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"Another heartbreaking loss for the Mariners. Here's Tom Butler after the Mariners took the lead, thanks to a solo homer by Kyle Seager and an RB by Lluis Torrens. It looked like Seattle might be able to take advantage of Boston's loss and moved within two games in the American League wild card race. That's before usually reliable reliever Paul Seewald gave up a two run home run to Alex Bregman in the bottom of the ninth to tie it and in the 10th inning, Carlos Korea drove in the winning run, and Houston comes from behind to beat Seattle five. For the series wraps up at 11 a.m. our time today. The Huskies still trying to regroup after the last two Montana Saturday head for Ann Arbor, Michigan tomorrow yesterday after practice tight and Kate Otten says the team has a good attitude is a press forward getting ready for the game. I mean, we had a great practice today. I'm super impressed by the response of everyone in our locker room all of our coaching staff and and we're all moving on and more super excited for this opportunity Coming up this week. Michigan has 6.5 point favorite Saturday. Five oclock kick on Como four. The Cougars will host Portland State in Pullman, at three Gonzaga basketball coach Mark Few cited for driving under the influence in northern Idaho, said he exhibited poor judgment operating a motor vehicle after consuming alcohol. He apologized for what he called the hurt caused to those most important to me, my family, my players and my program. He was sighted on Monday night, and the Seattle storm have now won two in a row after hammering the Washington Mystics last night one Oh 5 71 sports at 10 40 past each hour. Tom Butler Common news. It's 5 42 right now we'll check traffic and weather for you coming up next. Adopt us kids presents multiple choice parenting. Your daughter just had her first break up. Do you a put yourself in her shoes? How could he do this to you? And for Sheila? She has split ends Be console her. Sweetie, This is going to happen a lot. Four, maybe five more times before you get married. See, Take charge. Got to get this all straightened out. Keep a little talking to man to man mano a mano. Hey, Steve. It's now a good time. No. Okay. No problem. By or D help her.

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