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"kathy hoagland" Discussed on WNYC 93.9 FM

"Talk about shared priorities in the indo Pacific region Later this afternoon President Biden will welcome the hit KPop group BTS from South Korea The White House says the president will discuss diversity and issues of discrimination against Asians with the ban You're listening to NPR news You're listening to double WNYC at 8 O four Good morning 78 in sunny now today's sunny and a hot 94 NJ transit Atlantic City in north Jersey coastlines have delays There is a crash on the queensboro bridge lower level westbound and a crash of the BQE westbound at Congress street and the news New York State is on the brink of implementing a micro stamping mandate for new handguns Governor Kathy hoagland state lawmakers are negotiating a series of gun reform bills in response to the recent shootings in Buffalo and Texas and the governor has made clear she wants micro stamping to be part of the final package Now if passed New York would gradually require new handguns to be equipped with the technology which engraves a unique code on bullet casings as their fired senator Brett Holman says it could help law enforcers solve more crimes Large numbers of shootings go unsolved and undeterred And this bill would help ensure public safety and I'd argue to prevent crime by identifying crime guns Lawmakers have to act fast if they're going to get it done their annual legislative session ends on Thursday Under a new proposed law local police agencies in Westchester county would have to report not only bias related crimes but also bias related incidents that don't rise to the level of a crime The reporting covers are litany of offenses as well as hate speech and disrespectful discriminatory behavior that might be motivated by bias but is not illegal Democratic county executive George Vladimir says the law is in response to a rise in bias incidents based on race religion gender sexual orientation and other characteristics he says the aim is to track understand and combat the hateful acts He's expected to sign that bill into law today The poor condition of Coney Island creek has turned the tide against a plan to build a ferry dock there Last week the city reported the economic development corporation is suspending the project indefinitely officials say sand around the site had shifted significantly and now would require dredging some community members had expressed concern that could stare contaminants They're pushing for the dock to be on the less polluted ocean side of the island the EDC says service to the oceanside would require building a jetty to protect ferries from the waves that would drive up costs for a transport system that is already heavily subsidized Taking a look at your forecast Now sunny the hot 70 a hot 94 today a slim chance of showers after midnight a low around 65 tomorrow slight chance of afternoon showers partly sunny and a high near 73 Once again 78 in sunny it's 8 O 7 in New York Support for NPR comes from ion television network lavar Burton hosts the Scripps national spelling bee finals live Thursday June 2nd at 8 p.m. eastern on ion Learn more at spelling bee dot com.

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