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"katy kennedy" Discussed on Talking Sopranos

"Robin brother had a patient. Who was maybe two patients who were molesting kids and he recommended they re crime and punishment and turn themselves in. They did that. I don't know but all the supposed to as a psychiatrist even something like that. You know crimes committed you well. Maybe he was good. Maybe it was like either. You turn yourself in or i'm gonna turn you you know you're better off if you turn yourself in then if i do it probably reflects better on your case. Sure hope sure hope so That's what i heard. I don't know if that's a hundred percent true. I did hear that. She basically he's saying you know it's a great scene and it really is. It's really good sensor very honestly. Yeah she wants to hear the wishy. Washy self-help everybody's okay and everybody's a good person really and you'll work it out. And he just says no he's gotta pay for his crimes. You stand by him. You're gonna pay. And she also says child support and category in an apartment down the laundry list of what needs to be done and You know he ain't having. He's pretty harsh. He just met her pretty fucking harsh. It's a great great scene. He was great. He was great in this Really one thing you can say one thing you can never say is that you haven't been told over user with that great good stuff man really good stuff you know what you together so long. It would not be easy for get attorneys. Big mob boss. The house the kids that it's not so easy. Some people stay for years and years and years. She's a matter of convenience cycle. she's in. I don't have the fucking energy to leave him or her pocket and she loves him on some levels to. She's certainly does still love him. I think you know we're in the hospital. Juniors gang chemo. dr kennedy walks in You taking go carry this young man. Julius static he feels better already. You know shit going to work and we're going to go back to the operating room. A he gives them his home. Phone number gives him his home phone number. He's he was complaining until he sees kennedy. Then he perks. Up junior static kennedy knows a does the right thing because he doesn't want to visit from them the next time they would probably beat the shit out of him. I doubt if they oh yeah no no break his hand yeah heard him or really do something bad. Whatever soprano house. Tony arrives home. Camilla sleeping on the couch Yes if she's sick Everyone else sleeps all day. I thought i might as well too. He comes home in the middle of the afternoon. You depressed The d. called. I put us down for the fifty thousand and tony doesn't go crazy. He doesn't jump up. He says. I'll go as high as ten. That's it can I really told them fifty And she said tony sister you depress. She says in the division of labor. The that's your job. Great line. And he says she'll go go see the therapist she goes. That's rich usage. Just i go see a shrink And he's i'll still go yours. Blood money again. Fifty fifty grand. She figures i guess. Carmel is making the deal. If i'm going to deal with money at least make it benefit. My kids benefit meadow. Make sure she's in good with the dean in good with the college You know she's gonna and then he says. Will you want to go out for dinner. She goes upstairs in like the cycle continues. It's great to wear that blanket. It's a great scene from behind. The song comes back neal's laughlin. Some great songs are great. Great great episode. great episode. Certainly is some some fantastic acting sully boyer eating falco. Jim gandolfini dominant great. Great all right. It is time for the talking. Sopranos asked me anything segment the winner of our best question. Ama best question of the week is joe from fargo north dakota we will be sending joe a pair of bose headphones. Joe is in the witness. Protection program i think the fargo and fargo Joe s major characters got wacked regularly on the spot you to beat the odds and on the show for a long time going into the final season. What were your thoughts about the fate of your characters. And what was it like when you actually found out the final outcome of these characters that you had played for such a long time. Well i knew at least a year before what was gonna happen. I think mike forgot to the next to last episode. I mean he died in that katy kennedy episode which was right before the finale. I think oh no. Oh no i died. Ah bobby died. In the blue comet that was Which one was christopher died. And i don't remember. I no new. I knew what was going to happen the year before i knew it was going to be towards the end in the last bunch of episode. So you know. David told me way before And i thought it was a great idea. I thought it was made a lot of sense You know. I was glad that i made it to the last season. The last few episodes It was you know for me. It wasn't like i said i. I don't remember being worried. All the time that christopher was going to die be written off the show. won't because different. They needed you. You you basically the second after jimmy. You're the third lead. They they needed you. I mean that would be a huge hole for many it was colorful character. You when did you know. I found out you know in the well first of all i didn't.

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