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"katie rescue" Discussed on News & Talk 1380 WAOK

"His stock his, his, his. His value his cachet. Can you imagine how Nigerians look at this guy now he did the unthinkable against the jogger nuts of the National Basketball Association. Not only what this does for his native country, Nigeria. Brothers and sisters. But think about for African Americans and African American general manager. Led the Toronto Raptors to an MBA title. And that's after firing an NBA coach of the year who ends up going to Detroit. He brings in Nick nurse his first year what year as a head coach. And they do the thinkable. They win at all. Boy, what a storyline. Also, the young man Sciacca them PASCAL comes that his name. Do you guys realize that is part of the NBA how they go to different countries to promote the game of basketball? Teammate serves the Baca was like. A big influence of Seattle. And now these guys play on the same team. They both won an NBA title. Wow. And then I think about Marco. Hasn't his brother paw. Has anyone an NBA title? Marcus, sir. So many different storylines in this game in this series in this victory. I think about cholera, how ticked off he wasn't how pe- ODI was at the general manager as well as the Toronto Raptors ownership group for dinning rid of Dhamar derozen. How do you think the Marta Rozhin is feeling right now at this moment? You'd have to think a part of him is happy for the city of Toronto and for his former teammates. I think about that. What else do I think about told you about the Jeremy Lin angle who used to play the hawks? How about Vince Vince Carter now even though Vince Carter place where Orlando hawks don't think Vince Carter rain up. Celebrate what's going on with the Toronto? Raptors is former team. I mean, wouldn't you spent so many years of your career up there, wouldn't you feel it? There's so many different layers to this. Who's the guy that played? That went to with LeBron James town Miami. He says retired you know what I'm talking about. He plays around for several years. It was the big three remember LeBron James Dwyane Wade. And the I'm having a mind Blake right now. Chris. Oh, forgive me. Somebody will pick me up four, oh four seven four one zero nine two nine. What is thinking right now? Right. What? What it's crazy. I want a burger I wanna I wanna built out. Gold leaves go. Why do I wanna go? Goalies go when it should be go. Raptors go. How about Isaiah Thomas? No, not that Isaiah Thomas. The original Zeke who went to Indiana who worked in the front office with the Toronto Raptors for periods of time. How's he feeling right now? Man, we're talking north of border. Do buffalo neans where the nearest NBA city it is the Toronto Raptors. To my buffalo people do they are they on board with the Toronto. Raptors. Are they celebrating this evening? So much to talk about four, oh, four seven four one zero nine two nine. Again, contact of the program, ten minutes after the hour twelve just talking about the astonishing victory for. Wow. For the Toronto, Raptors sound so foreign to say, let's take a phone call. She. Let's go to Cartier's Ville Chevy Chevy doesn't even sound right to save the Toronto. Raptors are NBA champions. It don't sound bad to say it. I mean you ramp to read our state. But hey. I like it. I like it. I like it. I like it. Thing about this, you know bring every game bonus play. I mean, they they have lose the whole down. But one son of mental that you got to keep in mind fleet role. Yes children yet. Yeah. And, and a costly time out that they did not have with one second play where Draymond green and. Who else a couple of cats Quin those guys are signaling time out when you didn't have a time out. Exactly. And that's a part of it. That's a mental. That's an IQ part of the game that you have to be up on. The college Chris Webber. Chris webber? Oh, yeah. Definitely. Look. Hey, you're reminded me of that. It reminded me of JR Smith. Remember JR Smith from all cavalier situation matters. But check it out, though. Do about literally I just named a couple of the storylines. But can you can you just a magic all of can you see all of the story lines that are going on right now at how many people's lives are affected by the Toronto Raptors winning the national championship. Mitch about them caught a vanity. Yeah. I know I love you. Of. You gotta. You like going to Richardson air. Yeah. Oh my God. Mcgrady think about trading him, Tracy McGrady, dude, I think about max Kellerman on that show with Stephen a Smith how he said raptors in six how he said that he said that from the beginning before the series. Raptors six I'll be what raptors six. No. So he going to have his sunglasses on the Merle feeling himself tomorrow. I told you. Hey, Chevy man preciado? You're getting in on the conversation man. Great nightmare you too. All right. Let's take another phone call Chris Bosh. That's the name that escaped me. Thanks a lot. Let's go with trae of midtown trae. How're you doing the Toronto Raptors aka Drake? The Drake Drake nights the Drake's raptors, they are NBA champions. How does that even sound? From everybody's saying I mean don't you think them? We can't the wrath had been a I b. The best four or five years, though hatred. The luxury run being out in the a trade check this out trae take trae check this out, though. You know it kills me when I hear people say, especially some of the pundits and experts say, well, if you're a two competitive, you're the raptors you would've wanted K D. You would've wanted you would have wanted all of their players to be there. No, you don't know you know you didn't. You want to win the champion. No, no, no, no. I want the championship look. I don't care how I get it. I just want to win if k D's they're great. If the eight they're great. I mean, we're gonna talk about it. We're gonna we're gonna continue the conversation going to make your point. Right. Quick man. Go ahead. Title. Man, I thought it mattered. Nobody will remember. Okay. Went down all play white down, critical moment. Jackie and I respect the why it really kind of lost last year. But it really showed you that he tried to monitor his injury, and he didn't let nobody on the blade and you see a on rose, revert Katie rescue have more and troll wall free money, you'll be. Macy's if you did the same thing philosophy. Hey you plan for final. Now you mentioned now if paid over emits an out that phone call we'll come back elaborate some more four zero four seven four one zero nine two, which one of these storylines affects you the most. You know what I'm saying that you the most is it is, Vince Carter's role. Is it is it Chris Bosch me with the team? You know, the general manager what are you most happy for out of the situation. Sports between Walker sports radio ninety nine a game in ninety two ninety game dot com..

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