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"kate delray" Discussed on Elvis Duran and the Morning Show ON DEMAND

"It was it was a how can i say holiday in fifteen minutes away so no no. No reason we stayed there was because we went as a group like a you know a baseball group and so everybody stayed at the same place so did the hershey. Properties are extremely fabulous. That's stayed with that sad. You're retrieve tap hanging out at the seagate. Delray beach coming up for you after this today. Show elvis duran on demand attention. Everyone found free show posted every day. Searching elvis durant on-demand only on the radio app. Elvis duran in the morning show. I party girl voice to rain in the morning. Show all right. We're about to get into your free trip phone tap. We want to give you three nights actually. Three days two nights at the c. Gate delray You can actually go online in book yourself your own vacation on your own without our assistance and we can get fifteen percent often breakfast and a resort resort fee. Taking care of. I'll get into that in a minute. Hey the milk crate. Challenges baffling me. It's been a couple of weeks since they started doing this right. Well since we're since it went wide. And i just don't understand and and to be honest. I don't i could not tell you if anyone has succeeded with the great challenge. Because i don't watch i can't watch them anymore because it looks like people are breaking their necks. Rib cages have been destroyed. Exactly here and then everyone around them starts laughing and kicking the crates around like it's the strangest thing. It's so not so people have succeeded. I watched one guy roll a blunt the entire way up and then down and he made it but the chances of success seemed far lower and all these people are acting like if they go to the hospital. There's room for them right now. There's not stop messing around. Now toss somebody. I saw somebody almost succeed but then somebody kicked the crates off from under them. And i'm like no no that's not fair and that's mean you see you guys like i said you got much further than i watch them and i mean to call it. It's not really a pyramid of crates. It's it's just a different different height levels. Whatever right staircase looking up announced staircase. Yes you go up one side and down the other and most of them fail it from what i used to watch so anyway. So is anyone out there like planning on getting some crates together or are you collecting them. So you can do this with your friends. That's my other question. i dunno. Everyone's getting all these crates from. But if there were trampolines on both sides. I would love to try it just to see if i could actually do it. That's not the same. I know but i don't want you know. Overload the icu. At the moment. Or ever. I mean even without a pandemic going on you know. There's no pandemic. I'm i'm looking forward to breaking a bone and go into the the er give them some business. What did you see the other day. Nate okay so i hope this doesn't turn into a challenge and i'm not sure if the video is old but this guy's holding a straight ladder lean up against a house and he's holding the ladder and climbing the ladder as it standing there and then let's say it did not end. Well i mean. I just hope that does not turn into the next challenge. He's holy a cirque du soleil routine but he's holding ladder street near climbing. The thing using his body saw that video. It's all in balance. I guess yeah yeah scary. I've studied the configuration of the crates. Study at a distance physics. I think that's why so. Many people fail the higher. You go in the air the less the less balance you have. Where when you get to that pinnacle one and then you start your descent. That's where most people fails when they take that next step and i just your body. The weight just goes down. The rule is what what goes up. We'll come down and there you go. I love people who are really dig into. Let's really study the physics and the gravity inertia show in anyway so please. I don't think it's going to end well for you we we. Bcc please consider your milk. Crate challenge desires all right. Let's get into the free trip phone. Tap rain in the morning shows free trip. Phones have yeah for groups of friends and family looking for a private beach. Getaway the seagate. It's an incredible luxury hotel in delray beach. Which is really the hottest new area in florida as you know. It's not new but it every day we hear more and more of our friends who are saying. Yeah we're going to delray beach. It's an amazing property to seagate. Delray is really cool. And if you're caller one hundred few moments during the free trip phone tap. You're going to win your own trip three days two nights. We'll take care of all sorts of stuff for you absolutely and if you want to book your own you can go to seagate. Delray dot com and they've got packages called the c. Stay scary packages scary. He's going i think next week. I'll be there friday front four or five nights. It includes fifteen percent off in this package. Continental breakfast fifty dollar resort fee is waived. Here's how you get it. You go to seagate delray dot com and then you use the code elvis in whole world of ck. Kate delray beauty comes your way again. That seagate delray dot com and use the code elvis. When you're checking out all right so three days and two nights at seagate be a one hundred right now. We'll take care of your effort as well if you're having a call to win at one. Eight hundred two four two zero one hundred the free trip phone tap. Who does today scary. David brody here we go phone. Elvis durant phone tap email coming to us from adriana errands. Mother adriana is playing a phone tap on her daughter. Erin all right. My daughter aaron was driving to work. The other day at a huge tree fell on her car. And now there's a big lawsuit with the town where it happened. The town is accusing her of damaging. The car herself and faking a tree accident. She has pictures of the tree on her car. They still don't believe or they think that my little innocent daughter erin caused the accident with the tree. They don't pay a penny. She's waiting to hear back as they investigated further. Why don't you call my daughter pretend to be The the officials from the town and say you don't believe her story is a big liar and you know and we'll take it from there. This come to us from errands mom. Adriana david brody starts to call the district attorney tom pullman and then mom joins in on the fun. Let's listen in to your phone tap. I'm looking for. Aaron rosa erin erin. My name's tom poelman. I am the district attorney for the village. And eric have a moment. Okay I'm calling the update you on your case. Our investigation led us to strongly. Believe that. you're involved in place in the tree in your car. So that's what we're gonna stick with. Oh i don't even know what to say that but okay well. We have a witness. Who said they saw moving the tree to the head of your car. I that that is impossible. We're who was this witness liberty to give her name out absolutely false. We are holding you liable in excess of three thousand dollars. How i don't understand why. I'm being persecuted when the tree actually fell on my car i could not physically moved that trade so that is ridiculous. Look for. I.

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