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"kayode l beckham" Discussed on The Herd with Colin Cowherd

"No. I d forge a real player. And they also have Chris Jones, and Kansas City is going doing the opposite of the jets and the Cleveland they're like, hey, we're moving out of these stars. Well, they did sign tyrant Matthew to to a pretty big. Yeah. He's very instinct if player tightening, and they need that. But I I also think that they they have a lot of people. They have to pay. Yeah. So they were going to have to move off of somebody. And I I like this move for the forty nine. I have a history of drafting wall. Kansas City does a good job finding talent. Yes. And and they're going to rebuild avenue defensive coordinator. They're gonna figuring out. Finally, Earl Thomas has agreed to sign with the ravens a few minutes ago. The deal is for four years and fifty five million dollars to launch Schefter locked for safety in-includes thirty million dollars guaranteed and twenty million in the first nine months, yet twenty tackles and three interceptions last year before the injury where he broke his leg. And the ravens were first in total defense last season. So this is. An improvement on being great. Yeah. They lost CJ Moseley though in Terrell. Suggs. So I think for them. This is in desperation. This is we gotta get some playmakers. I mean, they lost real playmakers on that defense. Well, suds is sexy older. But he's accused piece of that defense in Moseley's, a veteran obvious totally. Oh, they just signed Mark Ingram. So kate. So the the ravens moves make a lot of sense to me. So they lost top defensive players. Go get Earl Thomas more money that I'd wanna pay for safety. But I get it. And they just signed Mark Ingram. And I told you yesterday, I thought Baltimore navy and bell made allow sense. Lamar Jackson note this offense. Give me a ball control offense. You gotta play Baker in those weapons and big ban. You don't want those guys on the field. So I- Mark Ingram, and Earl Thomas to the ravens don't feel desperate. They feel like really smart moves of not only not great value. But great need. They need those two in your division. I write a joy with the news. Well, that's the news. Thanks for stopping by heard lie. You know? I I always say, you know, I like my quarterbacks to be boring. You know, my call my bore four Brady breeze. Russell Wilson Andrew luck. I like Jared Goff. I liked darnold. More than Baker Mayfield. I don't get the nonsense. I don't get the bravado. I don't get the cockiness. I'm a big fan. It is interesting though. To watch Baker Mayfield and Sam darnold as they entered their second year and see the similarities between the two it's really fascinating to me. And I think both are going to succeed in this league. It's going to be hard for Baker not to score a lot of points with an offense. But just think about the similarities between Baker Mayfield with the Browns and Sam darnold with the jets. First of all they both come into the league and finished below five hundred then they both second year have a new coach and both signed massive big personality. Big big Odell Beckham, lady and bell. Controversial stars. They both are franchises Jetson Brown's what a history of chaos ownership up down and make they make their own problems. They also earn division with icon ick franchises who are very well. Run Steelers patriots and one more thing. Both these acquisitions could implode. Kayode L Beckham has an injury history. And the giants got rid of him because they didn't love what he did do the locker room and Latvian bells been suspended twice injured once and I'm not sure he loves football. I'm not sure he loves football. I think he likes what football provides for him. And he's very very good. But I don't think in bells totally happy today. He lost fifty million dollars. He's getting ripped by everybody today. Also, Cleveland's got Freddie kitchens, a rookie coach now having to deal with a big GM an ego at quarterback owed L Beckham and massive expectations and darnold got Adam gays and Greg Williams and Joe vet big strong personalities in that locker room from the coach..

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