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"katie brennan" Discussed on AM 570 The Mission

"McCullough radio. All right, Kevin McCullough. I'm gonna rave about this all day today. I had to get up early. And I needed to go buy my car Mechanics place and I needed to go to the grocery store because we were out of breakfast cereal and in parts of the Garden State today, it's ah teachers in service or makeup, Sno Vacation day or something like that. I forget what it is the way it's an extra Off day for the ankle biters. And so I needed to run over. Pick up some cereal. Grab a few things I needed to stop in at my mechanic. See what was going on with one of my vehicles. On and I left the house for the first time, and this was done on purpose. I've done this on accident had to go back. But I left on purpose without a mask in my pocket on purpose on I was very pleased to see that not only when I got to my mechanics, which was fairly busy this morning. We're his employees and himself. And and he not in a mask. But then when I went over to the to the grocery store, same thing, there are a couple of people, older people, and I don't begrudge anyone that feels the need to still wear one. But It was. It was almost like your favorite birthday or Christmas morning or said there was something very perverse about how much joy I was getting out of the fact that we didn't have to have a mask on today. A new day in New Jersey. Big day Did it come too late? And why aren't the kids enjoying the same freedom? Jack generally is running for governor of New Jersey and Jack. I think that is much progress is we've made for adults. I think the one thing I hear from suburban mom after suburban mom after suburban Mom is come hell or high water. I don't want my kids in masks after they returned to school following Labor Day, your thoughts Jack for M. J. There's no reason for kids to be in mass. Kevin on De everyone was shocked when Phil Murphy said even this past week that come September when schools open our kids we wear masks. Why This is not science. This is political science. There's no reason for it. We're gonna fight it through and through, And I'm gonna do all I can to make sure that come September when the school's open, Kevin Children are mass lists. The CDC has found for quite some time that kids are not spreaders of the of the virus. They're usually asymptomatic if they even get it themselves. And they are very, very poor transmitters of it for other people. In fact, adult transmission from a child is even with close contact over long periods of time. Very, very seldom. Something that even happened So you're exactly right. This isn't science. What is it? What? What is it being based on? This is Phil Murphy, believing that he's gotta prove that he can solve everything by controlling everything. It's unnecessary. It's irresponsible. It's failed leadership. Even over the course of this past year, when I was saying that schools should have been open, the data was clear. Remote learning doesn't work. Science is clear. The virus does not spread by opening our schools, and the reality is clear. Parents want their kids in school, and they want him in school without masks. Is this election in the fall going to come down to every parent who has a child in school versus the teachers union because that's what this debate feels like to me, And we know which side Phil Murphy is on. But the use do you see the battle lines kind of forming along that fault line I do in a way, Kevin. Listen, This isn't the first time the N J. A union leadership will be the Democrat. They're always with the Democrat. But I will. So this I've never seen a governor as conflicted as Phil Murphy because of his close relationship with the N J. E A. Yes, sir, more Democrats than Republicans in the state, New Jersey, But they're not stupid. They have elected Republicans in the past, Along with all the registered Republicans and unemployed, independent voters. I'm predicting they're going to do it again in November, and this is just one reason why. Well, there may be more Democrats than Republicans in New Jersey. But there are far more parents than teachers in New Jersey. And my plea with the governor immediately, and anybody who would like to be governor of New Jersey and the day's going forward are to have your primary loyalty to the parents of your of your state. They're the ones raising the next generation. And you should be doing everything that you can to empower them to do that to the best of their ability. And Kevin. It's easy to be loyal when they're right on this issue. They are very, very right. Let's not forget one other thing. This has been the most anti woman governor we've ever had. Katie Brennan rape allegations that Julia again Julian against the allegations about a toxic work environment on the campaign. Look, what's happened in Edna Mahan Prison are only women's prison in this state. Which has been coined a rape camp and also this by not putting our kids back in school. That had a disproportionate effect on women, because more than likely Kevin, who was the parent that had to stay home. Yeah, most. Yeah. Nine times out of 10. It was usually the mom know that it was the month and he's upset them and their rights rifle and being is upset as they are. He's wrong. Even if we dealt with masks, the state is in vast financial crisis. And we've got a big problem losing businesses to states like Florida and North Carolina in Texas. What does Jack generally do to attack that problem? And how do we begin to draw jobs and companies back to the Garden state? Having a week doesn't go by that We haven't lost another big company this past week. It was done in Black Street. You never hear this governor celebrate the business community. You never hear him celebrate people who are successful who are the people who invest and create jobs? I'm telling you this under Governor Cheddar Rally with regard to fiscal on economic policy. I've got to Two priorities and we will achieve them. We are no longer to be the state in the union with the worst property taxes, and we're no longer gonna be the state in the country That is the worst in which to do business and also to fax that's not rhetoric. Jersey is the highest property tax in the nation. And we are the worst state in the country in which to do business. We're going to die. A death by 1000 cuts 990 what's already been administered on the Phil Murphy. We don't let those two problems That's what I'm focused on. I know personally I'm.

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