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"katie sova" Discussed on The Science Hour

"Beautiful singing that and from an italian classic to modern pope we'll be looking at the rapidly evolving trends in musical tastes and the research that says pope is getting sadder each song has twelve features such as happiness or relaxed nece or dance ability so we were able to look at the trends in those indices in we found that for example the happiness index was going down considerably my studio guest today is bbc health and science reporter katie silva and you've been relating how long you're likely to live yes money and i don't want to but because i'm a stray leeann it's actually going to be a little while but i've got quite a fun little calculated tell you about that you can also calculate everyone can calculate how long they going to live okay we'll be having some fun with that in a moment but first to the outbreak of a bola in the democratic republic of congo now at the time of coding this program that have been at least forty five people infected and twenty five people on known to have died but the international community has swung into action fast with a visit from the director general of the w h o and confirmation that people in certain areas will be given an experimental vaccine will this be enough to prevent the spread of a disease which killed more than eleven thousand people in the outbreak of two thousand fourteen in just a moment we'll get the latest from bbc science and health reporter katie sova but first earlier this week claudia hammond spiked to helen brownsville a senior writer for the us health website stat she says people are worried about the locations of the current cases there are a couple of reasons for that one because which is being considered the epicenter where the hospital is is on a lake so it's a port city end the lake actresses out into the congo any vangi rivers which means that people from the coral will could get on a boat and travel widely and another thing that is a concern.

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