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Fresh update on "kawhi leonard" discussed on The Dan Patrick Show

The Dan Patrick Show

01:17 min | 13 hrs ago

Fresh update on "kawhi leonard" discussed on The Dan Patrick Show

"Doug! You've been hot on this for the last hour plus yes, you kind of conspiracy level. Conspiracy theories that you believe like guy. JFK. Lone gunman. What you're saying I'm asking you cushion JFK. Oh, yes, sure I believe lone gunman! Yeah, the. Moon Landing Real Oh sure moon landings real, okay, yeah, CORONA VIRUS! It was a a five G. Creation. No, I don't think. Corona virus was created in the lab. Yeah, Oh, no I meant to. There's also people think it's a something happened to do with five G. Technology, but even though it's one hundred twenty countries in five. Oh, I see yes, yes, the the defy no I'm not believing that and the world has also round, okay? I'll give you that, but there are some conspiracy theories I do agree with those ones that you just happen to give examples of I. Don't give me one that you believe in. do I believe. What's a good conspiracy theory? I believe Do I, believe that Michael Jordan gambled. Yes, I, believe no. No I believe things that are in the realm of I. If you WanNa take a sports analogy for a sports thing for like do I. believe that there are certain things that are done to protect teams. When you know like for instance, the Patriots and spy gate. How the evidence that Roger Goodell destroyed probably would have been enough to ban the Patriots from the National Football League, even though it was I, think it was, but he did that to protect the NFL and I believe that he did. He did so just to do that because he knew the reality was going to be too bad for so certain things like that I believe okay Look I. Think the NBA will have legit testing legit testing. You know under quarantine when players I arrived, which teams are arriving? But I don't believe. I don't believe that they will be testing. They're stars once we get to the eastern Western Conference finals like, can you? Can you imagine like especially? The chances that they're sick or they're not sick. You know guy gets sick in the conference finals and you know he has flu like symptoms and he just Kinda plays through it. I it, it's and this is a I have no factual basis for this is just me thinking. Do they really really want to test in? have one of their stars test positive, especially star-driven sport like that? Oh, that will believe I'll believe that in a second I believe and they'll be able to say what's the plausible deniability? We can have if it does get out right because we're GONNA test all the way through the early rounds in the plaza, but we get to that point where the last thing you want to see, hey, here, come Lakers clippers, but of course no Kawhi Leonard and Lebron James Tonight. Is They have to sit out? Nobody wants that so I can see where it's well. We tested for the longest time just happened didn't get this one in. And maybe some of the players give a wink and a nod, and they go. Yeah, we're okay. We WanNA play WANNA play this series. Test me at the end you know. Test me now you know everything's good I'm good. Test me at the end or you know when you need to, and I can see that happening unless something winds up being where they. They can't keep a lid on it. which would get really really messy for the NBA? But Hey I've been in situations before where people think they can control messages and I'm sure the NBA thinks in that bubble they can control everything..

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Fresh update on "kawhi leonard" discussed on GSMC Sports Podcast

GSMC Sports Podcast

01:57 min | 17 hrs ago

Fresh update on "kawhi leonard" discussed on GSMC Sports Podcast

"For a little bit and switch over to basketball, as we are rapidly approaching the date for when the NBA playoffs are ready, and the NBA season will finish like I've mentioned before. A bunch of teams qualified for Orlando goal is to start July thirtieth they will be having a couple of regular season games, and then a plan tournament for eight seat in both conferences I believe and. And then we will go right into the playoffs with the normal platform. That's been going on. There's been some news about some NBA players recently due to the coronavirus, someplace of actually volunteered or not volunteered I should say have decided that they will not be playing whether it'd be for different reasons, health family just everything that's going on in the world, and you have to respect their decisions for whatever they WanNa do, but some of the big name players are Spencer Dinwiddie, who is unlikely to play for the Brooklyn Nets, which is a big deal. Honestly, that means they can potentially miss. Miss the playoffs of Washington could get their stuff together. Another big players Victor Oladipo who only played thirteen games this year for the Indiana Pacers. He decided to not return. He's decided not to return for the Pacers going into the Orlando Bubble because he just wants to focus on the health of his leg that he obviously injured last season, and that's why he's the reason why he's only thirteen games so far this year. He's a free agent coming up as well so that's a he's got a big year next year in the prove to everybody that he is still the victor. Victor Oladipo. We all know and Love Post. Traumatic leg injury so we're going to see about that and there's been a couple of other players Avery Bradley. Also I've talked about decided that he wasn't going to play for the Lakers and there will be more guys. The thing about the whole corona virus singing. The NBA is that this is not going to be perfect. There is not going to be perfect system for all of this. People are to get it in all sports, and it's just up to the each individual sports to figure out a way to keep on going. In the safest and most healthy way possible of course and the thing I've consistently said about this NBA season. Is it's going to be the toughest. I think out of all of the sports to really come back. Given to. How close corridor is the bubble? Everything like that? Baseball's a sport where everything's a little bit more spread out the NFL kind of thing that's. Almost like a business that's going to keep on chugging. There's a lot of backups in the NFL could replace guys unless like a star quarterback worked essentially get the corona virus, and then they would not be able to play. That would be a bigger deal, but it's going to be the hardest for basketball, and like I've said for the NBA will go as far as it stars. Go both literally in the face, of the League, but also in this playoff format. The MBA wants teams like the Lakers to win. They want the seventy sixers to win. In less of the teams like the nuggets in the thunder, they want that. Super Mega Star power to continue that way they capture the on and get as much ratings as possible. And all that being said I want to go through some of the teams that qualify for the Orlando Bundle. You know I've been talking about the NBA on the show as we're waiting obviously that July thirtieth return to. To the NBA The teams I've talked about the most are the Los Angeles Lakers Los Angeles Clippers on even the Milwaukee Bucks I WanNa talk about some other teams that have qualified for the bubble that I think could be dark horse teams to maybe win a playoff series or to potentially get to a conference finals. Maybe even an NBA championship. Some teams that I think are really built for this playoffs. Due to everything that's been going on with their team. And I think they could make some noise, so let's get right into a number one. I have the Toronto Raptors. We're GONNA. Go East and West. Let's start with the number. One the Toronto Raptors here, so they are these second seed in the east and I feel like a lot of people have forgotten about Toronto because they lost in the off season last year again. In my opinion, they are still a top three defensive team. The League I think nick nurse is a top five coach in the NBA. He's absolutely fantastic. They have guys that have completely stepped up night in night out past. After winning most improved last year is a candidate for most improved again. Because of how another jump that he's made this season. He is their number. One player also Fred Van Vliet has gone from kind of a fourteen point game guy off the bench to now a consistent eighteen to twenty two point score are night, which is absolutely huge. The also still have guys like Marcus saw some deep veteran roots and also know. Surgery, Baca. and not to mention they have the play-off experience. They are the defending champions and I know that's a sports Cliche, the whole championship DNA anything, but it does matter especially when there's some other teams in the east. Don't have that deep playoff experience including the Milwaukee Bucks you know. The the the Raptors beat the bucks last year in the conference finals for a reason and yes, one of those reasons work Hawaii Leonard but they know how to up against the honest. They know how to d against Chris Middleton. They've experienced the bucks before. They've experienced the seventy sixers before they have experience of playing these teams at their best, and they're still the second seat in the east, so I don't want to completely discredit the Toronto Raptors, I do think their one piece away. Away from just being right back where they were with Kawhi Leonard in the loss of Y, you know, maybe put them in that second tier of not championship contender like I. Put before, but they are the number one darkhorse team. In my opinion, that could make a splash. They could get a conference championship. Maybe even represent the east of the Eastern Conference finals if they had a good series against the bucks or something like that next up I have the least surprise team. They're obviously going to be good in the playoffs. That's the Boston, Celtics. I'm only saying this because I think some people would consider it a surprise if they made the championship over the Milwaukee Bucks, but I'm not going to be surprised at all. If at the end of the season, the Boston Celtics the twenty twenty. NBA Champion they are my Darkhorse team to win a championship. Some of these other teams I think it'd just make big waves in the playoffs like the rafters. Rafters maybe get to a conference finals. Some other teams I think could win a playoff series or two more than other people expect, but out of all these dark course teams I, think one of them has a real chance of actually winning a championship, and that would be the Boston Celtics again. They have your number. They have beaten him multiple times and the playoffs. They'd be in the bucks multiple. Multiple Times in the playoffs. It would not surprise me at all if the Boston Celtics came out of the east, they are one of the most athletic teams in the League..

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