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"kanye porsche" Discussed on Daily Pop

"Tell us what's really going on real housewives of atlanta star candy brass welcome to the show. I am such a huge fan of our our. Hoa and i really enjoyed that episode in this whole season. Now that hot mess between kanye porsche. And now marlow. Who's side are you on. I'm not really picking has died. I'm just like let people have their business in. Do they wanna do you know changing you know. She made her point. I guess our whole over point is like you know it was her. Everybody would be talking about it. Okay i get it but doesn't want to discuss it. She doesn't have to. she doesn't have to not like just because we're friends. We're forced to talk about everything. And so that's why i'm just like just leave it alone all right so you're gonna spill did porsche asleep with bolo. Do you think my name is not porsche inviting. I could take from that but it seems like what what is what do you think is the big deal. Why is there such an obsession with everybody to to figure this out. Well you know. Obviously you know something. Wild like that happens in the house. While we're on a cash trip of chords you know. Everybody wants to talk. We all talk about each other all the time. That's what we do. But i think you know something like that super exciting super on the edge. A lot of people would never do it. So it's kind of like wow you know. Did she do. did she not do it. You know people wanna know. okay. I get it. You gave us an outrageous preview of your outfit for the reunion. I just love your hair. i'm feeling like betty page. That was incredible. Thank you thank you yes house. They told me that they wanted. Do this. burlesque fifty shades of grey dungeon theme. And so i wanted to give them that you know. I wanted to give them all things. Dunning glamour though. I wanted to reach out to. Beck's you know for the latex. And then i had rico chapelle give me this beautiful lone glamorous and for my hair i wanted to do you know i was inspired by dion. Because she like one of the most well known burlesque performer. It was a mixture of. You're such a dope artist. I and i didn't even realize that was latex. Who who served up the most drama during the reunion. Does anybody like storm off. The said is that. Can you give us any juic- it was a lot of drama. I mean obviously you know there was a lot of back and forth. You know with force With kenya withdrew. And then you know letoya came out on fire. Oh that came out on fire though. It cannot wait for that while somehow you also found time to shoot a movie from lifetime called b. as seven deadly sins.

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