers. And then the chargers keen announced Michael Thomas and actually LA's receiving core is a little bit better than New Orleans, but the chess pieces are similar there. So I would think the Steelers would want to entheogen defend the chargers the way that defend the saints the way they defended the chargers the question is now that they know that it didn't work. So well, if they had to play the chargers again, for example, would they defend them differently? In is that what will see them due to the saints? And I don't know the answer. I my sense is they'll play some more matchup stuff than they did against the chargers seems like that's what they go to. They get a little bit uncomfortable. Yeah. This is I don't know. I feel like this is one where the the saints maybe return to that. You know, what they did to the Rams or what they did to the eagles or or, you know, all these forty something point games. They were putting up earlier in the year. You have a chance to maybe get back to that those our worst defenses in Pittsburgh. Let's remember day. They are the Steelers seem has had some issues matching up with the opposing passing game. So they do have a pass rush that can make a difference when it's on though. So we'll we'll see they they'll have to they'll have to be up to the task this week Steelers offensively versus the saints defense might be James Connor might or might not be back. It's unclear at the moment. Again, we take on Wednesday night. What was your impression of Jalen Samuels? 'cause I I can tell you at NC state. Jaylen Samuels was a a Swiss army knife guy. But I don't think anyone really saw him as a workhorse running back. I mean..

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