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BOX158: Ghosts Who Wear Corduroy

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BOX158: Ghosts Who Wear Corduroy

"Quick Update before we start the show. Himalayas has extended the Thirty Day free offer on the box of oddities premium channel. Yeah so if you want to check out the premium neom contents in support the box of oddities in doing so you can check it out for free for the first thirty days using a new Promo Code Promo Code owed box you can find the link on our website the box of items dot com or your Himalayas App for a limited time. What follows may not be suitable for all audiences is listener? Discretion is advised the world is full of stories stories of mysteries curiosities join and Joe through Gilligan Tov for the strange shaw the unexpected as Luther Lid and obviously inside the box commodities so this weekend was the very first bonus episode this past weekend was our very first bonus episode that we issued to the freaks yeah. It's part of your premiums subscription so it's a great way to support the box of oddities when you subscribe to the premium content content on the Himalayas APP and you get some stuff ad free episodes episodes drop a day early for US bonus episode owed says we mentioned and during this bonus episode we had some news that we shared all it was new. It was news. WE'RE GONNA share it with you now and it's important. It's dog related you guys so you might remember a few episodes ago we had their. DNA testing done we sent out Willie's DNA and we got the results back and then we thought well this is really cool. Let's let's get banjos done as well so we did and we got the results assaults back so we're scrolling through banjos results and one of the things one of the features of the embark test is it shows you the other people people who are the other dogs whose DNA is listed in their system that have DNA match to your dog so like we saw Willie had a forty eight percent match to iota and a forty eight percent match to Mr Meatloaf in that's equivalent to a human relationship like a parent or a sibling so then we got banjos. DNA results back and we're scrolling through again and of course my favorite part is seeing the animals that are related to the pops because I get to compare how much they look like them be like Oh. This one looks just like Willie right among his brother and then I freak out and crime so when we're scrolling through banjos relatives we noticed Mr Meatloaf but it looked familiar rush it did and so I went back to Willie's results and Willie had relative named Mr Meatloaf. It's the same Nestor Meatloaf that they're both related to well not just Mr Meatloaf. There were like four or five zero four or five dollars so what we determined was the Willie Willie who came from Arizona and Banjo who came from Maine share family from the Wisconsin Illinois Area Wisconsin Slash Illinois their cousin bears the they're related and not just distant relatives. They're very closely related again like parent sibling type of relationship relationship. It's crazy well if their parents sibling with Mr Meatloaf then Mr Meatloaf was parents sibling too so it would be more really cousins. Some parents siblings okay. There's a there's an extra degree there. There's an extra will smith which by the way is another unit of measurement here on the box of oddities grilled grilled cheese sandwiches and will Smith's so that's the big reveal is that through Dan through DNA testing. We have determined that William Banjo are related even though they came from the complete opposite sides of the country anyway so just take a moment and sit down. Catch your breath after that news and cats going to tell you you a story. Oh okay so I wanNA talk today about Catherine Smith also known as Kitty Smith. She was born into you a Chicago. Family October twenty nine eighteen eighty to her mother and father were English people but her father I became a naturalized citizen of the US in eighteen eighty two. She had two older brothers and a younger sister emily so at the age of nine. Kitty's mother suddenly passed away and she was left in the care of her father and her father was not doing great he was having having a real hard time keeping one his temper in line and to his drinking to a minimum so drinking and temper right so often when they go hand in hand for for real now there are conflicting reports about what happened on. Thanksgiving Day eighteen ninety one neighbors reported that that Kitty had refused to do the housework that was left after her mother had died or she wasn't doing it to her father's specifications specifications Jimmy right right so her father beat her and then held her hands to lift stove until her hands and arms were burned so badly that they had to be amputated. Oh my God how old was she. Nine nine years old now Luder reports show that Kitty stated that what had happened was she was sent to the store to get booze for her father and she had tried a little herself and then when she was filling the stove the heat plus the booze to a nine year old body led her to pass out into to the fire so she was covering for her father. It could have been either way. I don't know physicians and surgeons said that the bones of her hands and arms were so badly burned. They amputated three inches from the shoulders. I mean you would have to leave your arms in an open fire for an extended period of time even crematory ovens. They have to bust the bones up with a hammer holy crap. I mean that's not saying that. Her bones burned down to dust. Just you know frame of Reference Okay. Yeah so the Humane Society of Illinois took took the matter up and arrested Kitty's father after a trial he was held the grand jury and the final trial in the spring of eighteen ninety you too. He was acquitted for lack of evidence so main society the people you adopt puppies and kittens from now. I don't know I think at that they they may have been connected at one point. I'm not sure sounds like maybe her father should have been neutered. I mean I think that that's the case for a lot of people but every time I suggest that people get all weird airborne birth control Emma right anyway so but she also had burns on her neck and her chest but they weren't that serious she was discharged from the hospital in February of eighteen ninety two. Oh so I mean that's four months in a hospital. Can you became a ward of the Children's Home Society of Illinois for several years specifically specifically living in the home for destitute and crippled children and it was there that one of the doctors Mr Greg took an interest in the story surrounding rounding her and as this time rolled around Kitty's father had waived any rights to her so the doctor created a an Education Fund for her it was called the Kitty Smith Fund and it proved to be six. S and donations allowed the doctor to bring in specialized staff to teach now armless Katie how to use her feet to accomplish specific tasks. They didn't call her armless. Katie they did knox walks cruel however even by nineteenth century standards when I was searching the web for her Kitty Smith Armless. I'm Lou wonder was how I found her so I mean it's not that far off so kitty became very skilled in writing with her feet she also I loved to draw and paint she could also play piano she could type she had embroidery skills and the Fund Soup Sup- I know like I can't embroider with my hands so she left in eighteen ninety six and that fund helped support court her it paid for her board when she moved to Wisconsin to attend public school it said that during her time in the home and in in school she saw people who she felt were far worse off than she was and she was grateful for what she had and the people who had supported reported her through her life so she had kind of this boundless gratitude and sweetness to her even though she had a lot of right eight to be angry so by nineteen o five kitties fund was exhausted and she was not eligible to draw from the state any longer her her family had all kinds of disbanded. Obviously her father was not in the picture and I think at this point he had died anyway. her brothers were low paid laborers brewers her sister had been adopted. She wasn't going to be of help to her. So Kitty resolved to support herself so she began to kind of humbly. Capitalize capitalize on her tragedy. She started selling drawings and pamphlets about her story. The pamphlets distributed were accompanied by I a return card. There was a little slot in the return card where you could put a quarter. If you wanted to help support her okay which is so clever and since she made these pamphlets on her own if Bri foot it was very inspiring what made and the optimism that she you showed and the determination it really did it got people engaged and they were happy to help and by one thousand nine hundred six she had amassed passed over thirty five thousand dollars in quarters. Yeah this chick was the real deal she wrote. I have never had a lesson in drawing or sketching acquiring the little knowledge I have on the subject by practice using a study which I place on the floor at the side of my drawing paper. I sharpened. Oh my pencils opening and closing the knife that I used to sharpen myself again. I have injured myself opening a knife with my hands and you've almost been arrested did it. Tsa A number of times right kitty was able to dress herself brush. Her teeth comb her hair. Do all those common tasks. She could also accomplish rush. Common household tasks sweeping mopping cleaning stoves etc amazingly. She could also play the piano as I said she could do semi-skilled skilled woodwork. She made bookcases desks and other furniture completely by herself. Wow beyond randolph. This kitties story moved people because of her attitude who she was so positive she was an optimist and she considered herself really really lucky in life so kid he founded the Kitty Smith company where she employed a bookkeeper. A stenographer and a dozen envelope stuffers are so and she she wanted to help kids with disabilities overcome the things that they were dealing with and she was using her story as a as a way to do that that she was kind of like a motivational speaker but she did not live in a van. Dome right largely by the tenacious and very persistent efforts efforts of Gracie Wilbur trout and her cohorts in one thousand nine hundred twelve through one thousand nine hundred thirteen on June twenty-sixth nineteen thirteen win then began being allowed to vote on presidential elections that scandaleuse as well as many other elections so in nineteen thirteen an estimated the two hundred fifty thousand women voted in Chicago with Kitty leading the way so kitty was the first woman to vote in Chicago Kogo and she did it with her feet. No that's amazing yeah so in a book she published She sold old reproductions of her drawings and embroidery all done with her feet is there is a photo of a quilt that she made all the pieces this is for which she cut and sewed herself and she wrote in that book toward those who've helped me in the past. My heart is filled filled with boundless gratitude and to you who helped me by buying this book I shall answer and say barely I say unto you inasmuch such as Ye have done it unto one of at least of these my brethren. Ye have done it unto me. She was just really great grateful. She he was grabbed. She was right full of Gratton. Yeah that's incredible anyway. That's the story of Kitty the Armless Dynamo who was the first woman to vote in Chicago so what else happened in her life. I mean you said she started her own company. Did that continued you to help people and yeah that's and that's how she made her living was by writing books and `and making art and showing people that you don't have to be bound by the parameters that typically we think you are. That's a remarkable story thought so and now it's not a very long one but I just thought she was so inspiring. I woke up this morning cranky because I slept on my hair wrong. I know and it was all on one side doing that. WHOO thing yeah and so how do I feel like a Douche as well. You should know that thing in the middle this thing in the middle weird wrong numbers that people have gotten number five. I got a wrong number. Actually it was a text one time time with a photo of a couple of little kids and it said something like just thought you'd want to see what your children look like. ooh number four. I get a few calls from several people looking for tickets to a Rodeo. One Guy called three times and on the third he said No. This is the right number the number three. You had an old guy call my family's house when I was in high school and before young up after explained he had the wrong number. He said you sound like a smart young a young fellow. Do you know anything about computers. I love it when old people call me smart young feller. That's what I want. My vanity plates say number two someone I'm was calling for a friend who had the same name as me. Neither of US could figure out what the hell was going on for a few minutes there I imagine that would be very confusing and number one my kid had called from his friend. Joe's house and said he wanted to stay there. After school and I agreed and then my kid walks in wrong kid wrong number. Sorry random kid. 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Dot Com slash oddities honey the smart shopping assistant that saves you time and money when you're shopping online. This is the box oddities in your mileage may vary. We get an email from will he said. Hi Katrin Jeff Throw it just listened to today's episode and I wanted to write you with some follow up two cats story sorry Theodore Donohue now. He was the guy that we talked about who was recently arrested. Do deal that's right now now. He hasn't been found guilty that he has been arrested for the suspicion of murder and apparently you will grew up just down the road from dill he writes his house was one. I always walked a little faster past and which gave off the Erie reaced feeling due to his reclusive nature. Donahue's nickname in my house was the turtle man as you can imagine this story has been the main topic of conversation in the neighborhood and hearing it on the box of oddities was delightfully surreal. Love the podcast thanks for reading. Thanks for sharing will no kidding. I WanNa know about got any encounters. You had with this dude over the years and screaming. I love that you live near to him. You could be our box bodies investigative reporter feel like if he had hung hung out with Dell probably he would have mentioned it but maybe he knows somebody who has hung out with Dylan had. Maybe maybe maybe it's the two degrees of separation to will Smith's them mm-hmm all right. Here's my topic today. It was actually inspired by one of your old jobs. Okay mowing graveyards. Yes yeah I knew it yes. I knew it wasn't gonNA be working at aim's which is a defunct department store. Yes you actually worked in a graveyard. Well several yeah for the town and you just mowed the lawn. That's right. What a great job. That must have been it was Gloria just had the place to yourself where you WanNa riding lawnmower now you did it by hand. Yes that sucks well. I mean there's a lot of INS and outs. It would be impossible to to manage a full cemetery on a ride on on lawnmower. You'd have to go in and do so much trim work that it would be silly anyway. So why not just do it right the first time that's why a lot of more modern cemeteries aries only have like the memorial stones that are implanted in the ground they call those places memorial parks as opposed to cemeteries series and it's much cheaper to get a plot in a memorial park because it's easier to maintain yeah. I would imagine for sure now while you were working there her. I imagine you know you never really mode at night. No no it was daytime work. Would you have mode at night if they asked you to. I guess I mean anything creepy ever happen. No never not once they were few places where because this was an old town like a small town and there were some really old cemeteries that that I worked at so there were some that were kind of tucked back into the woods and of those some went far back and then they'll really old. stones were way back and they were kind of away so there were some spots that were maybe a little darker. Parker during the day. Maybe a little cooler than you'd expect. They kind of have that quiet eerie feeling but no nothing ever weird happened. We'll these are experiences very ince's that people who work in cemeteries and graveyards had that were if not just creepy out and out unexplained explained and this is according to rancor one guy says that a number of odd experiences with our crematorium one such instance was in Twenty Twelve Elf following the service of a very large man roughly three hundred seventy five pounds. I got the retort which is the Cremation Chamber preheated needed while my wife set up movie for us to watch while the man was being cremated I use the elevating platform and then slid him in closing the door to the retort afterward in going to sit down now about five minutes after I'd shut the door to the retort. We heard a thump. Neither of US paid much attention but a few moments later there was another and then another I stood up worried that the men may have had a pacemaker still inside of him however it was unlikely because he had had all of his organs removed during an autopsy the thumping and the thudding got more hurried so we ran over and we looked through the front window of the retort and could not believe what we were seeing. The man inside was flailing about both of his arms and legs were bouncing around like he was in extreme pain now. It isn't odd to see parts arts move well. Somebody is being cremated. They're breaking down. They will often contract as muscles and tendons will snap yeah well. It's like you know a bonfire would burns it shifts. It moves there. I mean it's like anything else that Burns it as it breaks down. It's going to move he said but this was most decidedly not that the man's fingers were balled up in fists and he was banging against the windows and his legs seemed it'd be kicking downward as if trying to get out the man's mouth was open and first groans began emanating from within and then they ultimately became screams screams. There was no way absolutely no way whatsoever that he could still have been alive but for about twenty seconds after we'd gone back up to the retort the man inside the cremation chambers screamed and flailed his arms and legs about I mean did you would you have like opened it and and just to act or were you kinda like committed yeah. That's a good question. what would you do comes. John Key ONA's Probably I'd have to open. I think that my curiosity would I don't think it would allow me to just let it continue without investigating gating further yeah. I don't know I don't know what I would do. I think probably the right thing to do would be to investigate it further but I'd probably just go back and washed the rest of caddyshack which is nice I think now the guy writes that his family had owned a cemetery for nearly five generations and he said I've been working there since I was twelve the House that my family built on the properties about thirty yards back from the main office one night when we were kids my grandpa and my uncle were up late. Mongol happened to look out the window and swore to my grandpa that he'd seen somebody walking behind one of the trees. The lamppost illuminated the very first handful of plots and headstones on the other side of the road but at that point they everything was fine. It was nothing suspicious this going on. I could see my GRANDPA. My uncle stood at the window for a little while. My GRANDPA ultimately teased my uncle for being scared however when they woke up the next morning the police were there in the hours between when they looked out the window and saw the burial plots undisturbed which was about four. Am and the time they noticed the commotion. I'm from the police at about seven. AM seven plots had been dug up. The headstones were stacked very deliberately like a house of cards and and behind them. The caskets were top one another. I one lying flat the next one straight up then flat then straight up then flat Ah. I don't believe this even a little bit. How would you even manage that like most casket have rounded sides and they wouldn't stack that way. It's just physics he he says with basic casket dimensions taking into account that was about thirty feet high now he says even with Machinery Henry in the present day it would take at least a bit more time to accomplish just digging up seven graves but back in the fifties how this was done in one hundred at eighty minutes with no one that lived in the house right across the street hearing it is just it's it's impossible to explain or impossible or impossible to explain that's right. You've already said that he was there. You weren't there. You don't know the read it man no picture this another cemetery employee said that she was originally hired hired because the cemetery had a period of time where they experienced some people sneaking in to perform certain rituals she said. I was twenty one years old doing this as a side job with nothing to protect myself. I was given a barcode scanner and was told to drive through the entire cemetery every hour on patrol into scan. Each of the pre posted bar codes to prove I was actually doing it going through the the cemetery and checking it now. This cemetery was massive pretty pretty much broken down in three parts the newer part the historic part and the famous part where celebrities are buried did the routine once and never did it again. Going is is going so far as to break the Barcode scanner so I did have to do it. While I was driving. It was pitch black coming around a long curved road. My headlights picked up the sworn where a pair of legs walking across the path but only up to the knees shoes pants knees and then absolutely nothing I stopped in the road and just watch this pair of legs cross about ten feet in front of me what kind of pants though probably core Roy thanks so I think ghosts love Corduroy. I like the swoosh sound that it makes sure it's spooky. One day I was chatting with an old man in the Muslim and he was rambling on about his wife in in how her crypt looked so nice with the marble and such and he had his hand resting on the niche next to hers and he kept saying this is where I'm I'm going to go. After we parted ways I looked at his spot and he was gone in on the marble was his date of death which we only sandblast death dates after they've been entombed creepy that is creepy. Maybe it was like one of those wrong number situations where the guy was just confused and he was like this is where I'm going to go and it's like okay grandpa that could be maybe it wasn't even his wife he was visit. That's right exactly could have been a total title stranger in fact he might have been in the wrong cemetery. We don't know don't know don't know Claire. A different cemetery employee said one afternoon my coworker and and I were walking the paved roads inside the cemetery with a trash bag looking for litter. We came upon a particular area of the cemetery. Oh my God it was covered in vassal lean gene. How did you know did you look at my notes. You're all neatly stacked on gravestones ghosts. Thanks very horny. Ghosts we came upon one particular area of the cemetery. They had a lot of mausoleums and took the next lane around a corner that goes along side of of one of the Muslims as we rounded it. There was an older gentleman may be late sixties early seventy standing with his back against the side of the mausoleum just looking at the plot of graves nearby two things were kind of weird about him. He was dressed off. His clothing seemed to be out of date. He was wearing a papa accord roy jacket in eighty degree weather and one of those newsboy type caps long pants button up shirt but when you think about it a lot of elderly people kind of dress in out of update clothing anyway so I struggled off the second thing he had a coffee mug. He was drinking oughta thermos. Not a styrofoam cop with a lid an actual ceramic coffee fi mug that he was sipping out of right in the middle of the cemetery now. That's probably odd for some people but not for now not for you and me no not at all. I mean our both of our trucks. Trucks are full of ceramic coffee mugs. That's what I carry with me constantly. Do I have my keys. Check purse. Check Coffee Mug. Check back that was part of the design for that. that container you were going to build for the back of your vehicle was the store. All of the empty ceramic coffee mugs no plan for being a disgusting hoarder. It just happens pens that way so it's nature not nurture well that doesn't apply in any way here so anyway this guy standing there and his corduroy jacket drinking coffee out of a ceramic mug. ooh. Ooh Does it say something like. Don't worry be happy or world's best GRANDPA hang in there. I waved to him. He smiled and waved back. I kept walking. We only a few feet away when the other girl said that was a little weird and we both look over our shoulder back at him and he was gone. We stopped and kind of took a few steps back to see if he'd walked around the mausoleum but we couldn't see him anywhere. COUPLA days later we showed up for work and found one of the regular workers there. Let them know that we were there. Are we talked to him for a few minutes and I brought up seeing the old man by the mausoleum in the section the groundskeeper just kind of smiled and ask me. Did he have a coffee mug. We said yeah he said Yeah. That's our ghost. He's not really there so we pressed him for more information. He said that he's always seen that guy. In in that spot for years looking at a family plot always has a coffee mug always wearing the same clothes he said there is a grave for a wife and two daughters and the husband spend that he stares at do you think he was the husband or was he a love and he was staring at his loved ones grave and his illegitimate children listen while the body of the man who she was supposed to be committed to laze rotting and not knowing that his wife was A. Ne'er do well. Oh God I didn't think of that. That's maybe a time traveler. You ever think that that's true. We could be a time traveler at the time traveler or a Ninja. The husband's grave said that he he passed away in the early seventies and his wife and two daughters graves passed away a couple of decades before and the three of them had the exact exact same date of death the mother in the two daughters so they think that this this guy is their dad the spirit of their data bad or at least a residual haunting maybe for years he came and stood there and had his coffee and spent some time with his loved ones and it's still happening to this day or that. Woman was a dirty slot. Listen just because you're a slut doesn't mean you're dirty. She could have been a clean slot. No slut let shaming here anyway. It makes me want to get a job at a graveyard. That sounds really cool. It was one of my most favorite jobs. I loved it. Just the the piece of not having to talk to people. Would you like put your ear buds in and just mow the lawn. I WANNA job like that. It was Gloria except on a riding mower. I don't WANNA have to walk. You've you've got to focus on the quality of the job that you're going to do and that you can only get accomplished with a with a push mower. You did that today here. I'm exhausted said watching him o our lawn lawn today it was about I'd say four weeks overdue. I would say at least that I have mode once this year well well that was going to bring that up without sounding like. I'm condemning you in any way because I haven't motive all right you in years and years and the reason being I have allergies agrees and you sweet woman took it upon yourself to to do the the mowing and trimming oddly. You're not allergic to snow yet. You don't shovel that. I'm allergic. Coal them see the rash I get It's blistering out there. I'm just glad I'm not allergic to art furniture. I don't get Atta spent a Lotta time here. Okay 'cause I'm sitting in it a lot. Okay me bum would have Arash anyway. That's all I got for you today. The box survive on your phone couple times a week and we'll see on Thursday. Stay until then keep flying that freak flag Bradley Beautiful Free Watch out for ghosts in cord into slut ghosts the time traveling K. by so let it be known that the bucks oddities belongs to you and it's fee is in your hands. The box of oddities commits to the telling of stories stories of this strange. The bizarre leap depots expected we wish to over our deeply-felt gratitude and appreciation for your patronage. The boxer AUDITEES DOT COM on enthusiast book at FACEBOOK DOT COM slash box of oddities podcast on twitter at boss of oddities and Instagram at boxing oddities. Today's podcast copyright twenty nineteen all rights reserved.

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