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"kaye laterna" Discussed on Optimism Vaccine

"I want to know. This is another of these films from the paul's here where i can't really crack the resolution as to how any of it makes sense. How how exactly does ellie to win win. Bax let me break this down for you. Young elliott gould was the loser. Okay but but He he got into like that mary. Kaye laterna latino leg adult lady fucking child situation that tournament to a phenomenal lover combined with you know his his love of bran muffins which he shared with michelle pfeiffer they get married not even brand buffets their whole wheat. That sounds even worse. I okay so and pickles. He loves those to owning grow. Only in the bronx guys all lead the bronx baby. We got so anyways over the years it turns out even though elliott. Gould wants to be at architect. He's real shit drawer. Which i think is hilarious. And he is apparently spent like thirty years just failing as architect at being bad at drawing fox a hooker and then he talks he goes. He goes and he meets his old bronx neighborhood buddies in a bar. He's like oh my wife and my wife. We bang all the time. We have a great relationship. Let me tell you about my wife. And then she runs to him and says let me give you a kiss. And then they kiss and that's when they fall in love again in that moment because even though she knows that he fox hookers. She's yeah she saw he was fucking hooker. She's aware of this to her credit. I think this is it okay. So elliott gould. Is the fucking juice juice goblin to his family. The entire compete shit the whole time so as far as we know this is the first time he's ever said anything nice about anyone in his family so that that's how she knows he's turned the corner. See i feel like she had already fallen in love with him again and therefore rushed to the dinner because basically the marriage had seemingly ended what he fucked a prostitute of the middle of the decrepit war-torn bronx and eddie came homes. Look fuck you my dick's hard for whores and not you. Because you're my wife that i hate you ed. So you're like all right. Well this this go inside again. This is stephen. Paul writing about his father. Yeah yeah and then she after he goes he just leaves. He's like a meeting my buddies. Fuck you and she's flipping through his book and she's like look he's still drawing. He's doing these architectural drawings. Aren't they good and his son comes. It's like fucking return part and she's like yeah but the important thing is he's still drawing and i think that that's where she fell back in love with him. I guess it's important must must be confused. This feels like she falls back in love with them then and then she rushes to the dinner and the dinner. It seems like there's a point where we're elliott. Gould is about because everyone's telling but how hot his wife is in lookie was to get his wife is really hot and they all wanted to focus wife. And that's that's the standard topic of conversation at the at the dinner table and it seems like elliott. Gould is about tell them all that actually his wife silks and he hates her now and then he doesn't instead as ad mentions teachers starts long his ass off and that's an she cinly she'd like there's a hesitation she standing in the distance. She's looking at him. Like oh no is. You're gonna tell all of them that that he's a giant piece of shit who just doesn't love me. I didn't know he's chinese shit. Who lawyers to all his friends. And he's like that's my boy and she goes back to and it's happily ever after beautiful just fake wife guy posturing i mean. It's it's really weird. Because she knows that he doesn't actually feel that way and he's just trying to save face. Yeah it's funny because that scene is feels a lot like nineteen year old trying to convince his friends that actually like he's a stalled like there's this strange virtual voice through elliott gould's character which is probably we know where that came from. And jesus this whole movie like god. Everything in this is just moines numbing at the so plot about gathering scrap metal on the organiz biggest scrap metal whole forever and care about imagine. Imagine like putting together a scrap metal drive for world war two just to get pussy like that does not seem like a good trade off all my also. The whole war thing is hilarious to me too. I mean we should talk on. This movie is jesus. But there's one more thing. I want to touch on it. That is the new initiate into their gang of childhood buddies. Who's like a real nerd linger and they're like. Hey man you want to join into our cool group you have to get initiated. And then they just rip his pants alya and the only other time he's in the fucking movie is because elliott gould's like well. The war didn't even touch us out in brooklyn and and his wife's like what are you fucking talking about your friend killed. This show is picture like the barbershop. Did we see his body or something. I don't fucking care man all those. The elliott. gould is playing the earth's worst character. Which is apparently stephen paul's father and his portrait as some sort of romantic hero for that knows what. so so. here's here's the bad news for anyone to again here. Okay i'm just wanna lay this out The bad news about this movie is that if you are a michelle pfeiffer completion east or an elliott gould completed or indeed want to see david caruso film debut. He shows opening own credited role. You're gonna have to sit through this because they're all in their. This has a couple of light semi notable things. But i absolutely do not recommended. Say michelle pfeiffer. Hopefully as no recollection to this film ever happening certainly all. You won't a week from now. I thought you were going to transition with that. Said the bad news is this is not stephen boss. That's the next movie we're gonna be talking about. Let me paint a picture for you jerry. Lewis comedic genius battling con genius marty feldman genius sam fuller fucking genius merv griffin. Oh my got pat morita. Are you kidding me. Are you fucking kidding me. All of these john abbott to john. Don't fuck and sleep on john. Abbott and and kurt vonnegut all these great comedic minds in cinema and then you have Based on a novel by kurt vonnegut arguably one of the greatest authors of the twentieth century. And so you've got slapstick of another kind. Which is an adaptation of kurt. vonnegut slapstick by stephen. Paul made stars all the people. I just told you about and it is like maybe like the worst thing i've ever seen like as far as like theatrically released movies go i. I don't think it gets any worse than this. I mean i'm going to say. Actually i think this is the best of going to say and i'm also going to say that doesn't that doesn't mean anything. It's the best of the three end. It doesn't matter it's short and it's weird whereas some of these other ones are long and not as weird but.

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