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"Seizures even stroke. In in some instances a third reason is it's easy to study the is actually relatively simple compared to the cortex so we can put elektra login Ignorant here and we stimulated glutamate turkey down here in we can record that we can activate gabbard ignorant and record reduction in activity so anyway what alexis found was that i what she did. Is she major. The number of synapses along. Dan writes the part of the neuron receives information coming from another neuron so she simply counted. Not simply it's actually takes a lot of work but counted synapses and found that the two things one the diabetic nice regardless of whether they were intermittent faster than or running wheels in their cages. had look smaller number of synapses than did the normal mice. Then she found that the running we'll exercise and intermittent fasting increase the numbers in absence in the combination of intermittent fasting plus running wheel got a further increase in the number of synapses. Okay so that suggests that intermittent fasting can enhance the effects of running an increasing number of synapses between neurons. And then she took the other hippocampus from the brain and measure beat enough levels and i mentioned beat enough important for learning memory. It's actually also important pore formation of new synapses and she found that the intermittent fasting end the exercise. Each alone increased beating-up levels in the combination. Got a further boost obedient f- levels She did not find that. In the diabetic mice synapse levels came up to the level of normal nice. You know so. There was some beneficial effect. But you couldn't get back collect. They weren't diabetes diabetic okay. So that's one example then. The second example has to do with endurance exercise. And this work was done by a former post-cap christina morosi anna post back fellow akilah. So this can you see this yes. Can you see the whole picture i can. Yeah so this is about running grow from the lab about twenty sixteen or something anyway so the work i'm going to talk about now is done by. Keelan mold and christina morosi casinos. Not on here. She wasn't fast enough to make our eighteen. So celebs what they did is they took mice and they had four groups adlon sedentary these were all normal mice alim sedentary Them daily treadmill training for forty five minutes every day for two months then. She had a group every other day fasting no treadmill training and then the final group gloves taylor treadmill training while they're on every other day fasting for two months and then at the end of the two months they did a maximum endurance test so forty five minutes on the treadmill then every week they increased neither the speed of the treadmill or the incline so they're actually increasing the work for the two months so they did maximum berenson tests. How long can the mouth stay on the treadmill without giving up and they found that as you'd expect the animals that have not done treadmill training.

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