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"katie allen hughes" Discussed on TalkRadio 630 KHOW

"Different controls because that fan again it's important to run at fan during and after a shower but you've got controls are going to do it for me we do yeah so we want you to run the fan for about ten minutes after you turn off the shower but not everyone remembers to do that so we do have several different controls that you can either set to run for a certain period of time you just hit the button as you walk out of the room and I'll run ten minutes or twenty minutes or whatever you want to do I like all these things become my brain very nice lord is website people can learn more about these fans yes certainly please said come see us see all the new products that are from New turned out com brown new tone dot com thank you much appreciated thank you Ernie given is nice and dry moat Freda love joining me now is Katie Allen Hughes with lumber liquidators will talk a little bit about flooring and me in there's one category in home improvement and remodeling and billing that's change morning anything it's got to be flooring yes there's a lot changing them flooring there's a lot going on what's new styles and colors and installation type can you guys went full circle I went to your booth together the floor of the year yes so we have a twenty twenty four of the year it was customer selected through a social media an email campaign it's a beautiful new stained hickory hill tavern in its solid solid wood that's old school in five inch solid wood we actually did a complete relaunch of our solid category we have forty five new skiers already launched five more in the making that will be ready by the spring there's nothing nothing that says comfort like a wood floor last forever right yes last man ever you got a hundred year warranty on that thing illegally yes we do main you can't beat that yeah.

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