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"kate champagne" Discussed on The Final Furlong Podcast

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"kate champagne" Discussed on The Final Furlong Podcast

"Matt's booked. And i think you know who the other person will be executive producer. Kay tracy who do you think the other person will be the gravy well done or d-g. Ceo dineage is a horse. That i took my mind as a as a handicap winner. Again this season he he was well. Fancied for the county heard last year. Just finished business with him. So he's the worst that i would take out of it anything for yourself. Kate champagne gold probably from that race. Fish second ed. We need previously plenty on his three salts. His last season as notes Hatch finished the behind the keira integrate three at eighteen one so good seeing backup his full this handicap debut on saturday of see face punchy enough battle-hardened types and to finish second at definitely made me think he was a handicapped. Follow plenty more to come from himself. And he looked into the last just for an ounce of it by more experienced runner. Who's giving six pounds in the process up five links. Claire thuds wilson. That was run. Since they've bamba he could welcome home from. It should come from with other experience of going to go up if you pound back. Hopefully today is extra few will at least get him into the county heard and i think he is also another interesting race nicely. Done kay tracey nicely done. How absolutely hysterical is it that I cracked a joke on the podcast. That charles.

Matt six pounds today Claire last year five links wilson saturday Kate three salts three second Kay tracy Hatch eighteen one second ed bamba tracey