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"karen cassidy" Discussed on Building Psychological Strength

Building Psychological Strength

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"karen cassidy" Discussed on Building Psychological Strength

"Do. But I'm still planning to go to my office based on Information. I have in my area at this point. I don't know about in three weeks. No one does. I don't know about a year from now. No one does so when focusing on making my decisions in my my action plans. What are the real problems for today that I can control? And that's what I focus on. And if they're not then when it comes to just dealing without excessive worry. We're back to those other skills that we've been touching on late maintaining routine acting in line with my values practicing mindfulness taking that observer perspective my mind is telling me this embracing emotions so all of those elements of psychological strength in continuing to work on those despite. What's going on around me absolutely and something that I want to stress for people to is that what doing in this situation is not unlike what we would ask anybody to do in any situation. That's causing worry anxiety whether it is job stress something in a relationship just in general life is really busy and hectic in difficult right now all of these things that were asking you to think about and these tools and tips that we're giving you are really basic tips. That can help you reason through a problem and we're giving them to you in this sort of step by step like is this. A real problem is a problem on today. Is this a problem? I can control because sometimes having a very step by step framework especially in the beginning when you're learning a skill when genetics absolutely what this is you need that checklist you need that. Step-by-step thing after a while this will become an and that's the goal of this right. This will become more automatic. This will become the way you handle stress. And the way you deal with worry. Is you go into a more deliberative mindset. Okay wait. Is this a problem? Is this a problem right now is something I can control so the things that we're asking you to do now are very similar to what we would ask you to do if you came to the decline center outside of the situation that we're in these are came to us with any other difficult thing that you were working with. These are the same tools and techniques and basic strategies that you can use to get your mind to just balance itself out. Let's not panic. Let's not go completely to that. Reptilian part of our mind and let that takeover entirely. No we a deliberative part of our mind that we can use that. We can engage. No one's saying don't be worried but don't be excessively so what's the right rational realistic situation. That's happening right now and now let me think about my part in it and how. I feel about it. It's a much more deliberative thoughtful approach to the situation that we're in then where your mind will naturally allow itself to go. If you don't intervene I love. The hugest made that point. Because you're absolutely right. I see it as we were using the the current health situation to illustrate these but when I think about like my own experience with adversity so a much smaller scale. You're right it's the same. It's the same. Process is the same tools the same strength in skills that helped me move through those things and I know for us while so. That's a fantastic point to be making amazing any last things that we want to say before we wrap things up today. I know we've got a couple of resources about dealing with Corona virus and anxiety that we can link up in the episode descriptions. If you're listening to this on your phone you should be able to scroll down. And you'll get links to those resources also links to other episodes of the podcast where we have tackled topics like anxiety. That might be helpful for you. In this perspective sometimes hearing about it from a different context can be really helpful but anything else that we want to cover before we wrap things up today. Actually I think that's I think that sounds good. The only thing that Kinda goes through my mind and it's actually comes from a previous guests that you had on that building psychological strength Pike. Aston in. It's a colleague of mine in the anxiety world Dr Karen Cassidy So she specializes in anxiety no CD for ever but she had written something guidelines for people with OCD dealing with this time but the piece that stands out is that she said it's important to remember that this is a time of inconvenience not crisis so we are taking all these precautions to help the greater good to help protect our communities and our healthcare system to keep it from getting overwhelmed so that we can all get through this together. But I liked that even just framing it as it's an inconvenience. It is something that we have to handle but not necessarily a crisis. I think that helps kind of right size worries too. I love that by hope. Everyone listening I hope you have taken away. Adjust a small nugget even from this episode. I mean for the very least I hope the easiest thing that we can always offer. People is compassion both toward themselves. In the fact. That if you're having to work really hard to keep yourself from panicking if you're feeling like man I wanNa Reno run out and do something. You know sort of rash. I'm feeling like I don't have control and I see myself in some of these examples or if you're looking at your family members compassion toward other people family members friends other people that you might know just understand that everybody is going through a very real feeling sense of fear is that accurate in a Lotta cases. Maybe maybe not but everyone's experience a fear is something that they are experiencing and we're all handling it in a different way so I'm hoping that what we've given you today. In terms of some of these frameworks and questions that you can ask.

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