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"karen regal kim" Discussed on WBZ NewsRadio 1030

"Of Americans make the home of their dreams a reality and they can help you to rocket mortgage push button get mortgage flooring ready WBZ's traffic on the three RD thank you waking up under mostly clear skies here in Boston we're already at forty degrees beautiful day on tap for us today plenty of sunshine from start to finish highs in the mid fifty this is WBZ newsradio ten thirty with the news watch never stop but rain is moving into the picture again tonight and a soaking rain could feature part of our day tomorrow right now it's Wednesday here in Boston March eighteenth it's good to have you with us this morning I'm Jeff brown and here are the five things you need to know at five fifteen is a corona virus now above two hundred in Massachusetts governor Charlie Baker says there are tough days to calm but he has no plans to issue a shelter in place order Boston mayor Marty Walsh says the same about the city the roles on a coronavirus texting service nation's capital Congress is considering a an eight hundred fifty billion dollar relief plan that would start putting checks in people's hands in a matter of weeks patriots fans now need to let this sink in Tom Brady is about to become a Tampa Bay Buccaneers drastic measures at local senior centers leads to heart breaking moments for elderly residents and their families a closer look with WBZ's Karen regal Kim is eighty six years old he's been at Winchester hospital for about a week he has four daughters and he can't see any of them because the hospital owned by Leahy health has had to impose tight restrictions on visitors due to the coronavirus one of his daughters Teresa Carson spoke with me here we are even though he is being explored four daughters on a daily basis and now he doesn't think any of us the voice is gone because he's won the floor full of liquid we believe and we can't speak to Winchester hospital will allow one visitor at a time with a health screening in a waiver for certain cases that has not happened in this case in a statement the hospital says it is restricting visitors for the safety of its staff and patients Karen regal WBZ.

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