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"kareem abdul jabbar bernard king" Discussed on The Stephen A. Smith Show

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"kareem abdul jabbar bernard king" Discussed on The Stephen A. Smith Show

"Collide just hit sixty forty nine seven game series and by the way you're the players in history history with two hundred points in a playoff series meaning. It probably won seven games. Who shot sixty percent from the field. Kareem abdul jabbar bernard king for he got hurt was scoring machine. Shaquille o'neal and now choline leonard. That's it history of the game kawais so efficient and still a great defender and he needed he needed some some heroes stuff to come through and he did it and by the way. Paul george was he good enough in these playoffs so far to think he can be the second banana on a championship team. Yes he has been yes he has been yes he has been listen. The utah jazz can shoot the lights out. The phoenix suns have superstar back court. And the aden's coming along fast and they got the right pieces around them three and defoe forwards the denver nuggets. They had jamal murray. I think it'd be a wrap in the western conference. I denver would come out but they still have a lot of depth that guard and porter jr. shooting the lights out they got. You know austin rivers playoff rivers but the the clippers if you had to make a favorite right now probably utah right because donovan mitchell jack. Conley's hamstring means that when it comes down to it they got one guy who can go get it for you. The clippers got to when it matters most and not even counting rondo because there is a playoff rondo. Is this the year. They make it to their first ever western conference finals. And how do they match up with the jazz. Listen to kawai after the clippers. Luca and the mavs. Just 'cause you play great in whatever nine game sevens that museum figure in. You know visors solid bought. The moment you know sometimes Confident you bad. Sometimes you're down so if you play good with like i said for me is about folks in. That moment added find You know playing basketball and his greatest. Why was and he's a two way player. Lucas a one way player greatness. Lucas graded at creating shots like in difficult situations. Someone like kobe. Bryant or kyrie irving great hitting really. Tough shots you know. What choline does he creates. Easy shots he only takes. High percentage shots for the most part. But luca. i gotta say some about luke. By the way that was straight talk wireless no contract no compromise and hard his on his way to the brooklyn locker room. I wonder if he hurt himself. Wishy a speedy recovery. Bill confirmed that tonight. I mean this guy was so ready and excited to play tonight. I'm going to get back to luca but you. His play reminds me of someone..

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