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"kayla kai" Discussed on PEN America Works of Justice

"Crying Stop Crying Stop Crying Much time you got. Four months. Four months. I got four months. Trafficking illegals across the border. I don't even know why I did it. I need the money and it seemed like a good opportunity at the time. It's a little extra cash in my pocket to pay my bills and my daughter's school close. I'm here just because I need a little extra money. We all in here for just a little extra money. The kingpin SNITCH and they get less time. They rat on the little people in the prosecutor shows favor What am I supposed to say what I don't know nothing? He didn't tell me nothing. What am I supposed to say? Makeup names? Makeup lives like he did frame my. My own people just a take the heat off of me. He's already home now. Living his life in his happy little house and I'm here left to rot away by a capitalistic system that throws my people in the death chamber. Every time they get the chance with conspiracy. They are the conspiracy. They don't know everything they are not God. They tried to play God, but they are not. The crack laws were made to oppress us to hold down at throw a under the jail cell. They fled the black community with crack than sentence one hundred to one versus cocaine. That's because cocaine is the white man's drug. We can't afford it. It's too expensive, and then they're mad because I went to trial. Isn't that crazy? I get punished for my constitutional right for them to actually do their job and be the burden of proof I get punished. Signing no deal for something I didn't do nope no I'm GONNA do my time? I'M A- do. Lock my body, but they can't came to my mind I'm still free desks. You're locked up and you can't be free. I'm still free. I tried crack once. I didn't like it. Heroin was my drug of choice made me forget about all the bad things happened in my life. Home. Even they're trying to change. The laws now is because it's affecting the white people that is a hell of a drought, and it's everywhere all through the trailer parks in suburbs. That's the only reason they care now because it's their children getting hit with five and ten bits. Oh, now it's the problems now. It's an American epidemic. How much time did they give you? Forty five years. The guard interest in walked by the cell. Lights out. You. Inmates can talk tomorrow. The lights fade out on the sale. Kayla Kai. Lay Down in their bids in silence. Payload begins to cry again. At to. The lights come up on the cell Kayla is sitting in the bed with her knees to her chest, rocking back and forth staring off into space. her-heroin was raw has kept her up all night. Is Eating. Food off of a trae Taylor trade is sitting untouched on the small table. I looked over at Kayla and shakes her head and continues to eat. You're not gonNA eat that. Hungry. You going to have to eat something five on yourself is GonNa get you put in, say. What say Record Gatien? The Shoe Special Housing Unit where they put the crazies in this niches. I'm not crazy and I'm not a SNITCH. On just not hungry. Why are you shaking asleep? Last night almost punched. Do Athletes Somebody within here last night? The way will flopping around like efficient screaming like you had a demon in you. What's wrong with you? The medicine I take me bad nightmares on I'm still withdrawing from heroin. Why do you all do that? Do what that poisoning of Ati I don't understand. If a drug makes you sick, just come off it. What's the point? Don't you? Do Drugs make you feel better not worse? You never did drugs before. No and I never plan on it. Would you were here for drugs right? No, I'm here for conspiracy to sell crack cocaine, and because I wouldn't snitch out my boyfriend's family conspiracy the easiest thing for the feds to get you on because they don't have to prove anything all they gotta do. Get One person and informed or Snitch to say they saw you sell drugs or heard from somebody that you sold them drugs and they can convict. I never touched crack a day in my life. I was scared of it. Daddy was addicted my whole life and what he did to get a never wanted to be him, but growing up where acting from selling dope is the normal way of life is like selling tires and people always the tires. I knew my boyfriend's sold. It didn't think it would affect me. I didn't think I would come to prison for him. Selling Drugs I was in school I wanted better at out of the hood out of the life. But how was I supposed to do that without money to pay for my books or to keep a hoof over my head? It's an oxymoron to be black and try to live the American. Life Out of school educated then you'll get a better to have a better life. You can move into the neighborhood with the police. Don't roam the streets harass and everybody a place where you don't get killed for just walking home from the bus. Stop from a dude up the street or a racist pig cop mad because his daughter likes blackboards. Tried to do right. The opposite of what I witnessed everyday tried to be different and I still ended up in prison. Still fell victim to the game the.

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