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"kareem abdul jabbar tucker carlson" Discussed on The Adam Carolla Show

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"kareem abdul jabbar tucker carlson" Discussed on The Adam Carolla Show

"And in the therapeutic process. I you know, 'cause the next thing, you know, you're sitting around drinking a Fresca complaining about the old man or something. And you've now torn down this. It's sort of like, I don't know you can't go golfing with your football coach. And then go back to the field. The next year round notion of like, I don't know if it's good or bad. I'm just saying in her world, you don't you know? Julia Roberts doesn't kiss her clients and Pretty Woman sleep with them. But no kissing their crossing the line. And so I figured out something was wrong with me. And so my plan was don't have kids until you can be reasonable. Parent into your financially ready to do it. And then Secondly, you just fake it. It's exactly what you said. Yeah. I walk into my kid's room. And I go this an awesome day, right, man. This is exciting. I'm so I'll say to my kids all time. Look, I pointing arguments with my wife, but when I talked to my son, or my my daughter, I go who would you rather have for mommy mom in the world. That's how could you have a better. Mom. You couldn't have a better. Mom, you know, how into you. She is is crazy. She's the best mom in the world. And I go into my daughter's room, and I say that the same thing I say to my kids if I had a mother like you did I'd be president nited states by now such a massive advantage. You have no idea what it's like to have a mother, then I go look at your hundred ten pound lab fill the best in the world. That is the greatest thing in the world. Like, let's go out and ride bikes. Let's go. The sun is shining makes them. Hey, like, this is awesome. And look half the time they go. Hey, you're blocking the TV set in the. But I literally just fill their head. I mean, I was talking to my son last night. I said I guess who's coming by the shop tomorrow coup Tucker Carlson, he's Tucker Carlson. What time coming by like eleven thirty. He said damn He said. then Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Tucker Carlson, I missed them. Both you Jabbar here. Yeah. Sitting right where you're sitting. We did take an aids motivational podcast. I do and my show like NBA all star and Tucker Carlson, miss them both. And I said all tell Tucker you said. He I we've met. Yeah. I know. I know you're talking. Yeah. And it's fake it. It's just fake it whatever's going on in your head whatever scars you have scar tissue have or demons in your past. I mean the. The mom literally moving out of the country checks as it is potentially psychologically, devastating as you can as as apparent interaction can be and actually on a much greater scale than dying in a car accident. We all hear the story of my mom died in a car accident when I was six died of breast cancer. And everyone goes, oh, my my heart pours out, you, psychologically, I'm leaving in going to another country, and I'll stay there, and I'll be alive. I'll have no contact with you is much more damaging potentially on a psychological level yet you chose to put your head down and move forward. Now raise in. I mean, she was. I'm leaving out shoes. Really crazy. Let me just put it that. Right. Like, so crazy that my brother, and I we never talk about it. But we were talking about it this weekend because of some unbelievable messing that she left behind legally which were still dealing with seven years later. Like, I said to my brother, really only she would do this. You know, she didn't raise us. She was horrible. And then she dies and causes us all these problems because it's just perfect. She's a bitch from the grave, but we always say to each other to this day. How grateful we are that we didn't have to grow up with her which is so thankful he has, you know. So we look at it as like a real bussing in my dad, and my step mom and just like the best people ever. And so I just feel really blessed in that way. But I mean, she was like doing real drugs around us when we're little and getting us to do it and just like being a nutcase full-blown nutcase last question. Which I think you've definitely managed to do which is. Not internalizing. Yeah. Which is.

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