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"kathy guelleh" Discussed on WFAN Sports Radio_FM

"The stairs jackie robinson and i'm like jackie robinson this thing 19th sixty four and she says she is the first caller man to play baseball i'm like white but baseball's been around what is two hundred years old she they know color man couldn't play bolton 1940's ever like how and then you know the dan i should i didn't know and eased on reading story the budget rousing like oh my god i didn't know thereby knows it here note though the deal now but you know you're a kid you just like i like baseball i didn't yet baseball's been around for a thousand years what you're always been black poor play the seem everyday no no no it was and he just you know you take the logo he accepted and you move on and at some point you do you research i think i'm look wavell walk to washington to chaiman what was it that used to be the st john's redmond what you call now to read store you know certain things that you could say and do years ago unacceptable now and rightfully so for robert in red bank roberts you're on the fan what about the chicago on all black hawks why fox added a on that's i never is funny i've always heard the redskins indians um kathy guelleh's stands out the people complain about the never here i never i would i was in florida out by younger days the florida state seminoles on when he would say knew about the seminoles because it was i think they see every day only they always have those uh their spare on our how my right i thought the spirit you know uh the atalanta another went out yeah well that's somewhat the rich should do backed i think they had a back and then days they use those acted ira finished carla why quotient just go to tomahawks on the cross of bomb offs they have lamont they have them on their shoulder arthritis right on the shoulder associate should have put it on their on their thing well that's a that's exactly what us and we're talking about the hall of fame bill i know i thought i i forgot was off the hong what about fred mcgriff oh and hall of fame i i thought he would have been talk about.

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