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"kate maillots" Discussed on Newsradio 950 WWJ

"Your high Saturday seventy three complete AccuWeather forecast is coming up as meteorologist Dave Samuel. In the city. We are looking at some cloudy skies. It's sixty four degrees. WBZ news time is nine. Oh, three mystery. Need course after what is believed to be human remains found. Police were called to a vacant lot on mill street where bones were found around noon. Investigators hoping to confirmed by Monday that they are indeed human the investigation is ongoing. Governor Snyder says the state will no longer ask job applicants and people seeking certain occupational licenses to check a box if they have been convicted of a felony these John Hewitt has details. The goal according to the governor is to encourage those formerly convicted to re enter the workforce, the move applies only to state job applicants at this time. But Mr. Snider has made no secret that he hopes private business owners will follow suit. I want to show what we can do. And I'm hoping to get a good response from the private sector and other jurisdictions that want to do that. Because if we build momentum that really opens up the opportunity to say, should we talk about legislation as a starting point? Let's be good role models which show how it can work. Well, and again, I'm encouraging every private employer every public employer out there to join me on this. The governor is also ordered the Michigan department of licensing and regulatory affairs to remove all criminal history. Questions from license applications, except when required under state or federal law. John Hewitt, w w j NewsRadio nine fifty. It's one of the top complaints from employees, not getting paid overtime when they are entitled to it. My LeBron's is an employment attorney with gold star lawn. Troy a lot of people contact us who are working overtime working more than forty hours a week and not getting paid one and a half times. They're ready to pay for that over time. Attorney Kate maillots with gold star law says some employees like teachers doctors and other professionals and supervisors not entitled to overtime. But that doesn't apply to all salaried workers. But a lot of people are paid on a salary basis in getting overtime who as a matter of law should be getting time and a half for hours. They work in excess of forty hours a week. It's not a decision the employer can make there are legal guidelines on this. That say if you do these things where if you don't do these things you are entitled to overtime mad says you can't be fired or punishment can complain about overtime or harassment in the workplace rod Allen. And Mario in Pemba for the remainder of the season will not call Tigers game for Fox Sports Detroit scoring to a statement for the cable station following this week's reported physical altercation between the two men sooner or later, they're going to need to talk about what happened Mario and rod or probably going to need to speak publicly about this somehow if they want to. Continue working for FOX here in Detroit, or maybe get a job elsewhere, and broadcasting sooner or later, the public the fans the industry is going to need to know what really happened man Friedman co-founder, a PR firm Tanner Friedman calls this a balancing act between the legal interests of Fox Sports Detroit in the public's desire to know, exactly. What happened? According to a federal appeals court, the university of Michigan violated the rights of a student by failing to give him or a Representative a chance to cross examine his accuser more than that. Here's NewsRadio night. These Jason Scott the man identified as John Doe was accused of sexual misconduct against the woman at a fraternity party in two thousand sixteen ddo agreed to leave the school instead of facing expulsion now following two years of litigation the sixth circuit court of appeals declares public. Universities must give students an opportunity to question their accuser. Jason Scott's w w j NewsRadio nine fifty earlier this week a car slammed into a road commission for Oakland County, truck and m five then again today, a car and in fifty nine Waterford sends barrels flying and workers scattering Craig Bryson is with the road commission for Oakland County. He says lawmakers in Lansing have done all they can it's up to the individual. Drivers to pay attention. I'm not sure that legislatively. There's anything they can do. I mean, we're certainly open if the any idea, but there's nothing in particular that we have come up with the legislature. Could do we just we just want to implore drivers, please, please please pay attention when you're in the car? No one was injured in today's incident. But a person remains hospitalized following that incident in five earlier this week, fines and penalties are increased in road construction zones..

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