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Trump taps Kathy Kraninger to take over consumer protection bureau

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Trump taps Kathy Kraninger to take over consumer protection bureau

"Thera bathrooms and medical facilities according to u s representative will heard there are four hundred beds out the temporary shelter but heard says federal officials are evaluating whether to increase that number two four thousand the department of homeland security says at least two thousand children have been separated from their parents at the border since the administration zerotolerance order went into effect in april for npr news i'm carlos what alice wanna president trump's loudest critics is taking the trump administration to task over the separation of migrant children from the parents at the us mexico border president trump as democrats for the situation instead of his hero tolerance policy but democratic senator richard blumenthal of connecticut says democrats aren't the bad guys here especially on thursday we should be terrifying families in supporting not ripping children away and then nearly demagoguing blaming it on democrats or anyone else when there is no law nearly six hundred african migra rinse at the center of the debate over immigration in europe have begun arriving at the spanish port of valencia then and talion coastguard ship the first to arrive and now the charity rescue ship aquarius has docked another talion ship carrying the rest of the migrants expected to dock soon that took the convoy nearly a week to travel from the waters off sicily after the aquarius was turned away by italy and malta president trump plans to nominate kathy cranach to lead the consumer financial protection bureau impure shannon van zandt reports cranberries deputy to mick mulvaney the director of the office of management and budget he's also currently acting as the director of the cfpb pb which he regularly criticised while in congress the white house calls crandon astonished supporter of free enterprise consumer advocates expect her to continue mulvaney deregulatory agenda the white house says the bureau has been plagued by excessive spending and politicized agendas the obama administration established the cfp be to protect consumer from predatory lenders and other financial risk shannon vincent npr news washington reza macedonia have signed a deal aimed at resolving a long running dispute over macedonia's name today signing ceremony was held after greek prime minister alexis tsipras survived a no confidence vote in parliament yesterday and from washington you're listening to npr news a candlelight vigil is being planned for tonight in kansas city for the two sheriff's deputies killed while transporting inmates from a court hearing the investigation suggests that one of the.

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