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"katherine hunt" Discussed on The Dan Patrick Show

"Chew on this friday and meet friday. I was out in spectating. The meet friday line up just to make sure tyler is doing a good job. Tyler course moderates chat chateauroux shana to chat row smoking. Meatball subs grilled brazil wrapped asparagus. Lot of meat mclovin wants another chance to plan. Meet friday and i said he's got to do something to prove to this audience that he let down when he said we were going to have tofu. It's called meet friday and you let down a nation mclovin. What if i give you guys. Some like order on wednesday night early in the week build up some goodwill. Well we getting said hors d'oeuvres hs. I mean i'm not gonna go out and gather and hunt this to stop and shop katherine hunt. Mclovin has to do that together. He has to do like a medieval meet. Bassett blood dripping down arms. You need to have arrows in your quiver or whatever. Go hunting to get back. I think so now. I know we go hunting. You an most dangerous game sign. Yeah and then you live. Then you get to plan the meet friday menu. Maybe it was the pandemic election. The sport needed to go anyway but a select committee is advising college football to expand its playoff from four teams to twelve teams. Now it's not going to happen overnight. Probably going to be three years. The fourteenth system apparently got a little stale. It took forever for me to go. We need more than just two teams. We went to four and looks like we're ready to move on from that. We always talk about well. Everybody makes money. Hey why not have. More teams more conferences. Three conference presidents and the notre dame athletic director. They got together and they said well. Here's our plan. And i was told the information was leaked yesterday so the the talk shows would be discussing this. There'd be articles written on this and this would allow the media to vetted for the select committee so then when they get ready to meet next week to vote on this you have a really good idea about public sentiment there but the four highest ranked conference champions would get a by. And i'm sure there's going to be the the top twelve in. But the fan base for the thirteenth team is not going to be happy if that's the worst case scenario. I'm fine with that. If you're the thirteenth team you know what you can blame yourself and i'm going to blame anybody else here. Father's day gifts. We've got it for you. You can go to dan. Patrick dot com t shirts hats. Coffee mug some great things and some special sales going on right now. Dan patrick dot com. He is a former college quarterback former college coach and currently he's a college football analyst for cbs. Sports the popular rick. New heizo is joining us on the program. Rick your reaction to the news yesterday. That twelve team playoff is not a question of if but when i'm In that choir thing ha luhya. They'll do we. We need this It's just not bama for ohio state or clemson's false. All they did was rise to the top of college football and they had a stranglehold on it because every recruit wanted to be a part of the college football playoff and those were the three places along the oklahoma. I guess but they never won. One of the games That you go if you wanted to be it and you know. I think it was time that we change the format that allows a little bit more inclusion Other places especially when schedules are not alike. We've got to conferences amongst the power. Five still are only playing eight conference games so if you're not going to have at least some measure of equality from a scheduling standpoint than probably. We need more spots and what. You're checking wake. You just talked about in terms of what it means financially. You're going from three games in the college playoff format out to eleven games the four play in the quarterfinal games. And then the three that we've already got maybe not changing ultimately going to lift the trophy but certainly give Or in the world of college football bite at the apple. Any downside to this I the only thing. I'm sitting here going. Is this a move towards better scheduled games in the regular season. And i'm not sure that it does that. I don't think we've we've now put more onus on you know the alabama's of the world to you know travel to los angeles to play usa. I think that the one off games are still going to be where they'll go that money game like they've got with miami to start the season in atlanta this year. I don't think we've got anything to force the issue to get the home and home games going. Although there is a lot of those on the books In advance years so fingers crossed. That will get there because the college football fan deserved that. Well what about notre dame notre dame is not going to be in the top four. They're in a conference here. And your checks for buck was on this. I know they're outlet director. So i don't like does this push notre dame to join the acc and maybe tax for greatly. Here's hoping that's exactly what it will do. I mean you can't have looked at last year's year the one off time in the acc and say that that was unsuccessful for noting that was absolutely a great year for notre dame and the fact that they were in that league. I think help them get to a place where They were going to be part of the college football playoff. They were absolutely going to be there. And you know the play an acc schedule of power by schedule. I think help them In some ways now. I know they've got a you know a motorcycle where they wanna travel far and wide. You know touchy portion of the country. in the notre dame mission but ultimately maybe this is exactly what pushes them over the edge. Gets them in the acc. And i know that we have a lot of blowouts. There's going to be blowouts. Because there's a big difference between clemson alabama and indiana or coastal carolina. Are you okay with that. That the the optics of this is going to be all you know what. Why are we having these games. These are blowouts and kind of embarrassing. The playoffs i. I'm first of all i'm thrilled. That we've now got a assuredly that the group of five is going to be include at least one group of by champion will be in the hunt for this and start college football seasons as we have in the past with really no chance zero chance as dean warmer one set and zero point zero When you when you have season to start sideways. Something's wrong with the system. So now we've got at least one the potential for two should they Ah conference champion. Come from the power five. That wasn't enough but ultimately that that's all good news. I don't worry so much about those blowout games when p. great teams you know we're on the field that happens it happens in the nfl Periodically and it will happen again. This so i remember back that george oklahoma game in the rose bowl the overtime thriller. I'd say we're going to have more chances at that. Because what will happen over a period of years as this begins. His there will be more spreading of the great players and they great talent in the united states. They won't all just go to the top three places knowing that there are more chances they get to the playoffs.

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