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"kathleen heller" Discussed on KVNT Valley News Talk

"But again i'm not sure of a boot gloria allred it's always if there is a woman anywhere who says she's been wrong you can count on on gloria to to represent her and that she's uh successful added i am now if i mean an johnny she'd be the last one i call but that's the matter what you're looking for she she whiz kids i mean not always but she has a pretty good track rugby i think so i doubt about it this way i doubt i could afford or even if i was the right and center and i think that i don't respect their enough to higher than that's me um anyway i was just curious to know what's in it for these people long statutes run out um well they they cannot uh i'm not sure if they what damages from more if they want to make this a civil case i'm not really exactly sure what she would get or whether or not again uh she she could i suppose be doing this not everything but this pro bono or some women's could step forward and pay the pay the freight uh but uh presumably they they want something from roy more they can't get satisfaction and a criminal court so uh but let's electoral too good question i'm not sure precisely uh what it is that they have asked for i don't know that there are any in the civil charges that have been filed against more but that's a good question jane two kathleen in fond du lac wisconsin hello kathleen heller account i heard on the news um when i just got home a while ago and i turned you i bet um and whether this is right or not they said that the republican party of alabama was going to support judge more and that there wasn't going to be a right in candidate and um also as far as the signature now when that one woman had the divorce decree shall it was signed either um d a d a loyd martin roy board d a and.

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