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"kate swan" Discussed on WCBS Newsradio 880

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"kate swan" Discussed on WCBS Newsradio 880

"You what the walkers say Dow futures are down two hundred points there are still concerns about the corona virus more so in other countries than here some New York lunar new year events are being canceled a spokeswoman in flushing says we're just hearing concerns about having a large public gathering rents are now rising faster in a lot of close in suburbs than they are in the city apartment list says rents in White Plains Porchester Hoboken in west New York are all rising faster than in the city the Wall Street journal reports that established Manhattan companies the were afraid clients would not follow them to Brooklyn are now moving to Brooklyn to the Brooklyn Navy Yard in industry city for lower rents and easier commutes for their employees Kate swan of blue Slade marketing or lived in Chelsea so that wasn't an excited about moving to Brooklyn but I'm enjoying it it's like discovering a new city the W. C. B. S. Bloomberg Land Rover tristate business indexes slightly lower for the year now the big stocks today will be Tassler Tesla had record deliveries the average price the model three fell to forty eight thousand dollars and Microsoft which keeps growing did well Facebook is lower though because they're growing more slowly and spending a lot more but Facebook advertising revenues were up twenty five percent of wal-mart's cutting so me karma's jobs in Manhattan they say it's because new brands they've developed here being folded into Walmart but there are questions about whether Walmart management really can make.

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