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"kaylin alan" Discussed on Ellen on the Go

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"kaylin alan" Discussed on Ellen on the Go

"I know. You'll love him. He's the most amazing human being really. Is You know for someone to achieve what is achieved and still being amazing person and to be doing what he's doing he's always been. I always gauging of how are people are two kids my kids and he has been so kind to my kids over the years. It's you know it's great to see him great to see him back. I know I know I missed him. He's he's a good guy and now you've probably just found fast. Didn't listen to that I'm back. It's Andy goode high bands to know that I love you and I want you to be safe during this corona virus scare and just remember I'm in your heart and your mind you know. That's a beautiful bar cringe. It's a beautiful sentiment and it brings up a really good point that there's there's a lot of information going out around the current a virus and also a lot of misinformation. There is leading to an incredible moment. This is the best that happened this morning with Andy last night. Who's going to tell us? Okay remember it I will never ever forget it. Oh so andy. And I are both native New Yorkers. We grew up on the island manhasset. I've never mentioned it. We've never met. Let me guess the street Park Avenue would be me but come on? You know the silver spoon but we get Andy's Andy's mother one is zero is still living in the apartment that Andy grew up in and my brother is all Jamie Jamie's just a couple of options with the corona virus. I'm worried right. And so our Allen so Alemanno Kaelin Kaelin who we love. Kaelin sent Andy. Text a text of a tweet announcing saying no not tweet. No it was just text. Yeah just at Ted Breaking New York City. Subways are all closed down but they will only close one at a time. Something Click on the attached Matt Map for the latest details right and then it said something. We need everyone to be careful and Please stay it look very official. So let's just unpack this for a second but right actually was okay. I saw the texts on these phone. Andy then forwarded the texts to us. It did not look at all official. Okay it's not a tweet. It's not it's just words with a link and then more words but that's the word sound like they're in for nine hundred and ninety nine people out of a thousand would do what I mary. Well the click on the link. Yet you WANNA know he wanted to you know. Let me explain thing Kaelin Allen. Who's been nothing but sweet nice to me. I'm thanking. He knows that my family is there. So I'm just GonNa cut and paste this whole thing explaining that you're not going to check it Kaelin's Nelson to my brother and my link here just going to send it to a minute of sending it to my brother and my mother my mother rights E E K and I go what. Subways grossed out by the subway. And then it's even on the TV. You can't take a joke in turn on me and then. Jamie my brother goes. Lol this is awesome and my mother then writes this is your distributing pornography. You're distributing pornography. What is she talking about? So then he finally after all that and he goes. Oh I better on what I just sent them and when you click on it. There is a man there naked with one of the largest dependable edge of bed. It's literally hanging over the edge of the. Oh my goodness I sent this to my eighty one year old mother out of concern and my brother that subways are closing in news. It was it. Would you say it was the largest appendage ever sent to your mother and and this all happened what I need to say here. Is this all happened with Mary? Ed and Kevin in the room so in real time it was so they're watching me freak. God losing my mind you know. There's not a lot of great news these days. There's a lot of like there's just. It's not a lot of great news. I'm telling you the laughter that happen your poor mother really. I was on my podcast to convey to listeners. The amount of activity that occurs on an hourly basis on Andy's phone the operation. That is good day long on. I don't know how he doesn't Freia has my whole life. It's here he has. It has nothing to do with you not having a computer. It is spectacularly about the number of people that you are interacting all day long and then no time to click links because you just like a forward this over here forward that over there. I gotTA start coming in here. I got over here to take everyone informed. I would doing it because I understand because I want to read this to my listeners listeners. Because here's the think Andy and everything that's going on is is genuinely well connected with real sources of news. People hailing people with real news information. Yes tell you think Kaylin Alan who who the last time. He texted me was because we were shooting something like He. We don't have this relationship where we joke around with each other and he knows might sound. You're not true. We joke around with each other on twitter. Okay.

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