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"kareem jars" Discussed on Unequal Temperament

"Him to correct you. I won the grammy for my first cd songs of orpheus. You've mentioned where on this stars can hear us which is my second cd which came out this year or last year but yes so i just wanted to correct you there. So that we're dealing sorin mentioned kareem. I know i would. I would urge your audience to check out. Both cds and i will keep urging them to do that before we go any further. One thing that we're doing on unequal temperament and i urge all the viewers to start doing this as well start looking into this. We're doing land acknowledgements and if you don't know the original inhabitants a Habitants of your land get the native land out it's free and you turn on notifications and it will tell you the tribes that were originally there wherever you stand in the united states so i would like to acknowledge that i am in rochester. New york on the unseeded territories of the hooda showed a confederacy. I would like to give them. Thanks for allowing us to be here and to live our lives while acknowledging. There's kareem where are you. I am in chicago illinois on the land of the pot academy kickapoo miami and peoria nations and i too would like to thank them and honor them for taking care of this place. That i've called. I grew up here. I moved away for a long time. But i'm calling from again. And they gave my parents. This place to take refuge from the war in lebanon so i have to thank them for that as well and i'm so thrilled that there's some kind of acknowledgement happening however little. It is with with native americans. Because what does it turns american history upside down from the way we've been taught and i think there's a long road people accepting this sort of built how we were founded but you cannot heal until you go through these these sort of Wounds and really look at them and see how to treat them best so in addition to the land acknowledgement on cheers to new administration. Kareem jars..

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