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Chapo: Kingpin on Trial

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"kato casteel" Discussed on Chapo: Kingpin on Trial

"Air. For more than a giraffe to chapel sculpture in muscle on the night, July eleven Nelson fifteen his gapes a game. There's security video that shows troppo sitting up in his bed walking to the shower area of his cell and ducking behind short wall. And then just like that he's gone. He escapes again through a tunnel. This one goes from construction site about a mile away from the prison to right under troppo sell. It has lights in ventilation. There's also a motorcycle mounted on a rail which troppled apparently rides to freedom. For the Mexican government to exhibit all shop all we've got chapel. That was like a big thing. That's why when he escaped prison the maximum was so out rushes was very mad. Because why what happened? They chapel make them. Look like a bunch of us to bits. He hold prisoner. And then things get even weirder. The first interview that will trap those give and not in an interrogation room. And it goes to all people a celebrity actor, Sean Penn was able to connect with the drug kingpin after an interview was brokered between him and an actress Kate they'll steal a famous Mexican actress here it reportedly took place three months after the escape of El Chapo when ciampa was imprisoned for that year. So after Jew captured him he asked his lawyers in Mexico to contact the actress Kato Custodio who's one of Mexico's biggest TV stars she'd recently played a drug trafficker in a soap opera, and she also been vocal about. Saying that the Mexican people can't trust their government. She said on Twitter that she believes more drug traffickers, like troppo, the actress and the drug Lord began texting when the media finds out that this soap opera actress is in regular contact without troppo. They have a field day. It looks like a bit of a seduction. Oh my God. They said I had a relationship with a guy this mass media lynching was that sexualizing the whole thing. That's Kato Casteel on Nightline talking about her conversations which. Oh, it's clear from the text messages that troppo has a thing for her. And that she wants the right stays life story at this point. Kate is in L A, and she connects with Sean Penn she thinks Adan more star power to the project. They decide to meet El Chapo in person by this time troppo has been on the run for four months since he made his motorcycle escape so in October two thousand fifteen the fly down to sing alot and are driven to this house in the Sierra L troppo, they have a meal with him drink, some tequila and talk about the movie business. They go back to LA and just a few days later. The Mexican military comes in almost gets troppo and his out in the mountains. Then in January they track him to a safe house in loose Mochis. A town on the coast of seen Loa. Marines were the house at four in the morning. Chewed out launch of oh, chapel sky, man. L troppo and his bodyguard escaped through another tunnel and come out at a highway where they hijack a car. Dr speeding up down when they hit the federal police point chapel trust Brive his way through instead cops arrests early that afternoon. President Pena NATO since at a tweet in Spanish, which basically says mission accomplished we got him the next day Rolling Stone. Publishes feature story that Sean Penn has written about his meeting with El Chapo. So what do you think about what Sean Penn did here? It's a disaster of an article. I mean in it, Sean Penn writes about farting in front of L troppo. Well, it's an insult to the Mexican journalists who face death every day a farce. It makes a mockery of what Mexican journalists. Try to do every day. This whole thing ends badly for pretty much everyone involved. Troppo winds up back in prison and to this day. Kato Casteel feels like she can't return to Mexico. She's afraid she'll get arrested for. Associating with a drug Lord or the choppers? People will blame her for getting him captured the Mexican government said they'd been intercepting text messages between her and troppo. It turns out they were already on his trail. And the text just helped even Sean Penn seems worried about getting blamed for the capture he goes on sixty minutes claims in wasn't his fault. Do you believe that the Mexican government released this in part because they wanted to see you blamed and to put you at risk. Yes. They wanted to encourage the cartel to put you in their crosshairs. Yes. Are you fearful for your life? You know, Sean Penn and Kito castio turned down interview requests. And the editors of Rolling Stone also declined to speak with us. The did get Trump oh to tape video of himself responding to a list of questions, which is one of the only recordings of him that exists that video may actually be used as evidence against troppo during his trial in Trump was on a ranch he admits to being a drug trafficker, and he also says the drug trade is bigger than just him. And that it won't stop when he's gone. As a model? Look as. Copy all he saying when I'm gone, the drug trade will still exist. Nothing's going to change. In

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