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"kathleen rock" Discussed on Game of Thrones The Podcast

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"kathleen rock" Discussed on Game of Thrones The Podcast

"It way back when in the midst of time, this is bronze plot in life. Brad will forever be promised a slightly bigger thing. He sees as just enough to push him over the edge to switch allegiances. Like that is what Braun is or he's a mercenary. But the pyramids game. Schemes gotta stop somewhere. Lord garden. This is why loved it so much because he thought it stopped the river run. He's like what the fuck could you possibly offer me? Right. Double river run get out of here. And when he says, hi garden Broncos. Oh shit. You're right. That's double river. It's actually a little bit better. I'm kind of confused as to why Jamie is so opposed to it because I don't know what special place in his heart river, sorry, a high garden whole his. Upper class prejudice. Cut for it will never be Lord of the reach like again cut for it was more to Kathleen rock once upon a time, and you're sitting on it. Yes. All are you ever sat on it you asshole? So that's fair. But I think Tyrian knows broad better. Jamie, certainly. Then we move aria joining up with the hound who's on his way to finish some business in king's landing. Neither of them plans on coming back. That's the prising. I'm really surprised that Arias still on like a suicide. But no, I mean there there are a few names on our list and some are bigger than others. And like the biggest one of all see she's on a suicide mission. I just think she doesn't see herself, you know, essentially being lady in winter fell like not the way she wouldn't be a lady in storms in fishy. Isn't like Jesus, I guess, I don't know. I mean, maybe the. The are couldn't come back to winter film. Be whatever kind of woman she wanted to be is amazing to me. I think she could I was to like settle down in this, comfortable place. You know, like like never coming back. Never. She didn't say like live like I don't wanna move in with my dad, but I do visit them regularly. They're like you're never coming back to the north. Why the fuck would you ever want to come back? I don't know. I don't know. But I do love to see the REM Han roadshow back on. No. It's that's one of the coolest things this episode did. Yeah. Like that's of all the entertaining traveling road shows we've had like you've got Braun interiors up there. But how aria was very entertaining. It's unfortunate because I think this is all we'll see of the show. Yeah. With all the time jumps that we had in this episode. They're already at king's next time. We see and they're going to be on that that that hill that everyone stops on the overlooked. Yeah. You know that like, you know, right overlooks landing for sure, I don't think we'll see much of it. Yeah. Bummer. It is what it is. All right. So Danny watches, the gotta stop at an inn and he'd ever chicken on the room. They got finding so at least once. I hope so so Danny watches the injured rig all get back into the sky. And he he gets a moment to show off before his death. And then we move over to Terry and trying to convince onset to cooperate with Danny instead sauna use the secret John told her to try to convince him that there's a better option. And is this just makes perfect sense. Of course, sadza is going to try and get in dig her claws into.

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