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"kathleen bosnich" Discussed on WBZ NewsRadio 1030

"WBZ News Radio. Six degrees in Boston at nine o'clock. Good evening. I'm Suzanne saw Savell. Here's what's happening a vigil tonight for the twelve people shot to death in Virginia Beach yesterday. CBS's Natalie, brand has more four victims remain hospitalized and to illustrate how this tragedy has impacted the entire community. The medical group caring for the victim says that two of its own team members are among those who have lost loved ones. They're still trying to figure out the motive but police chief James survey. Ira says the focus right now is on the families of the victims who want everyone. We want the family members and the friends to know that we are behind them one hundred percent that this isn't something that's going to happen. And then suddenly, we're just going to go back to business. Kathleen Bosnich founder of the workplace violence prevention institute, says workplace violence is an epidemic homicide employees being murdered. In the workplace is the third leading cause of occupational death across the United States. President Trump has ordered flags to be flown at half-staff police now say a twelve year old girl kidnapped from park and Webster was sexually assaulted. The girl was taken from may street park at around four thirty yesterday afternoon and taken to Connecticut. All we know now is that the girl is safe Webster. Police say they'll have extra patrols near public parks. A chaotic scene at a move on forum in San Francisco while democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris was answering questions. A protester jumped on stage and pulled a microphone from Harris's hands and tried to talk to the Senator..

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