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Hour 1: Wild Weekend Recap

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Hour 1: Wild Weekend Recap

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Max ziprecruiter the smartest way to hire the max kellerman show the podcast. The max kellerman show on espn radio and espn. Plus what's up nerds the problem with this time of year is i don't get any sleep. Everything every events always over after one o'clock clock them all amped up. I get up early the next morning and it doesn't stop it's on the weekends to max kellerman show on espn radio. Espn plus also check me out on the espn app and siriusxm channel eighty. What are we at eighty eight say. Espn eight eight eight seven nine. Three seven seven six. And then like steve harvey's over instagram talking about like you can't sleep eight hours down so against this whole thing about. There's something wrong with you if you sleep boy. We're going to debate steve harvey on that segment. All this pressure not to sleep. I like to sleep. What a weekend but not for sleep eight say. Espn eight eight seven nine. Three seven seven. Six max kellerman show presented by progressive insurance guests. Join me on the goodyear hotline the clippers ladies and gentlemen so much. I don't even know if this is the leap to hell with it. I'm gonna lead with it. The clippers are one step closer to history. That's right to that. I ever second round championship. They've never won it. They've never won a second round championship. They've yet to hang a second round. Banner up at staples next to the los angeles lakers seventeen championship banners. I it's time for straight talk. Brought to you by straight talk. Wireless horn sounds the clippers. Survive and advance. The clippers could easily win the whole thing. That are that good. The clippers are on the utah taking out dallas for the second straight year. I mean kawhi leonard. Cohen letters one most clutch players ever like sport and by the way he's messed up in the clutch air balled. Game was it. Six five Three clippers wound up losing the game. Look like they would lose. The series had a terrible game game against denver when they got eliminated from the playoffs last year but also a to time final. Mvp to time with two different franchises in two different roles finals mvp and if there was a playoff mvp like postseason mvp. You'd want a couple of those two kawai in these playoffs. Just shot and luka doncic went. Nana's luca went bananas. But cou why leonard my lord you know fifty forty ninety right fifty percents from the field forty from three ninety from from the from the line collide just hit sixty forty nine seven game series and by the way you're the players in history history with two hundred points in a playoff series meaning. It probably won seven games. Who shot sixty percent from the field. Kareem abdul jabbar bernard king for he got hurt was scoring machine. Shaquille o'neal and now choline leonard. That's it history of the game kawais so efficient and still a great defender and he needed he needed some some heroes stuff to come through and he did it and by the way. Paul george was he good enough in these playoffs so far to think he can be the second banana on a championship team. Yes he has been yes he has been yes he has been listen. The utah jazz can shoot the lights out. The phoenix suns have superstar back court. And the aden's coming along fast and they got the right pieces around them three and defoe forwards the denver nuggets. They had jamal murray. I think it'd be a wrap in the western conference. I denver would come out but they still have a lot of depth that guard and porter jr. shooting the lights out they got. You know austin rivers playoff rivers but the the clippers if you had to make a favorite right now probably utah right because donovan mitchell jack. Conley's hamstring means that when it comes down to it they got one guy who can go get it for you. The clippers got to when it matters most and not even counting rondo because there is a playoff rondo. Is this the year. They make it to their first ever western conference finals. And how do they match up with the jazz. Listen to kawai after the clippers. Luca and the mavs. Just 'cause you play great in whatever nine game sevens that museum figure in. You know visors solid bought. The moment you know sometimes Confident you bad. Sometimes you're down so if you play good with like i said for me is about folks in. That moment added find You know playing basketball and his greatest. Why was and he's a two way player. Lucas a one way player greatness. Lucas graded at creating shots like in difficult situations. Someone like kobe. Bryant or kyrie irving great hitting really. Tough shots you know. What choline does he creates. Easy shots he only takes. High percentage shots for the most part. But luca. i gotta say some about luke. By the way that was straight talk wireless no contract no compromise and hard his on his way to the brooklyn locker room. I wonder if he hurt himself. Wishy a speedy recovery. Bill confirmed that tonight. I mean this guy was so ready and excited to play tonight. I'm going to get back to luca but you. His play reminds me of someone. And that's the guy you just heard about. James harden's out for game two against the bucks with hamstring tightness and look the bucks had to miss a lot of wide open shots for the nets to beat them when they didn't have james harden that wasn't just k. d. kyrie coming through that was also the bucks missing a lot of shots but you know what with james harden that's a super duper team and james harden with the antonio on the bench under steve. Nash is really running. A d'antoni offense with k. d. warriors level talent that's unbeatable. You're not going to beat that. No one's going to beat that. Remember how close to rockets game playing that brand of basketball with hardened running the point with very little talent on the team compared to the warriors k. d. warriors still got down to a game. Seven rockets could have possibly won. That series had an for. Chris paul's injury but now imagine that warriors team with k. Declared stephan in ghent and dre playing with the efficiency of houston. You can't beat that. That's the nets but once you take off of that kyrie is not the pick and roll. Point guard like james harden. He's not going to run. D'antoni's offensively like james now is so spectacularly talented and skilled and obviously k. k. d. and joe harris can shoot and they have a lot of interesting pieces golic. Claxton guys could play that. Maybe they can compete. Maybe even beat the bucks. Seven game series. But i'd be worried. However the most kind of under the radar storyline in the seat in this game or the series so far through one game is blake griffin. If blake can continue to play like this then then they're not a super duper team like when hardens there and remember hardens hamstring. He missed over twenty games with us in the regular season. Twenty and when he tried to come back from the growing which is the same thing as a hamstring. Basically like. Oh my god really. He can't move. This is nothing you can rush and if you try to rush it's going to get worse. Hearten might miss the series. Y'all he really might not be here for this series if he plays hardened app bucks. Don't have a chance. I don't care what andre snellings says. We gotta get dre on dragged me on the show. He'll be on the show later this week. I'm sure dr. espn fame. Andre snellings analytics. But it wouldn't matter. I don't care what he was saying going to beat the nets but without harden. They're going to need blake to be. The third cog in a big three. They're going to need it because they don't have the team defense nor the capability to play the team. Defense at the bucks do they don't have the cohesion that the bucks do. And once you take off jaanus k. d. o. k. d. better okay fine whatever but they basically cancelled in terms of the weight of each player and now kyrie the bucks. Don't exactly have a kyri. But they have drew holiday. Who plays good defense on smaller guards. I don't like him on harden but on kyrie you can't really ask for more and middleton now it's not really a big three in the sense that there's one hall of famer and to sometimes maybe in their best year all stars in middleton andrew holiday neither who's going to the hall of fame but middleton sometimes an all star drew holiday again on a smaller guard can be very effective so they're going to need and given the cohesion given the shooter's they're going to need blake to play up like did let by the way he needs. He owes detroit money. It looked like blake was washed when the nets. We're going to get him for what he can't shoot. He can't defend. You can't jump anymore. What's played gonna do. Oh i'm sorry. Take blake griffin off off the nets. Last night i think they probably lose. But if blake is playing at this level yeah. He's the big three. It means there are three guys who are well above average starters. You know. that's the kind of loosest definition of the term was blake and above average power forward last night. Yeah way above average so then you have to hall of famers in an above average starter at his position even without harden the nets of a shot to beat the bucks harden somehow. It's not that bad. And he comes the bucks or what they've done. Meantime is what steve nash had to say about the about. What the mri on hardens hamstring showed it to be honest with you tightness and most importantly is he's out for the next game so we're preparing for tomorrow night as as we ended up playing last night. And and that's our focus you know for james. We obviously are desperate for him to return and he's a huge piece of what we do in our team. But at this point. I think it would be all guesswork to to really understand. You know. he's had such a little up and down in recent history with then it's really hard to predict and so let's hope for the best but i can't really say anything to predictive definitive right now. This is the max kellerman show coming to you. Live from above the heineken. river appear seventeen. Torn meniscus is not easy paint on. That's not my role wanna championship body. Make sure trae young has always been the property. Trae young finished with thirty five points. On twenty-seven shot attempts and thirty four percent usage all of his baskets were self tennessee five at the rim for new york lead to another twenty four points. Now the luca trae young trade and we knew trae young could be an all star but lucullus like an mvp. And he's only twenty two. And what i was gonna tell you earlier about luca is can you prove these not the best player in basketball right now. I mean i wouldn't say he's number one. But i if lebron is hurt and doesn't have the playoffs to prove it if k d can't play defense because he is limited physically and he hasn't been available for parts of this year. He has to stay available for the playoffs. If jaanus can't shoot and simmons same thing and therefore their teams can advance deep into the playoffs. Nbc can't stay healthy and that's the reason he's not gonna win mvp. Are you sure for the dodgers. Isn't the best player in. Like the way i see it now. Is there seven days a week and probably many players who take turns being the best player in the league and lucas one of them. Kawai play defense on game. Seven scored very efficiently is always and his team won. But luca really didn't have porzingas helping partly that's game plan partly that's Porzingas every year gets hurt and then he has to work his way back to where he used to be. therefore he can't really progress and because luca monopolizes the ball porzingus becomes a role player. And because he's not in rhythm and doesn't really and and by that. I mean like he's out of the lineup with injury and stuff. He's not what he might. Otherwise be a loop still put up absurd numbers all series and took team games given the mavericks roster and the way their season went really. They had no business going seven games. Anyway dodgers all that. He's twenty two years old and the trade for trae young look lopsided trading all star but luca. Mvp now that's a lopsided. It doesn't look lopsided anymore. Sure the mavericks still want even with the extra first round pick. I'd still say but you can't call it a lopsided trade anymore trae spectacular and he doesn't get worse under pressure he gets better member. I somehow steph curry defense. Start to key in on them to on in the playoffs and the higher the stakes. I've noticed it throughout his career. Steph plays a little worse not so with trae young not so far much smaller sample size. But is simmons a trae. Young stopper ben simmons a trae young stopper. He he said. Bent scored probably do that. I mean i want to aren't gonna call so many fouls and i can be physical and be six foot ten then. I'll be six foot ten but we'll see the rest of my say you can only be six then. Who knows but what happened with. The story to me was not trae young last night. Look this is what happened in the sixers game. Sixers hawks doc rivers all year has been doing this thing where you know great coach and everything but part of what makes great right is belief in what he's doing stubbornness and it can also be r- achilles heel doc rivers all year. He's playing his second unit exclusively bench players to end the first and begin the second quarter and that hasn't worked out so great and people. You know you figure in the playoffs. You're not gonna do that right. You're gonna short and you're what happened game one. He starts by putting danny green. Who's not good enough to guard a quick guard. trae young. he's a good defender on ball but not for a little point guard trae young who could shoot score. He put him on trae young. So the hawks jumped out to elite and then he did this thing with the bench and by the time the bench was outta there. The sixers were buried and then eventually fi. Simmons defended trae young. Which was doc rivers plan. Late right and the sixers could have won the maddening. Thing about it is embiid on a torn. meniscus had this monster game and it was wasted. I don't think given 'em beads knee. You can expect him to carry that kind of offensive load. Every and doctors wasted it. So as doc in a short in the rotation even if the i don't play simmons on entree young too early in the game he'll get fouled. Okay fine but his docking too short and the rotation at least to me so far. This series is not about trae young. It's not about ben. Simmons it's not about joel embiid. It's about doc rivers. Max kellerman show on espn radio and espn plus also check me out on the espn app and siriusxm channel eighty eighty eight say espn eight eight eight seven nine. Three seven seven six. Here's embiid he was asked is he still confident. Torn meniscus playing on. It should give him thirty nine last night that he can still be the guy on this team. Say plan on a torn. Meniscus is not easy. All i gotta do kid. Managing it Do my best Do get as much treatment as i can't Try to manage. They show got swallow too much Of the pain is that. That's not more Buddies all you know managing it you know doing whatever it takes to win because you know. My goal is to win the championship. And i'm from my body all the launch and make sure that happens other gifts everything i got so you want to call in and talk about the weekend action playoff action in the nba. Go ahead. julio jones treated to the titans you know what's funny about stuff like that. I was kind of making the argument of tanta hills. Underrate attend underrated. Then a trade. Like julio jones and julio jones is a guy to me who. You're gonna find out about a quarterback trade from if you want to find out about your quarterback that's why many were thinking like what if he goes to the ravens. You find out about lamar jackson right. Whatever scheme you're using whatever you got. Julio you're gonna find out about your guy so the titans get julio jones and the titans now they've aj brown julio jones and then obviously derrick henry running the ball. I don't and the reason. I still don't like them is because as it turns out just like you can't really control who you root for just kind of happened sometimes. Like really i'm waiting for. I don't mean when it's your team. I mean to neutral teams. You don't care about you. Find yourself rooting interest in it you. I didn't know i was waiting for that i am. I didn't know really the way. I felt about ryan tannehill until this trade went down and i think it's not quite enough. I think tannahill not quite enough. By the way. I look at the browns still as the number one threat to the chiefs number one offensive line pass blocking sorry pass protection enron blocking number one in both one in both returning all the defenders plus picking up j. dion cloudy and hotels coming back which is easily like getting julio jones they don't have they don't have derrick henry they have nick chubb and kareem hunt but i still like an and baker in tannahill. It's interesting you'd read. Tannahill more steady but baker. Maybe with a little more upside. I dunno. I just told me what i needed to know about tannehill which is at this moment. Actually don't believe in him as much as i was saying. He's underrated falcons by the way twenty. Twenty two second rounder. And the twenty twenty three fourth round or the titans gets julio jones six pounder in two thousand twenty three titans take on jones's salary five fifteen point three million at twenty twenty one and the rest of the deal falcons now have seven point seven five million in dead money this year. Here's jeff darlington the espn nfl reporter. On keyshawn. j. will zubin on the titans moved for julio jones. This is a team that i think added. Julio not nearly as a luxury piece like i think they actually added him as a necessity because they did lose. Corey davis who did have nearly a thousand yards last season. So it's not like they can just go into this year and expect and derek to just carry the team to a super bowl. I got some thoughts on floyd mayweather and logan paul. I'm gonna give you coming up. Max kellerman show on. Espn radio is presented by progressive insurance. Make me easy to bundle your home and car insurance. I know you want to know what to think about logan. 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Floyd versus logan paul eighty eight say. Espn eight eight seven nine. Three seven seven six. The max kellerman show is presented by progressive insurance guests. Join me on your hotline. So here's my question. Were you not entertained. A lot of people weren't don't buy the next one so it was making you buy it a lot of people we're entertained and they'll by the next one beyond that though. Here's the thing matchups. There's i don't know if there's a science to it or not but there's an art to it. Sometimes you hear a matchup near like something about that when a ding ding round one. I gotta have my eyeballs on it and it needs to be live. I need to see as it's happening. And whatever they did floyd mayweather logan polls one of those things like when it's happening. I need to know what's happening. I need to know what's going on. Because floyd is one of the greatest pure boxers of all time and he's forty four years old and he hasn't fought a long time and he didn't seem to be taking it very seriously. This exhibition and logan. Paul has a lot of energy. And he's much much bigger than floyd and he loves boxing and he puts his all into it. And what it was like. Does anyone think. Logan paul's going to beat floyd mayweather and boxing ring serious. No of course not. It's a chance to see one of the greatest practitioners of the sweet science ever practiced a little more. You know in a safe environment exhibition fight. And you got to see it with very little at stake for floyd in all its high stakes for floyd few lost and he had no chance of losing and logan. Paul went to distance good for him now. Did floyd carry him. He didn't press for the knockout. Let me say something about logan paul and his brother jake they tr- they love boxing. Have passion for it. There's other ways for these guys to make money. They choose boxing which is tough road but so you have to really love it which they do. They respect the sport. They never disrespected by training. As hard as they can absorbing as much as they can you know learning it fighting as hard as they can as well as they can and then moving onto the next and by the way doing a great job promoting the sport and and having people put your eyeballs on it. I don't know. I'm not mad at the paul brothers for that. I'm not gonna be mad at floyd for making fifty to one hundred million dollars for an exhibition. Now that's what it was an exhibition. It was an exhibition. Floyd was exhibiting his boxing skills against the novice boxer he was much bigger than him and logan was exhibiting his toughness and his ability to learn quickly and to share a ring with floyd mayweather in his second in quasi professional fight was an exhibition. Would you rather have an exhibition. Like drago and apollo creed because there's an exit. Floyd didn't knock them out. Do you want to see someone like get sent to. The hospital in this exhibition is at the point. That a good undercard arias heard was a real good fight. Ari scored the upset. He got to see ocho cinco. Get down actually box pretty well until then and then you saw floyd logan. Paul have two good rounds early. Throwing a lot of punches. Good for him and floyd then put on a little boxing exhibition and then it became about low. Listen and also. Floyd knows when you're an inexperienced fighter. No matter what kind of dog shape you can be in detention of the event where you can't relax tire you out. Floyd news about conor mcgregor. He knew it certainly about bogin. Paul and logan. Paul was bone tired by the middle but he made the distance. Good for him again. If you weren't entertained. Don't buy the next one. I was entertained on another black eye for boxing. Shut off what. It's not a professional fight. It's an exhibition entertainment. That's all you got to see floyd. It's not going to go on forever. Floyd it can box effectively right but right now. He can still put on an exhibition. You get ill. There's floyd mayweather doing his thing. I like watching that. That dude once upon a time boxed as well as anyone who ever lived and i to see it by the way jake paul coming up he's gonna fight tyron woodley. It's intriguing jake. Paul needs a big name to make an event with because he's not gonna fight a nobody millions. He's he's a big draw. But you can't fight a famous fighter. A famous boxer. Who beat him up. Because jake paul just started and he has no amateur background. So you find. I another youtuber. You beat him. Then you get an athlete like nate robinson. You'd be knock them out. Then you get a former fighter. Ask except he's not a striker. So you're not kim out now you get a guy who doesn't exactly come from a striking background. He's a wrestling background woodley. But he can strike. We know he could strike. We've seen that. And he's lost his last four fights. He's past his prime. And if jake can beat him next you find a guy who actually does have a striking background. He comes from some kind of striking or he has a mixed background like martial arts. Whatever wrestling but he's a striker who's not so past his prime and little by little with each step. If you succeed you go onto the next step. That's how you build a fighter. Anyway the difference is most fighters will start out as famous as jake. Paul or logan paul. Now my hats off to those kids. Young men and floyd is just having fun. So what happened in that Soccer match game pitches at a soccer pitch soccer. Come on have some in california. You're on the max kellerman show. Espn radio mac. Clap the call. 'cause look man i listen to you for over a decade right. Look you you. Nfl game strong storm. Maybe you're nba game real strong boxing best in the world undisputed champ of commentary bussing. That's in the world right but but but i know your soccer game is lacking and that's why we we didn't make a range of max. You need me to call in on the goodyear hotline as as a guest on the show. 'cause i need to be your liaison. Okay well let's talk about soccer liaise. Let's see what you got all right so last night while many of you are wasting your time with the floyd mayweather fight and all that stuff and and don't get me wrong. It's entertaining. I'll give you that. Apparently ended in skirt had a scandal in it right. That's the game someone who boring that. The fans didn't know what to do say started causing trouble again. Is that what you're about to tell me. Go ahead tell me what happened. Absolutely absolutely not what happened. Yesterday was the beginning of a new era and the amount of storylines that you guys are slipping on from their breathing. Throwing it our players from christian pulisic twenty three years old being one of the greatest young athletes currently in the united states winning the premier league championship being the first american to be an active player to do that and then in the same week basically pushes the team forward to beat our biggest rival mexico in thrilling game where we were down one zero title one one through one time to go through to made a dessert kind of the kick to make it three two and then mexico got a penalty chickens will not even mexican fans can dispute the victory yesterday and there. Were some controversies but story at all. I admire your passion. But all i can say is i feel like will ferrell. And anchorman is the first anchor man when he's talking to the bartender and the speaking to him english and everything but because he's so self involved. I'm sorry i don't speak spanish because the dude is mexican mexican american i. I don't know you're speaking a foreign language to me. There's something going on in in league with mexico and there. It was to tap penalty. kick. And i don't know i don't i it's like it's like people live in a parallel universe. Where apparently this is important to them. I don't begrudge them that. But i just point out a lot of hooliganism soccer. I think because they're waiting for something to happen. The fans are getting bored. Getting restless actually. There's very good book. How soccer explains the world. And there's a good response to the book by our own sal pal sal. Paolantonio explains america and the book. How football explains america explains why. I'm not into soccer. But i am into football not football. All right raj that's as much soccer's wherever gonna talk on this show. This is good. This is a wrecker. We've never talked this much isn't that he say they had such a soccer pitch the other day. Now let's did not win the premier league championship. He won the champions league of all of europe. So chelsea is champion. Sounds like a rat battle in europe for prolific. Didn't understand exactly nicola. The max keller show is brought to you by attorneys cordell and cordell fair divorce for men call one eight six six dad's law it's time for some straight talk. Sure saving money feels. Good cutting your wireless bill in half. That feels really good. Like walk off home. Run in the ninth inning. Good okay me back. Good but pretty good with straight talking. Get twenty five. Gigs of high speed data for forty five bucks a month up to fifty percent less than the other guys. Plus no contract all on america's best networks. Why pay a whole lot. When you can pay half straight talk wireless no contract no compromise all right. Eighty eight say espn. Look i'm gonna take calls but no more soccer 'cause right now if you want me to talk about soccer talk about raj when you're on hold see if raj you'll talk to you maybe. Do you like soccer. The not as much as rod. That's for sure yeah me neither. I don't like soccer as much as raj either. I don't even like soccer as much as i like. Raj same it's time for some straight talk. Sure saving money feels already did that. Why are you putting it up there again. Roj game six. What raj keeps this is what raj does he keeps putting piece of meat that i've already read all right coming coming up. I'm gonna talk about sports max keller. Spn radio do own or rent your home. Sure you do. And i bet it can be hard work you know. It's easy bundling policies with geico. Geico makes it easy to bundle your homeowner's or renter's insurance along with your auto policy. It's a good thing too because you already have so much to do around your go to geico dot com dente quote and see how much you could save. Its gyco easy visit. Geico dot com today. That's geico dot com warning walking outside lights. The emmy and peabody award winning show tackles the most important issues in sports year at a time. What college athletics is going to look like taking you beyond the headlines. Women's sport is yet your important but you're not as important as the men's with perspective from the best analysts in the business now for the first time the dallas cowboys that black quarterback board. Here's and one hundred percent. The face of the prayer outside the lines every saturday at nine. Am eastern on espn. Max kellerman show the podcast. The max kellerman show on. Espn radio and espn plus also check me out on the espn app and sirius. Xm channel eighty eight. Say espn eight eight eight seven to nine three seven seven six two max kellerman show and the nba playoffs both. What's more important or on. Espn radio tune in tonight for game. Two as the nets host the bucks presented by indeed. Don't let them. That's go up. Two games to none without james harden brooklyn when we tough to beat coverage begins at seven pm eastern on. Espn radio stations. Speaking of that series can blake griffin. Be the nets. Three star in hardens absence. He was last night matt michigan. You're on the max kellerman show. Espn radio for doing So i don't know about you. But i watch the most read just blown call of my life yesterday with that back for miss back core. Call on the mad. That's clippers game. Let me know saying there were some blown calls But i if you start off the show and i it's my fault for not prepping the callers because obviously that's too much for raj and brendan to do if you if you start out the show saying. Hey what's up. I gotta get dropped. I have to start stealing some some discipline here in the ranks because it's not a social call and you're wasting time you just say you could get your opinion right away now. That wasn't an egregious example. Right because he got to it. But i think just on principle was that matt michigan. Oh we got a couple of regulars waiting andrei in massachusetts andrea and richard. No the the deal is why the regular is one of the reasons andrea massachusetts. Go ahead andre. Mac situation right now for the philadelphia. Seventy sixers is serious. I'm gonna tell you why. Listen this is a team that hang. There hung their hat on defense this year. I believe it was number one overall rating. How do you give up forty two points. The atlanta hawks. In the first half how do you let trae young get get off. This hawks team is serious. They have potent scores and in conclusion. Max we are forgetting the leadership that they have in the bench with nate mcmillan fixtures. I'm pulling through. This should be your year but if you don't get it to heart you're going to hold on andre. This is this is what i mean. There's a there's an explanation. how did they. How did they give all those points in the first half they put doc put danny green on trae young. That's not gonna work and trae young show and then doctored the thing he's been doing all year end of the first quarter beginning of the second quarter. He plays in all bench unit and they're not good. You can't do it not in the playoffs. The playoffs where you limit the rotation you get your eight best guys nine best guys maybe eight best guys scoring eleven deep in the play offs. And there's some unplayable guys right now. Sh- like shake milton. You're gonna play him right now. And now look able is a great defender. He's already a great defender. But i think doc is going to have to make some decisions and maybe not be so intractable about his rotation or about his his his lineups and like his kind of his rigid kind of strategy. And i would say that. I get why you don't put simmons on trae young to start the gangs. You don't want in foul trouble. I get that. But you can't do danny green just like danny green is can defend on ball. But it can't be a quick little dude. Like young. Shoot from the outside. And get to the paint richard in manhattan. You're on the max kellerman show. Espn radio max. Julio jones and trae young have been in the news today correct yes. I like what you're going me thinking max. Would you always make me do yes. The city of atlanta falcons came into the nfl in nineteen sixty. six hawks. Came from the saint. Louis walks in sixty five. The atlanta braves became from the milwaukee braves and sixty six. That's approximately a hundred and eighty years amongst those three sports teams throw in atlanta braves atlanta thrashes and the atlanta flames another thirty years. That's approximately two hundred years of major sports years that at city of atlanta has had. Max do you know how many championships out of those two hundred three hundred seventy one. The breeze one branch scott one. That's it who else you're right max one championship and two and yet you never hear anything about the city of atlanta. Being a bad sports town think because they support like not. That actually didn't. That's funny because the one team. They really didn't support when they were good for. The braves usually come out and support their teams not the braves who were great for a long time. Just couldn't get over the hump. It is interesting. Richard as usual has an interesting point to make none of the check yet. None of his points ever involve any fact after nineteen seventy but But he does have interesting points to make right. Raj like you know who else is gonna come up with ebola like today's with the atlanta hawks and who got me thinking about atlanta and then he pulls out two hundred years of sports franchise seasons and only one championship from the by. The way wasn't the braves. Was that ninety. Four ninety five ninety five was at ninety four strike shortened season no world series but ninety five was also shortened year because of ninety four like it was not exactly a regular year and that's the year although it was the last year before the wild card and they did win a world series. That was a big underachieving atlanta squad. They couldn't win the world series. Because matic by the way maddox played down. He didn't he wasn't his normal. Great selfless smoltz was great though. Always great clippers about to make history. Max keller show the max kellerman show the podcast. Do you own or rent your home. Sure you do. Fortunately geico makes it easy to bundle your home and car insurance. It's a good thing too. Because having a home is hard work go to geico dot com. Get a quote and see how much you could save. Geico dot com easy.

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